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Cannon Disability Law

Cannon Disability Law - Social Security Disability Attorney Salt Lake City, UT
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Land Injury Law

Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles - Accident Lawyers California
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The Morgan Law Group

Florida Insurance Claims Attorneys & Lawyers - The Morgan Law Group, P.A.
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Valerie F. Horn & Associates

Civil Litigation Lawyer Los Angeles - Business Disputes Attorneys CA
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Smoak Law P.C.

Family Law Attorneys Salt Lake City – Divorce Lawyers Utah
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Weber & Weber Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyers Glendale – Car Accident Attorneys CA
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Law Office of Denise Miller

Stuart Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney
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Katz & Stefani

Family Law Attorneys Chicago – Divorce Lawyers IL
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Trugman Law Group APC

Family Law Lawyers Beverly Hills - Divorce Attorney Los Angeles
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Daniel K. Peugh

Criminal Law Lawyer Denton - DWI & Juvenile Defense Attorney in TX

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our attorney website design and development team provides more than an online reflection of your firm’s capabilities. We provide intelligent conversion solutions that increase the number of qualified leads you receive.

The beauty and brains behind our website design for lawyers include development practices that boost your online visibility to produce quantifiable results.

Intelligent Website Design for Lawyers

Intelligent Website Design for Lawyers

Colors, content, and conversion are tied together with our intelligent website development that allows our coding and SEO practices to boost your online visibility.

Our law firm website developers produce:

  • Tested Search Engine Optimization practices that produce premier online rankings
  • Intelligent coding proficiency for behind the scenes organization and superior functionality
  • Creative emphasis on Conversion Rate Optimization

Technologically Advanced Lawyer Website Designs that Produce Results and Remove Friction

We do not subscribe to any of the thousands of technological shortcuts available to the masses, as most of them only offer the illusion of speed, improvement, and conversion.

We develop technology that reflects the First Principles of physics, which vastly improves the visitor’s comprehension of the available content and guides them to the simplest path of connecting with your law firm through their preferred contact method.

Our websites include some of the following:

  • Phone calls and text buttons that deliver instant communication connections
  • Intuitive email and contact forms that engage while collecting information
  • Interactive chatbots that allow the visitor to engage in Q&A without monopolizing an employee’s time
  • Optimal speed and response actions on all devices, no matter their screen size
  • A/B Split Testing to optimize performance and increase conversion
  • Robust security measures to protect from malware and hacking
  • In-depth results and tracking in easy to understand analytical reports

Mobile-First Website Design Focus Allows Your Law Firm To Convert Clients Faster

Mobile-First Website Design

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we use the latest in HTML 5 Bootstrap Technology, which translates to an optimal approach to producing mobile-focused designs – FIRST. We know that some people still use desktop computers. We know many rely on their laptops for day-to-day functions. But when it comes to searching for products and services, mobile functionality is paramount to your law firm’s success.

We design your law firm website for mobile devices first, then work backward to the larger screens to ensure that your prospects can view and navigate your website perfectly from their phones, and contact you with a single tap of a button.

For more than 10 years, the Attorney Marketing Network has delivered more than website designs for attorneys. We have promoted customized strategies that combine cutting-edge conversion capabilities with beautiful techniques that guide users directly to your law firm’s virtual door.

Impactfully Designed Law Firm Websites Using Color Psychology

Color psychology can be used to help build a strong, relatable brand. At AMN, we do more than design websites, we design appealing, trustworthy law firm websites that allow your prospective clients to visually connect with your firm the second they land on your home page.

Your attorney website design is your first opportunity to gain trust with a prospect, and our careful approach to examining your target audience to combine the psychology of color creates optimal results for conversion.

Our legal website designs incorporate:

  • Beautiful, cutting edge designs that are built to convert using attention-grabbing, positive, and trustful color schemes
  • Vivid layouts that perform on ANY device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Flawless navigation that guides prospects directly to the attorney call to action
  • Unmatched speed and responsive loading times to keep prospects engaged
  • A top-notch user experience that motivates prospective clients to act and contact the firm directly

Why your “About Us” Page on your Law Firms Website Matters

Did you know your attorney “About” page is the second most visited page on your website? We do. The social climate in the United States has shifted the spending habits of people young and old. From trips to the grocery store to hiring a lawyer, most people want to know WHY they should choose your services over another nearby attorney. What makes you socially acceptable?

