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Legal Podcasts for Lawyers and Attorneys

Legal Podcasts for Lawyers and Attorneys

Are you a legal professional who is seeking additional advice when it comes to running your law firm business? As a lawyer or attorney, time easily slips away and before you know it you find yourself asking: How can I improve my law firm without spending money and time that I do not have? Luckily, there is a simple, useful answer to this question. Lawyer Podcasts are a great way to improve your law firm and gather additional information that could heighten your law firm business. Legal Podcasts can teach you about marketing strategies, innovative and technology tips, and provide you with free business growth lessons. The best thing about legal podcasts is you can find a lot of them for free, and you can listen to them while on the go, during a car ride. Working as a lawyer or attorney isn’t what broadcasting sets it out to be. It includes much more than just relaxing at a desk, getting coffee with clients, and occasionally attending court. It means you have to keep up with state guidelines and rules, stay consistent with your marketing strategies, and maintain the work and relationship you have with current clients. These are all extremely important components when working in legal services. Regardless of your practice area, podcasts can be a great resource to stay up-to-date, can educate you on your expertise, and allow you to learn more about strategies that can market your law firm.  If you have found yourself to be curious about expanding your knowledge and skills in the legal industry and are limited on time, continue to read further about lawyer and attorney podcasts.

What are Legal Podcasts?

Legal podcasts are audio episodes published by individuals who currently work as legal professionals or who have worked as legal professionals. Each podcast contains a set of episodes, comparable to a series. Similar to radio talk shows, they share their knowledge, experiences, advice, and strategies as a lawyer or attorney, and discuss topics related to the legal industry. Examples of topics discussed in legal podcasts are law school, legal news, the pros and cons of legal entrepreneurship, marketing tools, etc. A variety of topics are covered on legal podcasts. Though legal podcasts are similar to talk shows, they are unique because you can download episodes and listen to them whenever you like.

How will Legal Podcasts Benefit Me as a Legal Professional?

It doesn't matter what type of lawyer or attorney you are; legal podcasts can serve as an important piece of information for your law firm. Even if you are a personal injury attorney, family law attorney, or criminal defense attorney, you can benefit from the content discussed in legal podcasts. Legal podcasts provide users and listeners with information that will help you learn as an attorney or lawyer and grow as a law firm business. The great thing about legal podcasts is they are constantly being published, giving you more resources, information, and advice as time goes on. Below is a list of legal podcasts that can provide you with resourceful tips for you and your law firm business.

Legal Podcasts for Any Attorney and Lawyer

There are informative, educational, and advising podcasts that you can learn and grow from as a lawyer. Additionally, some podcasts tell stories from past experiences that are interesting to listen to and might be insightful for your practice areas. Let’s begin by reviewing podcasts that any lawyer and attorney can benefit from.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer Podcast

Lawyer 2 Lawyer, hosted by J. Craig Williams, a criminal defense lawyer, discusses current relevant legal news. Williams approaches recent news findings from a legal perspective, covering topics that raise suspicion among the public. Furthermore, he covers topics relating to life before and after becoming a lawyer, and interesting laws that are not often talked about. Episodes from Lawyer 2 Lawyer range from 20-30 minutes long, the perfect length for a drive to and from work. Lawyer 2 Lawyer episodes:
  • Season 1 Episode 556: Open Carry Laws, Public Safety, and Young v. Hawaii
  • Season 1 Episode 563: Rights of Nature & the Law
  • Season 1 Episode 578: The Life of a Lawyer, Start to Finish: How to Get into Law School

The Legal Toolkit Podcast

A podcast network, known as Legal Talk Network publishes many different legal podcasts covering a wide variety of topics, and is a network that will make an appearance throughout this article. The Legal Toolkit, invites hosts from well-known organizations and cases where they discuss important topics, current news, and information. The podcast was created for legal professionals and the episodes contain information regarding law school, legal technology, industry events, and the future of law. The podcast series was designed to inform upcoming and current legal professionals about news, and technology that can contribute to the growth of your law firm business in the future. The episodes of this podcast are 30-40 minutes long. The Legal Toolkit Episodes:
  • Season 1 Episode 163: Authenticity; Marketing the Real You; and Darian Kovacs’ Marketing Jame Podcast
  • Season 1 Episode 164: Document Management; Kara Vaval’s Unconventional Legal Career; and “What Would ‘Florida Man’ Do”?
  • Season 1 Episode 169: Your Intake Mistakes; Leveraging Modern Phone Systems; and “Kiwi Colloquialisms”

