You know search engine optimization is important to your Local Law Firm’s online presence and ranking, but is it worth your investment? When it’s working—Absolutely.

AMN specializes in Local SEO for law firms only. Our focused clientele allows us to boast our ongoing achievements of attaining thousands of page one keywords for our clients delivering an impressive return on investment.

Lawyers Local Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

is the platform that drives your customers to become your marketing engine.

Attorney Marketing Network

Attorneys Search Engine Optimization Features

Local Search engine optimization requires a dedicated approach to keeping your law firm relevant, and at the top of page one. We pledge our resources to your professional and technological success by delivering on-going application improvements.

  • Our Local SEO is both Panda and Penguin friendly
  • Enjoy a personalized dashboard, and the ability to review and monitor results daily
  • Customized strategies based on your practice areas, location, and competitive analysis
  • Up-to-date strategies for mobile searches, including voice activated search technology like SIRI
  • Qualified and focused local search strategies, reaching and converting clients close to home
  • Finely tuned approaches to get you found now, by those who need you
  • Scholarship outreach to boost rankings and reputation in your industry
  • Donation focused outreach
  • Attorney written blog content

Building Citations with Precision and Depth

At Attorney Marketing Network, our citation building process has developed over years of strenuous testing and constant iteration of what is working today. As our clients’ needs grow and the web changes, we may tweak our citation building processes, but the foundation of our careful, calculated procedures remain intact to maintain positive results.

To ensure proper building blocks always are in place, we ask ourselves a series of questions during each step of our processes to safeguard your top-notch rankings.


How Accurate is the Supplied Information?

There is no reason to operate on a hunch, or relate your information to a previous client’s findings. Each attorney or firm we represent is different, and the information they supply is key to finding online success on their behalf. If there are any inconsistent, irrelevant, or dated findings during our research, we will relay those details in our comprehensive listing report. These specific features are what allows your local rankings to soar.


Are there Existing Citations that Will Counter Our Efforts?

Identifying your existing citations is only the first step in understanding your online identity. As we verify and build your presence, it is important to individually check the sites you currently appear on to avoid duplicate or inconsistent listings that may be harm your ranking.


How Do Quality Sources Lend Themselves to Local Citations Lists?

The short answer is, we develop them to contribute to your new list of citation opportunities. Our team at AMN are constantly building and maintaining gigantic databases of business listings. We combine their existing data with quality sources, matching each opportunity along the way to achieve the highest rankings for your listings in real time.


If We Build It, Will They Come?

YES! While computers provide quick references, and deliver access to databases that we cannot operate without, your citation sources are manually entered by our team to ensure the information is complete, accurate, and up to date. This creates the opportunity for your local rankings to rise immediately.


Who Doesn’t Love a Report?

No one. Part of our success in this industry is based on our ability to share information with our clients, so they know what is and what isn’t working. Once your citation list is entered, you will receive a detailed report that includes an inventory of URLs where your firm is listed. What’s more, the report will catalog the listing’s status, usernames and passwords for the sites where they appear, along with any comments from our experienced Citation’s team.

Land Legal Group Case Study

More than 55% of Land Legal Group’s keywords in California are in position one on Google, which tripled his incoming phone call rate per month, and allowed the upstart legal group to successfully compete with big market veterans in Los Angeles, CA.

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