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No Long Term Contracts - We Specialize in Lawyer SEO, PPC, WordPress Design and WordPress Development from Scratch, and Reputation Monitoring/Online Review Management

Attorney Marketing Network will design your website tailored to your specific business objectives and your target audience’s needs with all of the knowledge and experience we have accumulated from Law Firm Marketing and converting– no cookie-cutter approach used here! Your law firm website will be coded with the latest search engine optimization guidelines known as Schema. Schema allows an easy discovery in the top three search engines – Google, Yahoo! and Bing. All paid search campaigns, keyword research, and ongoing optimization activity are managed by a Google Premier Partner. Furthermore, websites are designed and developed by WordPress experts. Our law firm marketing specialists close the loop where other agencies stop. Review management software and Reputation Monitoring to exponentially grow your online reviews.

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Are You Ready to Build a Unique Law Firm Marketing Strategy?

There are over 1,350,000 lawyers actively practicing in the United States.

Depending on the state where your law firm is located, and what type of law you practice, your competition may be overwhelming, as your prospective clients share the same space and have options.

  • Over 95% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine to find attorneys in their areas
  • Nearly 75% of people visit a law firm’s website to act on that search

That means searchers want to immediately make contact, form a connection, and find a solution to their legal needs. 

Your legal marketing strategy must begin with that search and continue through conversion.

Here’s how to set your law firm marketing strategy apart from others:

  • Commit to building and maintaining your law firm’s brand
  • Remain in front of your target audience
  • Invest in content marketing to build your brand equity
  • Define, expand, and retract your marketing budget when necessary
  • Develop law firm marketing strategies that convert leads
  • Track, measure, analyze and improve.

Let’s get started.


Commit to Building and Maintaining Your Law Firm’s Brand

Successful law firm marketing strategies begin with creating and maintaining your law firm’s identity.

Your law firm name, logo, corporate colors and tone are all important brand identity factors that will shape the memorable impression that the public — your prospective clients — equates with your law firm.

Properly branding your law firm requires offline, online, mobile, and niche legal marketing outlets that will allow you to reach your target audience where they reside. This includes their neighborhoods, within their social media platforms, and on their screens during searches and retargeting campaigns.

Effective law firm branding allows you to be viewed as a dependable, knowledgeable, and influential attorney who addresses their needs or problems better than anyone else can.

Effective law firm brands:

  • Deliver a clear and succinct legal message
  • Reaffirm the law firm’s credibility
  • Build an emotional connection with target audiences
  • Generate goodwill and loyalty
  • Motivate prospective clients to take the next step

Branding links your law firm’s name, logo, online presence, and services, and appeals to the masses using consistent marketing content across all channels.

Stomp the Competition with Brand Marketing

Relaying a united and clear message to everyone who sees your identity gives your law firm more exposure in the community with both existing and prospective clients, future partnerships, and competitors.

Your brand is not only what consumers come to know as a trustworthy source for legal solutions, it also protects you from competitors who want to chip away at your success.

While most attorneys provide the same services in their respective practice areas, your style and originality are yours to market.

Exploring each nuance of your law firm’s operations allows you to build a brand that reflects the whole of your law firm.

Promote practices that allow your clients to know who you are, so they can connect with your attorneys and staff. Afterwards, proudly illustrate your services and experience through testimonials, reviews, and referrals.


Get In Front of Your Target Audience

In a recent U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey, 78% of people seeking legal representation believed it is important to hire a local attorney.

The key to your law firm’s success is getting in front of your target audience, in the exact places where they search online.

  • Nearly 55% of individuals searching for legal information said they were likely to hire an attorney active on social media
  • 25% of people actively researching legal topics utilized YouTube for corresponding videos

Does your law firm produce professional videos that share legal information? How does your social media presence measure up? Do you have a YouTube channel?

Law firms can increase their organic search traffic by more than 150% when using video marketing.

When law firms publish video content on social media platforms, they can increase their website traffic by over 41% compared to other types of shared media on social networks.

While your website may hold the key to converting prospective clients from visitors to contacts, your law firm marketing strategy should be unique in a way that your website is among every page of your targeted audiences search.

Your unique attorney marketing strategy must fully encompass the behavioral actions of your key demographic.

This can be accomplished through target market research and focused law firm marketing strategies that are uniquely adapted through:

Exceptional customer service, legal experience, and positive online communication will keep your law firm as a priority with prospective clients. It also provides the opportunity for each prospect to contact you in the method they prefer, which can include chatbots, texts, emails, social media, phone, or video conferencing.


Invest in Content Marketing to Build Brand Equity

A recent law firm marketing study found that quality content marketing and blogging made a significant difference in the amount of traffic their websites generated.