Lawyerist Podcast

If you are trying to stay ahead of the game in the legal industry, The Lawyerist Podcast would be a good listen for you. They consider the future and what business strategies would be best for legal services in the future. Stephanie Everett conversates with successful lawyers where they share innovative ideas, thoughts, and creativity. Everett’s goal is to share informative knowledge about legal businesses that can help your law firm business in the future. The episodes are between 30-45 minutes. The Lawyerist Podcast Episode:
  • Season 1 Episode 349: Building Trust: The Cornerstone of Your Business, with Sandra Sucher
  • Season 1 Episode 363: What is the Future of Legal Tech? With Zack Glaser
  • Season 1 Episode 365: Why Reviews are Essential for Your Business, with Ryan McKeen

New Solo Podcast

Another podcast hosted by Legal Talk Network is the New Solo Podcast. Adriana Linares is a legal practice consultant and a legal technology coach. In New Solo, Linares answers important questions that arise while pursuing a solo career in the legal industry. She discusses the transitioning from working in a law firm to working as a solo practice. She covers law practice management, legal job searching and networking, and much more. This podcast is 30 minutes to an hour in length, and is a great learning opportunity to improve practices and expand your education in the legal industry. New Solo Podcast Episodes:
  • Season 1 Episode 87: Law Firm Leadership: Cultivating Positivity in Your Law Firm
  • Season 1 Episode 94: Getting Started Tips from a New Solo
  • Season 1 Episode 104: Get Organized! Leverage Tech for Work/Life Balance

Above the Law - Thinking Like A Lawyer

Above the Law - Thinking Like A Lawyer brings a different approach of legal podcasts to the table. With a more relaxed environment, they discuss specific situations that were experienced by the public and review it in light of legal services. Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino chat about true stories and experiences, leaving lawyers and attorneys to do their own thought about the situations and brainstorm what they would to if they were involved in such a case. Episodes are 30-40 minutes long. Above the Law - Thinking Like A Lawyer Episodes:
  • Season 1 Episode 222: When Judges Attack
  • Season 1 Episode 233: Judges Gone Wild
  • Season 1 Episode 248: Let’s Talk Raises

Legal Innovative Podcasts for Lawyers and Attorneys

It is no surprise that the world is constantly advancing and evolving with innovative ideas and technology. Lawyers and attorneys work in an industry where there are many steps to follow within one case, all of which result in a time-consuming case. As the world advances, it is important to stay informed about innovative ideas and technology that could make your life and your client’s life easier, providing a seamless experience with your law firm, and enhancing your law firms methods to do business.

The Un-Billable Hour  

Christopher T. Anderson approaches the complications of the business side of legal services. While considering the services that go unbilled, Anderson advises his listeners on the best innovative tools. Additionally, he discusses the importance of time management and how to give your all to clients while juggling expenses and all of the large important tasks that come along with being a lawyer and attorney. Episodes are roughly 30-45 minutes. The Un-Billable Hour episodes:
  • Season 1 Episode 105: It’s Not About the Leads, It’s What You Do With Them
  • Season 1 Episode 113: The New Law Business Model
  • Season 1 Episode 115: What’s Ahead in 2022 for Lawyers and Law Firms

LawNext Podcast  

The LawNext Podcast is hosted by Bob Ambrogi. Ambrogi is an expert in writing and speaking on legal technology and innovation. He publishes weekly episodes that are about 30-50 minutes long. He discusses innovative strategies and interviews legal entrepreneurs who give advice on what is to be expected in the future for individuals who have a career in the legal industry. All of their discussions provide information on how you can enhance your law firm business. LawNext Episodes:
  • Season 1 Episode 112: Evisort CEO Jerry Ting on the Future of Contracts Tech
  • Season 1 Episode 128: Defining the ‘Future Ready’ Lawyer, with Wolters Kluwer Vps O’Malley and Dean Sonderegger
  • Season 1 Episode 150: Digitally Transforming the Legal Department: A Panel of Experts