Our focused approach to delivering the very best in high-converting content is supplying visitors with informative copy that includes your connection to the community through scholarship opportunities, not-for-profit work, and a commitment to essentially doing the right thing for those who need help. Whether it is a fundraiser or pro-bone case, your firm’s social involvement goes a long way in developing a compassionate online content architecture that converts clients.

Our legal content writers deliver:

  • Advanced content management that develops your law firm’s credible authority and drives conversion
  • Curated social impact and benefits copy to connect with the community
  • Scheduled blogging and support page creation to boost SEO
  • Highly developed landing pages that operate as simplified versions of your website, with a specific focus; no links, or distractions – only an effective call to action

Do I Need A New Website for my Law Firm?

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we will help your law firm determine whether you need a new website, a thorough revamp, or an adjusted mobile-friendly design that allows your local target market to find you quickly and effectively.

Your attorney website is the unique online channel that connects your law firm to new, qualified leads. And it must run optimally at all times.

Before we determine whether you need a new website, or a revised and updated version of your current design, we will analyze your existing online persona, including your website, current SEO practices, and past analytics to understand the exact areas where your law firm is falling behind.

Afterward, we will identify and implement solutions that will help your law firm:

  • Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Use proven SEO skills and strategies that are specifically tailored to showcase your law firm’s experience and deliver reliable information to assist your target market in understanding their unique legal circumstances

  • Capture Potential Leads

Use intelligent, informative content that creates trust between the visitor and your law firm

  • Convert Prospects Into Contacts That Result in Real Cases

Using the intuitive design, easy to access forms, and tap-to-contact navigation, prospective clients can reach your law firm within seconds of landing on your new or updated website

We design unique marketing strategies for attorneys who require a competitive edge to produce more traffic, better leads, and higher conversions.

How Does The Attorney Marketing Network Stand Apart From Its Competitors?

As of January 2019, there were over 1.5 billion websites circulating in the online world, and even with only between 10-15% of all the websites operating actively, the competition for unique, motivating content and design is demanding.

There are hundreds of factors that determine how your attorney website measures up to its competition, and curating each of those influential features to our individual client’s needs is exactly how the Attorney Marketing Network stands apart.

We develop unique and reliable marketing opportunities for our legal clients that begin with the foundation of competitive attorney website design and development, including:

  • We Know What Google Wants

Unique content is just the beginning of Google’s ranking requirements, and that list is ever-changing. Shifting algorithms and suggested formatting techniques lead the way in our design and development processes and include common HTML tags and schema that direct your website to the top of Google’s coveted search engine results page.

  • In-House WordPress Plug-ins, Developed For Unique, Legal-Focused Results

Our programmers create some of our most effective WordPress Plug-ins in-house, which allows your website to guide prospective clients directly to email contact forms, chatbots, and click-to-call or click-to-text communication options that cater to their preferred contact methods, immediately delivering a trusted connection.

  • Superior Website Hosting & Maintenance

Your attorney website is only effective if it is functional, which requires a secure hosting facility and maintenance schedule that supports a streamlined site that is optimized for speed.

  • Producing Client-focused Results for Our Attorneys

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our name says it all. We focus on producing SEO campaigns that enhance our superior attorney website design techniques that allow our clients to dominate their local competition.

We combine stellar designs with unmatched competitive and intellectual approaches that allow your law firm to stand out — just like we do.

How Much Does An Attorney Marketing Network Website Cost?

Attorney Marketing Network Website Cost

Each attorney or law firm we represent has a unique marketing need, and our pricing reflects our overall campaign recommendations. Once we research your existing online viability, we will create a competitive estimate for each of our marketing suggestions, including a thorough outline of what each approach entails.

Our attorney websites start at around $4,500 and increase incrementally based on each client’s individual requirements. We will only provide an estimate for the services and enhancements your law firm needs.

There are no surprise service charges. No long-term contract requirements. And no fine print. Just transparent pricing that is followed by online marketing results.

Will I Own The Content And Website Design AMN Creates For Me?

Content And Website Design

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we consider ourselves partners, not vendors. When we create an attorney marketing plan that includes website design and development for our attorney clients, we are enhancing their online visibility — which is something we would never take away.

Your website and its content — all of its content — is yours once you pay for it. There are no contracts. No fine print. And no fighting over what belongs to whom. It is yours, and you are free to take control of it or move it to another source any time you want.

Can I Change My Law Firm Website Content On My Own?

Yes, you can. Since we design and develop your attorney websites in WordPress, the most popular and complete content management system available online, you are able to change the existing content, add new content, and develop your personal approach to communicating with your clients — without having any technical knowledge.

What Are The Benefits of WordPress?