Compared with attorney websites that were not actively writing and adding new content, law firms with consistent updated blogs generated nearly 240% more visitors than their attorney counterparts who were not blogging.

Attorney websites that were actively adding new quality content and blogs generated:

  • 85% more backlinks than websites that did not contain a blog section
  • Over 15 times more traffic than lawyer websites without a blog
  • Nearly five times more traffic than inactive law firm blogs

Professionally written content inspires a specific action from prospective clients, which allows you to guide them through the conversion process by:

  • Increasing the length of time visitors spend on your website
  • Reducing the bounce rate with pages that are highly relevant to your chosen keywords
  • Focusing on long-form content marketing to outperform shorter form content that can be shared frequently by visitors
  • Use of schema mark up for your law firm to enhance the details on your pages content for search engines

Law firm websites with high-quality content including authoritative supporting pages, landing pages, blogs, and information decks allow your law firm marketing strategy to stand apart from your competitors.

Develop Law Firm Marketing Strategies That Convert Leads

Your online law firm marketing approach will cast a wide net over prospective clients who need an attorney. Your marketing strategy affects all clients respond,  from divorces and child custody cases to criminal defense and bankruptcy cases. 

Once the lead lands at your virtual doorstep and makes contact, those leads must be nurtured to solidify their conversion. Maintaining relationships with your clients is important.

Whether the duty falls squarely on the shoulders of a sole attorney or the support staff, everyone must feel the same pride and work in the same direction to achieve the law firm’s new business goals.

When phone calls and voicemails are not returned, clients feel abandoned and unimportant. When their questions go unanswered, they lose trust in your law firm’s ability to handle their case properly. If clients must continually remind your office who they are, and what their case involves, they may feel insulted.

The success of your law firm requires a cohesive approach to guiding leads through their initial contact, consultation, follow-up support, and the conclusion of their case.

One of the challenges facing small law firms is creating a balance between growth and client satisfaction.

If your law firm is juggling these responsibilities, and potential cases are getting lost in the shuffle, client management software can provide an easily accessible way to return calls, walk prospective clients through the process, and answer questions while gaining and maintaining their trust.


Define, Expand, and Retract Your Marketing Budget When Necessary

Creating a positive online identity requires more than law firm marketing strategies.It requires a budget, investments, and commitments. 

Adapting to an ever-changing market requires extensive research and planning. Additionally, understanding the expense of your campaign is important when considering end results. 

Paid search marketing campaigns are designed to fit the unique needs of each attorney, which allows the firm to pay the actual advertising costs directly, so no mark-up interferes with your overall budget.

That budget will be dictated by your:

  • Law firm size
  • Location
  • Practice areas
  • Keyword match types
  • Bid strategy
  • Bid adjustments
  • Ad testing scheduling

Google Ad campaigns can start small or large. They are scaled to fit your budget as new business results and return on investments become clearer.

Once your law firm has a marketing strategy, monthly reviews of the campaign and its overall performance will sharpen your marketing budget’s focus.

Track, Measure, Analyze, & Improve

Your law firm’s ability to track the effectiveness of keywords, website pages, and all online (and offline) advertising campaigns will improve visitor engagement through market research and competitive analysis.

Tracking and measuring the results of your law firm’s marketing strategy can show you what is useful, and what will work in the future. Confidence will start to boost when cases are piling up as a result of your commitment to the marketing process.

It is also important to know what may not be working and to pivot your budget, marketing, and advertising accordingly.

Your unique law firm business strategy should include developing a brand that creates value, and a relaible way to measure its effectiveness.

We can help with both during a free strategy session or conversation today.

Roy Dwyer Case Study

Dwyer Williams Dretke Accident Injury Attorneys experienced a 100% increase in phone calls and web traffic after partnering with AMN. With up to five new clients per month, we’re swiftly knocking down the challenges they once faced in Portland, Oregon.

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Law Firm Marketing That Increases Traffic, Improves Conversion, & Builds Your Practice

Law firm marketing requires more than the creation of a website to be successful. Effective attorney marketing requires an online persona that ranks high and reaches the screens your prospective clients spend their days in front of. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have become primary utilization tools for clients. Each access point that is available to the masses must optimally reflect your brand, and we can help you build it.

Your law firm thrives on new client relationships, and our unique lawyer marketing approach provides a straightforward solution to delivering results by increasing traffic, boosting conversions, and empowering your firm to close the deal. We are more than legal marketing professionals: we are Attorney Marketing Network.

Customized Lawyer Marketing Services That Produces Qualified Leads

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our professionals effectively design lawyer marketing solutions that create traction in an openly competitive industry. After all, there are more attorneys today than there were ten years ago. And with over 1.3 million lawyers vying for shared audiences, it is important that your law firm marketing stands out from the crowd.

