Why Is SEO Important for Lawyers?

SEO for Law Firms

When prospective clients are searching for an attorney, whether it is for legal representation in family law, business, bankruptcy, or personal injury, they are looking for a partner who can provide exceptional advice, valuable guidance, and positive solutions for their unique needs.
Before deciding who will represent them, they must trust you to handle their case from the time they find you online through the outcome of their case. Lawyer’s SEO initiates trust through your website’s online credibility, which establishes a strong foundation for reliable representation.

When your attorney website ranks at the top of the search engine results page, that reflects Google’s trust in your digital footprint, which provides an authoritative brand identity that clients can get on board with, even at first glance.

This credibility is further established once the prospective client clicks on your link and is met with a streamlined and functional website design that is supported by a positive user experience, optimized on-page elements, valuable content, and quality backlinks that offers users the information they need quickly and easily, in fewer clicks.

Expert SEO for Lawyers That Works!

SEO for Legal Firms

As an attorney, you know how important strategy is to grow your law firm, and so do we. A winning record and positive reviews boost more than your online persona, it also impacts your trusted value in the legal and local communities.

At AMN, we connect with the lawyers and partners, and we support the law firm staff that we represent. We provide expert legal search engine optimization strategies that deliver qualified client leads in one of the most competitive industries in the country.

You need power in online SEO for your law firm, and the Attorney Marketing Network can provide a measurable competitive advantage through:

  • Tailor-made SEO, ensuring no two attorneys receive the same advice or marketing approach
  • Search result algorithms that return the customized, relevant, and competitive results your firm needs to stand out
  • Improved relevance that overshadows the competition

While most attorney local SEO firms may be able to boost your online ranking, we have found it is much more important to maintain your prominence. You do not want to see your ranking increase, simply to watch it crash with the next month’s reports. Neither do we.

A Law Firm SEO Agency Has Over a Decade of Experience

With our combined team of accomplished account managers, search engine optimization specialists, design professionals, writers, and marketing mavens, we are able to create a superior source of curated legal marketing results for each of our clients.

If you are looking for unique, legal-focused marketing solutions, you found the right law firm SEO company. Let’s talk.

The Essentials of Successful Lawyers SEO Campaigns

The essentials of successful law firm SEO campaigns help attorneys understand the environment of the web, which can become more controllable with proper guidance.

Partnering with Attorney Marketing Network provides lawyers with the necessary knowledge they need to make informed decisions about how and where their brand is represented online.

This is important because a recent study shows that nearly 40% percent of all click-throughs originate from the first three organic search ranking positions, which means your ranking is paramount to your success.

As search engine algorithms change, so does the way prospective clients use the Internet. Keywords, locations, Google ratings, your law firm’s Knowledge Graph panel, Google My Business listing, and its social media profiles all combine to create a significant driving force for Lawyers SEO success.

Staying on top of a lawyer’s SEO changes requires a firm understanding of how search changes will affect your ranking before they occur, which allows your law firm to maintain its position to drive real, tangible cases into your office.

High-quality lawyer SEO will allow your law firm to consistently discover and leverage new opportunities that allow you to stand apart from your competitors.

A Unified Approach To SEO for Lawyers

Regardless of the size of your law firm, if your marketing practices are not cohesive, you are going to get mixed results. When it comes to your online ranking, you cannot afford to engage in costly SEO practices that conflict with your overall marketing plan.

At Attorney Marketing Network, our account specialists will interview your attorneys to ensure we understand your current market, approaches, and objectives. This allows us to coordinate your goals properly and enhance your complete online ranking. Generally, because of thousands of campaigns we’ve run over the last 10 years, we already know what works and have over 10 years of proprietary data to pull from.

Our attorney SEO specialists know what works. We assure you we are not dragging your online and offline marketing efforts in different directions.

SEO for Lawyers is About More Than Keywords and Algorithms.

Law firm SEO requires research, customization, and attorney marketing expertise that dictates your competitive advantage. And it’s all in our name.

At Attorney Marketing Network, our law firm SEO experts eat, sleep, and dream of ways to push your practice past the competition, online and in-person, placing your website at the top of the search engine results page — exactly where prospective clients expect to find the best attorneys in their area.

  • We will help you rank at the top of the search engine results page.
  • Your online marketing and website content will guide traffic to your physical door.
  • Your legal expertise will take it from there.

Law Firm SEO Drives Success

Effective law firm SEO requires a central engagement of both technological awareness and marketing savvy.

While other companies provide SEO services for lawyers, we are reinventing the way prospective clients find our clients by developing their complete online marketing persona by establishing a client journey, so you know where your clients are and how to reach them effectively. That’s where you belong.

We are marketers with inventive minds whose staff consistently collaborates to proactively meet our clients’ needs.

Our SEO technology experts, designers and developers, account managers, and writers, are always seeking an advantage by putting our heads together to make your practice stand out from your competitors.

Influence Prospective Clients with Calculated Law Firm SEO Efforts

No one is turning to the Yellow Pages to find an attorney anymore.

That means you must place yourself directly in front of your target audience’s preferred platform to create success.

In a word, that landing spot is Google. Google is responsible for 94% of all organic search traffic and is responsible for a 35% click-through rate for first position results on mobile devices.

Thirty-five percent.

If your law firm drops to the second or third page in the search engine results, traffic also drops 2-3% and continues to dwindle with each additional page.

The solution lies in intelligent law firm SEO practices that will boost your ranking, so the contact and conversion process can not only begin but sustain and consistently increase revenue. That is where AMN shines.

Law Firm SEO Provides Genuine Value. We Can Prove It.

While 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine for their initial research, 74% of those searchers visit a law firm’s website to act.

Successful law firm SEO will guide prospective clients to your virtual doorstep at the exact time they need an attorney.

Once clients visit your website we will track, measure, and analyze their next steps, including:

  • Website Visitors
  • Phone Calls
  • Form Submissions and Email Contact
  • Quality Leads
  • New Cases
  • Leads to Conversion Rates
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Total New Clients
  • Increased Revenue

Why Choose the Attorney Marketing Network for My Law Firm SEO?

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we deliver results — not promises.

We understand our prospective clients have many choices when it comes to attorney marketing and lawyer SEO options, as the competitive law firm landscape has increased the number of marketing agencies who specialize in producing SEO results for attorneys.

The difference is, we have been doing this for over a decade. Allow our client satisfaction to speak for itself.

Are you ready to partner with a marketing network that creates solutions for your unique law firm SEO needs?

We are.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique law firm marketing approach and learn about tangible law firm SEO results that can be measured by their value.