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Family law SEO is a highly competitive market for divorce attorneys throughout the country, simply because there are so many practice areas included in their firms’ offerings.

Family law is the umbrella of dozens of legal issues that require more than just an attorney, but one client can trust with sensitive and life-changing matters like child custody and child support, and other financial and emotional issues that will dictate their futures.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our family law firm SEO company provides more than online solutions for your attorneys. We provide a partnership that allows your brand to transition from online to in-person, without missing a step.

That’s where trust begins. It is also where your SEO focus starts.

The Attorney Marketing Network Provides Free Online Family Law Firm Assessments

Internet marketing for family law lawyers is an aggressive field that requires our family law attorney internet marketing agency to review your online footprint to determine which parts of your current website, SEO, and other campaigns are working. And pinpoint where they are not.

Your family law website is a key component in providing social proof that your services are trustworthy, which provides a direct connection to clients who need your services.

Our complimentary assessment of your existing website is not designed to sell you a new one. It is to develop an in-depth analysis of your online performance, so we can offer high-level recommendations that increase traffic, boost qualified leads, and convert contacts into real cases.

Generate Qualified Leads With Family Law Firm Marketing & SEO

Family law attorney SEO is so competitive because divorce attorneys can and must work on multiple cases at once. Divorce and child custody cases typically can have a long lifecycle and the revenue that is generated for each case is very different than the millions of dollars a single personal injury settlement can contribute to the law firm.

What’s more is, law firm SEO must be designed to place the clients’ needs first.

After all, we are talking about very personal family issues that require a trusted, confident, and compassionate attorney to secure. That must come across in your marketing efforts. If clients do not believe your brand and marketing efforts translate into a trusted legal advisor, they will move on.

Our free analysis will allow your family law firm to understand who your ideal clients are and where we can effectively reach them.

Next, we will evaluate your competitors to determine where we can help you stand apart.

We will provide you with free marketing analysis and website evaluation that will allow your law firm to make informed decisions to proceed with a comprehensive family law firm SEO marketing campaign that produces results.

Our divorce attorney internet marketing campaigns are customized for each client and include:

  • Focused content that builds trust and authority to answer the questions your prospective clients are asking
  • Local SEO strategies concentrated for your audiences and engineered for higher rankings
  • Targeted keywords that provide specialized results for your family law firm
  • High authority backlinks that create personal connections with clients who need you

Focused Content That Builds Trust And Authority To Answer The Questions Your Prospective Family Law Clients Are Asking

SEO for family law attorney websites is different than any other type of law because the subject matter is deeply personal.

Your content must make your clients feel that their needs are the most important thing to your attorneys and that your law firm will give them the courage they need to pursue results.

We will evaluate each line of copy on your website for keyword optimization, clarity, and value, including the:

  • Home page
  • About us, attorney bios, and mission statement pages
  • Practice area pages
  • City-specific pages
  • Case results and experience
  • Local coverage and community involvement
  • Contact pages to ensure your locations and maps are optimized

We evaluate your existing content while assessing your goals to provide the information your competitors aren’t, so you can stand apart in the highly competitive field of family law.

That includes focusing on your practice areas and any specialized legal matters that allow you to stand out. That begins with understanding how your prospective clients search for your services.

Clients who are searching for a family lawyer rarely use the term “family law.” They will want a family law attorney who specializes in their specific need, which could be anything from “divorce lawyer in Chicago” to “High-asset divorce attorney in LA” and other exclusive areas like high-conflict child custody, paternity, or grandparents’ rights.

Each of these terms is very different and will require a concentrated approach to producing results, which begins with ensuring your content speaks directly to your target audience while building trust.

The second content requirement is ensuring quality over quantity. Google only ranks valuable content — not word counts. Your content must be both compelling and effective, which is where our family law lawyer SEO produces results at a local level.

Local SEO Connects Your Family Law Firm To Clients Who Need Your Services

Like the cases themselves, choosing a family law attorney is a lengthier cycle for most people.

Choosing to get a divorce is not something people take lightly, so they may search for a divorce attorney during difficult times, but once their challenges subside, they may change their minds. This process can happen again and again over a period of one to two years.

This is where strategic SEO for family law firms becomes important.

Your clients may not trust family lawyers who have paid to get to the top of the divorce lawyer listing, which means they are going to seek attorneys who rank organically, which is where our advanced internet marketing for family lawyers incorporates local SEO strategies.

Since family law firms have the fewest targeted keywords, including divorce, child support, child custody father’s rights, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and property division, SEO for family law lawyers requires specialized marketing approaches.

Our family law lawyer marketing agency will review each aspect of your current brand and align your local SEO goals with a competitive strategy that allows your law firm to stand out from both nearby competitors and those in your city and state.

High Authority Backlinks That Create Personal Connections With Clients Who Need You

Google reviews over 200 factors when ranking websites, and the values they use to rank them change with each updated algorithm. One of the most important factors in the sea of requirements is the number of authentic links that are pointing back to your family law website — commonly referred to as backlinks.

Backlinks are more than third-party websites that link to your family law website. There are relevant and targeted links to ensure they communicate with Google that your website is trusted.

We seek only third-party websites that are closely related and relevant to your SEO for family law attorney goals.

That is where we make an impact.

Why Do I Need the Attorney Marketing Network’s Family Law Firm SEO Services?