Technically Legal - A Legal Technology and Innovation Podcast

Chad Main hosts a podcast called Technically Legal. Main believes law firms can become successful with the right technology resources. On each episode of the podcast, he interviews an innovator who is currently working in the legal industry. Listeners grasp an idea of how effective technology is, and how it is changing the legal industry. Furthermore, they discuss how legal professionals implement legal technology and innovation into their law firms and how it transformed their business. Episodes are 20-45 minutes long and they provide you with ideas of effective technology resources to better your law firm. Technically Legal Episodes:
  • The Impact of Technology on Critical Legal Thinking With Michael Zuckerman
  • What Technology Companies Look for in Legal Professionals
  • Mike Suchsland (The LegalTech Fund) on Investing in Legal Technology in 2002 and Beyond

Legal Marketing Podcasts for Lawyers and Attorneys

 One of the most effective investments you can make for your law firm is in online marketing. The way your attorney or lawyer website is presented matters greatly. It is the number 1 resource searchers will resort to you when searching for the right attorney, lawyer, and law firm for them. Effective marketing skills will increase leads and clientele. If you are asking yourself: How do I begin online marketing for my law firm or How can I increase and improve my online marketing strategies for my law firm? Below is a list of podcasts than may contain the answers to all of your questions, and they are free to listen to.

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam are digital marketers who publish two episodes a month on their podcast known as Lunch Hour Legal Marketing. The podcast consists of many different tips and tricks designed to help you attract potential clients. Tsakalakis and Saam review effective marketing strategies that bring more business to law firms. They also point out what not to do while marketing your law firm. Their episodes are 30-40 minutes in duration. Lunch Hour Legal Marketing
  • Season 1 Episode 33: Conversion Confusion Cleared up
  • Season 1 Episode 34: Top 5 Metrics For Your Law Firm
  • Season 1 Episode 40: Bad Reviews and the Marketing Vacuum

Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast

Created for lawyers and law firm marketing professionals, Legal Marketing 2.0 discusses the latest marketing strategies. They review currents trends and how to utilize these trends to make your legal marketing strategies more effective. They go into detail how the marketing strategies they have discussed can contribute to the growth of your law firm. Episodes are only 20-30 minutes long. Legal Marketing 2.0 Episodes:
  • How Lawyers Can Use Video to Successfully Market Their Practice
  • How to Make Your Law Firm’s Website a Lead Generating Machine
  • The Importance of Presenting an Authentic Image on Social Media for Your Firm and Your Attorneys

Law Firm Marketing Decoded

 Law Firm Marketing Decoded is a podcast that is directed towards solo and small firm lawyers; however, any lawyer, attorney, and law firm can gain knowledge from their podcast episodes. Their podcast reviews online legal marketing and breaks down legal marketing terms and methods for beginners, making it easier for legal professionals who are new to the marketing side of the legal industry to understand. These episodes are informative, yet short and are 12-30 minutes long. Law Firm Marketing Decoded Episodes:
  • The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Law Firms
  • Creating Web Pages That Convert Potential Clients
  • How to Seamlessly Transition to a Virtual Law Firm

The Legal Mastermind Podcast

The Legal Mastermind Podcast discusses ways you can grow and manage your law firm. Ryan Klein and Chase Williams invite legal experts to their podcast to talk over the best marketing, branding, and intake tips and tricks. Furthermore, they inform their listeners about legal marketing methods and how these methods capture the attention of your targeted audience. This podcast has episodes that are 15-30 minutes long. The Legal Mastermind Episodes:
  • Episode 117: Luke Russell - How to Capture the Human Element in Advertising
  • Episode 130: The future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Episode 143: The Importance of Connecting With Others

Legal Marketing Lounge

Attorney Annette Choti discusses online legal marketing strategies, how they work, and how to best utilize them on her podcast, Legal Marketing Lounge.  She brings her sense of humor to her podcasts series while providing in-depth explanations about online marketing strategies and how they function to make your attorney or lawyer website effective. Choti mentions content marketing, website design, Google algorithms, search engine optimization, and much more. The episodes are 30-40 minutes of useful information. Legal Marketing Lounge Episodes:
  • Episode #003: Things to NEVER Say On Your Law Firm’s Website
  • Episode #002: Demystifying SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Episode #026-22: Marketing Strategies For 2022

Attorney / Lawyer Practice Area-specific Podcasts

We have reviewed podcasts that provide you with informative matter, interesting stories, and marketing strategies, but maybe you are more interested in podcasts that talk specifically about your expertise. Lucky for you, there are many different podcasts that focus on one practice area. Now let’s look at podcasts that are specific to your practice areas and expertise.

Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are a personal injury attorney interested in expanding your marketing strategies, consider listening to podcasts that are made for personal injury lawyers. Listen to what experienced PI attorneys and lawyers have to say about their experience, marketing strategies, and current legal topics.

Personal Injury Mastermind Podcast  

Join Chris Dreyer as he interviews well-known personal injury attorneys, and marketing experts. On Personal Injury Mastermind, Dreyer discusses personal injury law firm growth strategies, and personal injury experiences that guest attorneys explain. Learn from the interviews and marketing strategies that Dreyer discusses specifically for personal injury attorneys. Personal Injury Mastermind Episodes:
  • How to Get PI Clients
  • John Gomez, Gomez Trial Attorneys — What it Takes to Become a Preeminent Trial Attorney
  • Seth Price, Price Benowitz — Developing a Winning Strategy and the Future of SEO

Trial Lawyer Talk Podcast

Scott Glovsky, an award winning personal injury attorney in California publishes 40 minute episodes on his podcast, Trial Lawyer Talk. Glovsky invites the best attorneys throughout the US and they discuss what it is like being a trial lawyer. The podcast discusses one side that most attorneys do not discuss —How specific cases impact attorneys and lawyers. Listen to stories that describe what attorneys and lawyers feel once they clock out of their legal duty for the day. Furthermore, they discuss how to connect with clients, and how to best work a case to get the results you want. Trial Lawyer Talk Episodes:
  • Episode 60: with Laura O’Sullivan
  • Episode 65: with Eric Fong
  • Episode 67: with Cliff Atkinson

Legal Beagle Podcast

Jonathan Negretti is a personal injury attorney who publishes interesting episodes to his Legal Beagle Podcast. With an honest approach, Negretti interview guests who are in the legal profession as well as others who are not. They discuss topical events with a legal twist. Episodes of this podcast are 30 minutes to 1 hour. Legal Beagle Episodes:
  • Injury Law Podcast: Nick Rowley
  • The Decentralized Legal Systems
  • Mediation CAN Hurt Your Case 

Family Law Attorney Podcasts 

Listen to how family law attorneys respond to specific cases,  and current family law issues. Tune in on family law podcasts that discuss how you can better your career, job, and life as a lawyer or attorney. The following podcasts discuss all things family law.

The Family Law Podcast

The Family Law Podcast publishes weekly episodes where they discuss different categories that fall within the spectrum of family law. Expert guests are invited where they thoroughly discuss their experiences. They explain court scenarios, and what is to be expected of lawyers and attorney, leaving you to form your own observations and opinions. Episodes are roughly 30 minutes long. The Family Law Podcast Episodes:
  • When care proceedings and criminal proceedings collide
  • Financial provision for minor and adult children
  • The Financial Remedies Court Efficiency Statement

Family Law & Lattes

Family Law & Lattes is a podcast hosted by Melanie Bataillard-Samuel. Melanie created this podcast in hopes of helping family law professionals. She casually chats with guests about helpful tips that can help you succeed at your job as a lawyer or attorney. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you listen to Melanie and her knowledge regarding the family law profession. Episodes are typically only 30 minutes. Family Law & Lattes Episode:
  • Episode 9: International Adoption
  • Episode 14: Building your team - Financial Planners
  • Episode 17: Support Through Court

Texas Family Law Insiders

Regardless of the state you practice in, Texas Family Law Insiders provides listeners with advice and real life scenarios. Host, Holly Draper, discusses current legal news revolving around family law. This gives you the ability to learn about family law and form your own opinion on the topics they discuss. They cover all things family law, from divorce cases to grandparents’ rights. Episodes of Texas Family Law Insiders are about 30 minutes long. Texas Family Law Insiders Episodes:
  • Episode 21: Brandi Crozier - Insider Tips for Guiding Your Client Through the Discovery Process
  • Episode 31: Victoria Harvey - Psychological Evaluations in Family Law Cases
  • Episode 41: The Intersection of Family Law and Immigration

Criminal Law Podcasts

Criminal law is an interesting topic, and is often discussed on podcasts. Listen to both sides of lawyers and clients, and how lawyers have responded to popular crime cases. Receive tips from legal professionals in the criminal law practice area.

