Getting legal content right for your website is critical and it requires specialized practice area research, local geographic research, as well as a basic understanding of the law in your area.

It’s even more important to write law firm content that can convert into clients. If your content is too “wordy” you can lose your visitors’ attention. We’ve outlined a step-by-step process that we personally use to create great converting and well-informed content to help your law firm grow.

What is the difference between long-form and short-form legal content?

Long-form content would usually consist of a minimum of 2000 words, and short-form is somewhere between 600-800 words, give or take.

Does it matter how long my law firm’s content is?

This depends on what your end goal is. If you are looking to rank on Google for law firm-related search terms, then the answer is, “yes.” Your website content is essential to ranking for various keywords as well as long-tail keywords that resonate with your visitors.

On the other hand, if you are not actively optimizing your legal website and your current goal is to have sufficient content when you send a potential client to your website, then short-form is acceptable.

Can I borrow content from the web and paste it to my law firm website?

This is a common issue that we see and is not the best way to publicize your practices. We do not recommend you go that route. In February 2011, Google introduced a core algorithm update called “Panda,” which was created to penalize “low-quality websites” and “content farms” from the web. That said, always make sure the company you hire to write your law firm’s content is writing unique content. Ensure they validate this by using a website such as Copyscape to check for uniqueness. The days of “spinning” content are over. Go original, or go home!

For the DIY attorneys or the law firm that demands transparency, we’ve recorded a tutorial on how we create content for our attorney clients.

Below is a bullet list and insight on what we do at Attorney Marketing Network to gather all the proper intel to develop content for your law firm.

We’ve also included a bullet point checklist below:

How do we write and develop legal content for your website?

  1. Evaluate Competition –

How do we research keywords related to your legal content?

  1. Google Keyword Planner


          2. Google Suggest
Google suggest legal keywords
               3. Uber Suggest

What is the keyword intent behind users’ search for law firm content writing?

Target keyword with user intent:

  • Browse
  • Hire
  • Buy
  • Hire

What is a general rule of thumb when writing my law firm’s content?

  1. Include the targeted and related keywords in titles


  1. Use bullet points where necessary
  2. Keyword Density

How long should my legal content be?

  1. 2000+ words

How do I repurpose my legal content to maximize traffic?

  1. Screen Recording
  2. Screenshots
  3. Transcribe