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our family law firm SEO consultants only focus on exponential growth opportunities for your attorneys.

Divorce law firm SEO is competitive, which means you do not need someone to tell you to overhaul your existing marketing efforts to provide catch-all solutions or fix something that isn’t broken.

We do not sell our client’s services they do not need.

We provide exceptional opportunities to pursue higher rankings that will prioritize your family law lawyer marketing efforts, so you can gain measurable results.

If you do need additional services to enhance your online footprint, or have questions about our different divorce SEO services, we will discuss your unique needs and provide customized solutions only where you need them. 

That could include:

SEO for divorce law firms begins with your website. And your ability to help your clients reach a successful outcome begins the moment they reach your virtual door.

That’s why we start with a free evaluation of your current website.

  • Does your website require small tweaks that promote a clear call to action?
  • Does your website need a design update, so your online appearance aligns with your family law’s brand?
  • Does your website need an overhauled family law architecture to seamlessly lead prospective clients through your practice areas and support pages?

Whatever is stopping your digital footprint from rising in the rankings will be assessed and clearly reviewed with you, so you can start benefitting from an approach that allows you to be positioned at the top of your family law attorney industry.

Pay-per-click advertising can boost your family law firm’s organic search engine ranking to build qualified leads that increase your divorce attorney SEO practices.

Whether you want to focus on a specialized practice area, including prenuptial agreements during the high wedding season, or divorces during the fall, targeted campaigns can produce qualified leads for those in immediate need of your family law services.

Divorce Law Firm Marketing & SEO can be easily combined with PPC campaigns that allow you to view customized reports that monitor your progress. Including the ability to track links, visitors, user behavior, search engine rankings, and local listings that convert searchers into real clients.

Effective SEO for divorce attorneys can also be accomplished through superior review management.

Google puts a tremendous amount of trust in online reviews and boosts your family law firm ranking above your competitors, which can be difficult to do in a large city with dozens of divorce lawyers vying for the same target audience.

Over 90% of people occasionally or regularly read online reviews; 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. That is huge news for family law attorneys who rely on trust to build their client base.

Our experienced divorce lawyer marketing agency review management services are designed to develop reliable connections between our clients and the people who need them most.

We have established a valuable approach to communicating with family law clients who are willing to share their success stories by reaching them at the most opportune time to review your family law firm.

Our review management process for divorce attorneys is user-friendly and guides the reviewer through the process of establishing verified five-star reviews that translate into more cases when someone is searching for a family law attorney near them.

Contact The Attorney Marketing Network To Schedule A Free Family Law Firm Strategy Session Today

SEO for divorce attorney websites is a competitive process for everyone involved, which means your family law firm may have already tried another divorce law firm SEO company that did not produce the type of results you were expecting. If that’s true, we will evaluate where their SEO campaign fell flat, and how we can avoid making the same mistake twice.

We are not here to promise you the moon or recreate the wheel. We are here to devise SEO for divorce lawyers that will help you discover where each aspect of your online footprint delivers results and where it needs guidance from true professionals. Then we can get to work.

Contact us today to discuss your family law firm’s marketing needs with our experienced team of integrated website designers and developers, project managers, and SEO experts who only focus on internet marketing for divorce lawyers. Together, we will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to create a formidable strategy that produces divorce lawyer SEO solutions for your law firm.

Family Law Firm SEO FAQs

How Does Keyword Research Help My Family Law SEO?

Keyword research helps us determine the keywords we should optimize for your website, which allows us to alter the content onsite to reflect our findings. If divorce is your focus, as it is with most family law firms, we will focus our keyword research to determine which queries your prospects are entering into search engines so we can publish content that will rank as results for those queries.

How Does AMN Know Where To Place My Family Law Firm Keywords?

Long ago, people participated in something called “keyword stuffing” that placed an unnatural use of keywords into their content, for the sake of getting results. This practice is not effective or recommended and has thankfully found its way out of online copywriting practices. Instead, we focus on onsite and on-page keyword optimization by placing your unique keyword adaptations in titles, intros, headings, tags, and alt tags that produce results instead of confusing sentences. Your clients are looking for someone they can trust. Our content places you at the forefront of their results.

Does My Family Law Firm Website’s Security Affect SEO?

If your website still begins with “HTTP” you are not running a secure website, which can be easily identified by prospective clients who will immediately close the tab your family law website is opened in. Instead, your family law firm website should be “HTTPS” which is a more secure form of HTTP, and even lists the word, “secure” or includes a lock in the navigation bar, which allows searchers to know they are safe. Not only will your clients trust your website, but Google rewards websites with a higher ranking because of it.

Which SEO Techniques Are Most Popular for Family Law Websites?

With so many factors considered for Google to rank your family law firm website, the answer to that question requires a comprehensive review of your existing website. However, we can say that some of the most popular divorce attorney SEO techniques can include website auditing, keyword research, link building, and on-page SEO that allows us to update pages for reliable content and overall relevancy.

What Can SEO Do For My Family Law Firm Other Marketing Tactics Cannot?

Family law firm marketing is an important part of your business, and SEO will become a serious asset that promotes long-term, tangible conversions that allow you to build your divorce attorney business and sustain it as time goes by. Your website’s organic traffic is a pivotal part of building brand awareness and trust. When your audience can rely on you to deliver relevant, high-quality resources at the top of the search engine results page, they can make an informed decision to choose you as their divorce attorney.


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