WordPress is an open content management source that is easy to use and provides exceptional opportunities for both Attorney Marketing Network and your law firm to add, remove, and update information in real-time.

WordPress offers:

  • Literally tens of thousands of built-in designs and themes
  • Exceptional extension capabilities, with 55,000+ plug-ins currently available
  • Free access for everyone, but requires a new or existing domain and host to operate, and costs will vary based on the providers
  • Software that can be installed on any webserver

And powerful content management capabilities that allow the user to add, change, delete, and manage:

  • Written content, including practice area pages, blogs, testimonials, partner bios, and contact information
  • Visual content, including images, videos, downloadable documents, and infographics

Our clients trust our seasoned professionals and their abilities to deliver a top-notch attorney website, and we believe our clients should have access to its complete performance at all times. It’s your website. Allow it to work for you.

More Online Traffic. More Qualified Leads. More Client Conversions. Are You Ready?

More Online traffic, leads and conversion

Whatever your current competitive obstacles may be, we are prepared to develop a strategic plan that allows your law firm to overcome them with exacting solutions. We are not interested in trial and error applications. Our ten years of experience allows us to produce results for our clients.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our lawyer websites are designed to engage your target audience, showcase your capabilities, and convert qualified leads into real cases that increase revenue.

Contact our attorney marketing professionals today to determine how we can help you boost your online ranking and solidify a mobile-friendly existence that focuses on reaching your local clientele before your competition does.

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What Is the Difference Between Your Law Firm Websites and Wix?

Wix is an online website-building platform that allows even the most novice techy to create a website on their own.

Wix offers:

  • The ability to build a website from scratch on one platform without any coding experience
  • Free website design accompanied by ads on the top and bottom of both pages, and a website that promotes Wix’s brand that will appear as
  • Premium websites that do not contain ads, and allows the owner to use a customized domain name, business site begin at $20 a month, depending on which plan you choose
  • There are more than 500 site designs and official templates to choose from

The downsides to a Wix website are:

  • You are at the mercy of Wix and never fully have control of your site, which means they can take your site down any time, for any reason
  • The design templates may be used by multiple sources, which means you may not have a unique presence – but more of a canned appearance
  • You cannot change your site design later – the one you choose initially is what you will have going forward unless you pay to build a new one
  • Not all designs are SEO-friendly
  • The customization possibilities are limited and must be approved by Wix

What Is the Difference Between Your Attorney Websites and GoDaddy?

GoDaddy has more than 70 million domain names registered, making it the world’s largest domain name registrar and shared hosting service.

GoDaddy offers:

  • Free InstantPage website builder included with most hosting plans
  • Step-by-step walkthrough options for website building
  • Easy-to-use interface with customization options
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage space
  • 99.9% uptime with site and server monitoring
  • 24/7 support via phone, email, and ticketing system

GoDaddy allows users to register their domain name and hosting with their site while providing one-click WordPress installs via cPanel or Plesk control panels if you prefer to use both services, which many do.


What Is the Difference Between Your Lawyer Websites and Squarespace?

Squarespace is a software as a service website builder that is available for a monthly fee. Their standard version allows anyone to build a website, without any technical or design experience.

Squarespace offers:

  • A block editor that allows users to easily add content blocks, images, videos, and audio files
  • Customize templates and pages using a visual editor
  • Ready-made website templates, organized into different business categories
  • The ability to add third-party integrations and customizations, but does not allow APIs that developers can build upon
  • Limited exportation, which means only certain parts of your site can be moved, including only certain parts of your content in an XML file

Simply put, you will own (and be able to move) the websites pages, galleries, and one blog page with all its posts. You cannot export product pages, album pages, text, audio, or video blocks.


How Long Will It Take For AMN to Complete my Website?

This is a very common question that we are consistently asked. Typically, the clients that are most involved at the beginning stages of the design process and are particularly quick to close the feedback loop win. We’ve designed and developed websites in as little as 30 days!


We Are on a Tight Budget. Can You Still Work WIth Us?

The answer is ‘yes’ we can work with you. Our packages typically require full-on content edits, custom logos, photography, and customized design.

There is always the option to start small and build up as we go. The attorney industry is notoriously competitive, so it’s worth preparing to invest in something that will bring customer confidence while representing the best version of your law firm.

Roy Dwyer Case Study

Dwyer Williams Dretke Accident Injury Attorneys experienced a 100% increase in phone calls and web traffic after partnering with AMN. With up to five new clients per month, we’re swiftly knocking down the challenges they once faced in Portland, Oregon.

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