Constitutional Defenders

A storytelling podcast that invites both lawyers and clients to explain their case and how defenders responded. Constitutional Defenders invite attorneys and lawyers to discuss previous high profile cases and the timeline of each case. Furthermore, they discuss law changes and legal topics that have made headline news. Episodes are 30 minutes to 1 hour long. Constitutional Defenders Episodes:
  • When Bad Science Puts Good People in Prison
  • Defending Justice: A Story of Self Defense
  • Growing Up Behind Bars

Crime Talk with Scott Reisch

A criminal defense attorney, Scott Reisch, hosts a podcast called Crime Talk. Reisch discusses the stories of recent, popular crime cases. He lays out the facts of each case and reviews them from a legal perspective, with over 26 years of legal knowledge and trial experience. This podcast has episodes that are 30 minutes to 1 hour long, and provides listeners with information regarding the US legal system and the constitution. Crime Talk with Scott Reisch Episodes:
  • Scott Explains Why Chain of Custody Matters, Alex Murdaugh Officially a Person of Interest And More!
  • Crime Talk After Dark Live With Scott Reisch, Special Guest Mark Carlson (P.I.)
  • Another Hearing to Set a Date

In Plain Cite

In Plain Cite is a podcast that primarily discusses the practice of criminal defense. It was made to educate legal professionals who practice in criminal defense cases and criminal justice act panel attorneys. In Plain Cite is produced by the Federal Public Defender of the Southern District of West Virginia. Episodes are 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration. In Plain Cite Episodes:
  • Episode 62: November 2021 Fourth Circuit Update - Guest Alicia Penn
  • Episode 63: December 2021 Fourth Circuit Update - Guest Josh Carpenter
  • Episode 64: February 2022 Fourth Circuit Update - Guest Jackie Tarlton

How Do I Access Legal Podcasts?

 Now that we have gone over legal podcasts that may spark your interest as a legal professional, you may be asking: How do I download or listen to podcasts? Podcasts are very convenient because not only are they free, accessible at any time of the day, and provide you with great information, they are also very easy to find. There is many different software you can use to download and listen to your favorite legal podcasts. Examples of podcast software are Google, Apple, and Spotify. All of the podcasts we mentioned are available on Apple Podcasts for free. You may be interested in checking out other podcast software options as some offer exclusive and premium deals that give you more options when searching for attorney and lawyer podcasts. Below are a few examples of podcast software you may be interested in.

Apple Podcasts

As previously mentioned, Apple posts many different podcasts with a wide range of topics. They have millions of free podcasts. The Apple Podcasts app should already be downloaded on your phone if you are an iPhone user. If not, you are still able to listen to their podcasts through their website.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is also accessible on the internet or you can download the app to your phone. Most podcasts are free and there is millions of interesting episodes available. Furthermore, you have the option to subscribe to specific channels and download episodes ahead of time.


Spotify is a software that also includes podcasts in their services; however, there is a fee. Though there is a fee, Spotify gives users access to many different podcasts that are not offered anywhere else. You can bookmark, subscribe, and download, and any podcasts on Spotify.


Podcasts are a great way to obtain additional information regarding your legal profession, increase clientele, and grow your law firm. Lawyer and attorney podcasts share knowledge, experience, and ideas that can help you better yourself as a legal professional, and give you tips on the best ways to market your law firm. There is no better way to educate yourself. Listening to legal podcasts are free, quick, and convenient and cover topics relevant to your practice area. Though podcasts can be a very helpful resource to grow your attorney business, sometimes additional help is needed. As podcasts publish valuable information regarding laws, attorney and lawyer jobs, innovative and technology tips, and marketing strategies, you may still find yourself struggling when it comes to growing your law firm business. As a lawyer or attorney, there is not much time within one day to accomplish your duties as a legal professional and still have additional time to dedicate towards enhancing your marketing strategies. This is one of the most effective ways to increase clientele and a large amount of your time should be put towards marketing your law firm. If you are like a majority of individuals who work in the legal industry, this may seem impossible. Fortunately, there are marketing agencies who can enhance your online website and utilize effective marketing strategies so you can focus on your business, and its clients, while still finding time to listen to your favorite legal podcast series.

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