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Facebook for Lawyers and Attorneys 

Facebook for Lawyers and Attorneys 

If you feel you have incorporated every marketing method for your law firm— think again! There are always going to be additional actions you can take to better market your law firm business. Some may be costly, while others are free but timely. Facebook is one way you can enhance your law firm and its business. Though Facebook may seem like a social media platform that is often used to share news, events, and personal lifestyle matters with family and friends, it can also be used as a marketing tool for your law firm and its website. Think about the number of people you know that use Facebook each day and how much information you have access to while browsing through Facebook. With nearly 3 billion users, Facebook can be used to market your law firm. Creating a Facebook account for your law firm can increase website traffic, potential clients, and conversion rates. Creating a Facebook account can do the following:

  • Resurface your attorney/lawyer website on Google 
  • Create a personality for your brand and law firm 
  • Share legal news and events that will drive potential clients to your legal website 
  • Allow potential clients to learn more about you and your law firm
Though creating a Facebook for your legal business may sound like an easy task, oftentimes it can be challenging to manage and maintain in an effective way that will increase your visibility. It can become an overwhelming project when also running a legal business. This article will discuss ways legal professionals can utilize Facebook to effectively market their practice. 

What Should Lawyers Post on Facebook?

You may be asking what lawyers post on their professional legal Facebook accounts. Facebook has been viewed as a networking site for family and friends; however, the software has incorporated tools for business owners to market their companies. In summary, lawyers and attorneys post a variety of different matters. Their Facebook page should prioritize relevancy, value, and engagement to attract and retain an audience. This includes the content they created themselves, reposted content, and sharing other relevant Facebook pages. Let’s dive deeper into what exactly that content is.  

Repurpose Content For Facebook

Repurpose content is an easy way to generate purposeful content for your lawyer Facebook page. Repurpose content is content that has already been created for your legal business, and posted, or shared on other social media platforms or websites. Repurpose content can be videos, podcasts, blog posts, etc. that are relevant to your practice area. The best way to utilize this marketing method is by using your content and reposting it, or by creating it with a new format and posting it on your Facebook. For example, if you have blog posts on your lawyer website, you can either repost and share a blog on your Facebook page, or post it in a different format, such as a picture that conveys the message in the selected blog post.  Alternatively, you can repost content from sources that are relevant to your practice area and that are valuable and worth sharing with your audience. This could be content posted by lawyers, attorneys, and law firms on social media platforms or posts from reputable media and news sites.  When using the repurpose marketing method on your legal Facebook page, it is likely it will post as a “repost” where you can add a caption with it. Reposting content allows you to share legal-related news and sources while providing your audience with your own input, opinion, or views regarding the material. When adding captions on reposts, write interesting, short captions. This will catch and hold the readers’ attention. 

A Glimpse of Your Law Firm 

Allowing clients to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes at your law firm creates authenticity, establishes trust, and creates a brand personality for your law firm. Shining light on relatable topics in your law firm office creates a more personable, friendly client experience. Post personable pictures of what occurs behind the scenes at your law firm and develop a friendly attorney-client relationship. Furthermore, it lets your clients know you are human too. You can utilize this marketing method by posting pictures of celebrations, staff pets, events you and your law firm attended, sponsorships, and feasts. Behind the scenes posts normally receive more attention and engagement from your Facebook audience. 

Incorporate Humor

Another effective, engaging way to connect with your targeted audience is by posting humorous content on your lawyer Facebook page. This content may be memes you have created or relatable posts that are relevant to your legal practice. If you use this type of marketing method, ensure the posts are relevant, and that they aren’t offensive. Additionally, make sure they fit the overall message of your law firm brand. We recommend you don't post humorous posts too often to maintain the professionalism and image of your law firm.  

Answers to Common Questions

Lawyers can use Facebook as a way to connect and communicate with current and potential clients.  Though in-person and email communication are effective, Facebook allows clients to connect with you on a personable level. Facebook conducted a communications study which resulted in 66% of clients admitting they feel a sense of assurance and comfort in a brand they can communicate with via messaging. Spread the news that you are willing to answer any questions that clients have, and turn these questions into a post on Facebook. Consider previous questions that clients have asked as well. Utilize the questions as a marketing method and provide answers to legal questions. Use graphics and visuals to represent your tone, brand, and professionalism.

Be Consistent with Your Brand 

Brand consistency means you are staying consistent with how you represent your brand. The same goes for online marketing—you want to make sure you are staying consistent with your law firm's online brand reputation. In order to maintain your brand reputation, you need to ensure that everything that your law firm publishes follows the tone and style of your legal business. Use the same colors, fonts, style, tone, etc. of your law firm website. Having a unique, consistent style allows the public to distinguish and recognize your brand. Ensure the idea of brand consistency is followed throughout all of your marketing and social media platforms. Many legal businesses will set guidelines for their content creation so their brand is consistent. Here are characteristics to consider when creating content for your law firm’s Facebook:
  • Color Scheme: Choose 1-3 colors to use on your lawyer's Facebook page.  You most likely already have selected colors to represent your law firm. If you do, stick to these ones to best represent your brand. 
  • Tone: As a legal business, it is important to identify a tone and voice for your law firm. This tone and voice will represent your brand throughout your business venture. Ensure it is professional and cordial. 
  • Font: Using one or two fonts throughout your legal career allows clients to recognize you and develop a consistent brand. 
  • Pictures and Graphics: Choose images and create graphics that best represent your law firm’s brand. Ensure they are in line with the colors of your brand and relate to the legal message of the Facebook post. 

Latest Legal News 

Working in the legal industry means you are staying informed and updated with the latest legal news and events, especially if it falls in the same category as your practice area. Sharing and reposting legal news and events on your law firm's Facebook page allows you to share with others and increase your visibility. Furthermore, you can expand on the topics by informing the legal community and current clients how certain events will affect them and their cases. This marketing strategy also allows you to display your knowledge and experience as a lawyer or attorney. 

Optimize Your Lawyer/Attorney Facebook Page 

While the above-mentioned ideas are great ways to better market your law firm on Facebook, you also need to make sure that you are optimizing your Facebook page so it reaches your targeted audience. Here is how you can optimize your lawyer Facebook page to increase its reach. 

Follow a Schedule 

When running a Facebook page for your law firm, it's important to follow a content schedule. Create a schedule for when you will post, and what you will post. Content schedules are very beneficial because you can plan ahead, post valuable content, and stay consistent with posting to increase engagement. You don't want to post invaluable content because you ran out of ideas to post. There are many social media apps, such as Planoly that will allow you to schedule and plan your content ahead of time. Creating a calendar or schedule for your lawyer Facebook page can hold you accountable and ensure your lawyer Facebook is effective. Begin with 2-3 posts per week with a mix of the different types of content that we have discussed.

Set Measurable Goals and Track the Outcome 

Setting goals will also hold you accountable for your marketing efforts. Tracking your progress will allow you to see if your strategies are working and determine which ones are not working. Furthermore, you will be able to visually track the growth and engagement of your lawyer Facebook page. 

Increase the Visibility of your Law Firm’s Facebook Page 

Creating a Facebook page and consistently posting effective content will introduce your law firm to new clients and allow former and current clients to further their attorney-client relationship with you. To spread awareness to your current clients, you can add your attorney social media pages to your email so clients can easily access them. 

Update Your Law Firm’s Information

Though it might seem obvious, many businesses forget to update their businesses' information when a change occurs which can negatively impact clients' experiences. Your lawyer Facebook page should contain the following information and be updated when necessary:
  • Location
  • Hours of business
  • Website address
  • Social media channels
  • Description and practice area 
  • Phone number

Hire a Social Media Assistant

Maintaining social media channels for your law firm can become time-consuming and tedious. Additionally, they need constant attention to effectively reach your targeted audience and increase clientele. Consider hiring an assistant to manage and maintain your social media accounts. This role would include content creation, reviewing, and editing content that has already been posted, posting content, creating a schedule for content, engaging with visitors, replying to comments and messages, and review management. This role is important for your law firm's representation and client experiences.

Interact with Local Businesses 

Interacting with local businesses spreads awareness about your law firm, even if it is outside of the legal realm. Interact with local businesses on Facebook and you will increase the visibility of your legal business. If you interact with local businesses and they need a lawyer or know of someone who needs legal services, chances are they will choose a law firm that they have heard of over one that they have not heard of. 

Facebook for Lawyers as a Marketing Strategy

Creating a Facebook for your law firm can be a challenge because it requires constant attention, time, and thought. However, you can expand your law firm’s business by spreading awareness, representing your brand, and increasing its visibility. To effectively run and maintain a lawyer Facebook page, post relevant, informative, creative, and relatable content. Ensure you are staying consistent with your law firm brand. Discuss relevant topics and share interesting legal news while also showing the humorous, fun side of your law firm. If your lawyer Facebook page represents you and your law firm, you will begin to see an increase in clientele. Contact Attorney Marketing Network for facebook for lawyers as a marketing strategy.

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