Each day for more than a decade, our legal marketing experts have honed our craft, synchronized our services, and highlighted the effectiveness of our campaigns to ensure our attorney clients not only reach their online marketing potential but — more importantly — maintain their top-tier positions and trusted statuses.

We develop customized law firm marketing solutions that fit your law firm’s growing needs, without long-term contracts or hidden costs. Our transparent approach to delivering attorney marketing success begins with top-notch customer satisfaction and transparent pricing, so you are in control of your lawyer’s marketing budget at all times.

At AMN, our law firm marketing focuses include tailored branding strengths in:

Lawyer SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher. Improve visibility. Reach your target audience during their initial search.   

Our SEO strategies are fluid, which allows us to adapt to the changing algorithms that define your online ranking. Our law firm marketing experts stake our reputation on your success, and delivering top-ranking results allows us to stand apart from other attorney marketing firms. Straightforward solutions allow our clients to understand the unique behind-the-scenes model we create for their law firm to achieve success — without the snooze factor.

Learn more about our Lawyers’ search engine optimization practices that deliver customized solutions that will allow your law firm to exude the relevant and competitive stature you need to succeed.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, and Paid Advertising

Generate leads. Collect demographic info. Track data. Convert more clients.  

Law Firm Pay-Per-Click marketing provides a customized solution to rank at the top of the search engine results page quickly and effectively. At AMN, our law firm marketing experts focus on maximizing your budget and improving your Quality Score by increasing website traffic, phone calls, form submissions, and downloads that close the communication circle to boost conversion rates.

Are you interested in our uniquely competitive PPC campaign strategies? Let’s talk.

WordPress Website Design & Development

Cutting-edge designs. Flawless navigation. Top-notch user experience. Intelligent coding.

Our WordPress website design and development specialists deliver a creative emphasis on conversion rate optimization. We focus on speed and responsive loading times that are combined with vivid layouts that perform on ANY device, so your law firm’s online persona is never compromised.

Are you searching for conversion-focused Law Firm website design and development solutions? We’ve got you covered.

Review & Reputation Management

Easy-to-access client surveys. Positive reviews. Enhanced reputation value. Finely-tuned legal branding.

Your online attorney marketing begins with your URL and continues through each visible search engine result. If there is something negative lurking online about your law firm, it will not take long to find it, and the result could be detrimental to your sustained growth. Let us help.

Our proven approach to soliciting positive reviews increases your law firm’s star rating and delivers a ringing endorsement for your legal services that prospective clients value. After all, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, which means you cannot afford to have a negative assessment weighing you down.

We have lawyer reputation management solutions that are unique to your law firm’s needs, and we can get started right away.

Intake & Customer Relationship Management

Fully-organized client data. Time-saving tasks. Secure messages. Cloud-based software.

Our fully integrated customer relationship management software is supported by the power of Salesforce, which delivers perfectly tailored lawyer intake services for solo attorneys, groups, and large firms alike.

With CRM at the helm of your customer satisfaction efforts, everyone in your office will be on the same page when client contact occurs, which means nothing gets lost in translation. No more missed opportunities and time wasted. Just clear contact records, perfectly timed reminders, and time-tracking capabilities that allow your daily attorney marketing efforts to operate successfully in real-time.

Are you ready to measure the effectiveness of your customer service, increase client conversion rates, and calculate your return on investment? Allow us to walk you through our easy-to-use law firm CRM software today.

Content Management

Personalized tone. Relevant copy. Conversion-focused substance. Exclusively polished details.

When it comes to precise lawyer marketing, highly-developed content is integral to our client’s successes. Our writers have spent more than ten years focusing on creating a unique voice for each of our law firms that deliver a trustworthy connection with their prospective clients.

We are not a content mill. We are writers who provide thoughtfully crafted content that delivers results through unique landing pages, websites, and advertising platforms.

Technological Advancement That Exceeds Client Expectations And Delivers Results

Increasing the flow of traffic to your website is only the starting point of our lawyer marketing campaigns. Placing your law firm in front of your target audience allows our real purpose to shine through: deliver qualified leads to your virtual doorstep.

Our technological skills open the door to incredible conversion tools and resources, including:

  • One-click text and phone call buttons for immediate contact from mobile devices
  • Call and text tracking to optimize focused marketing campaigns to targeted audiences
  • Easy-to-fill contact forms and email options for device accessibility
  • Engaging chatbots that deliver quick answers to prospects
  • Optimized response times and website loading speed to keep visitors engaged without frustration
  • Highly-developed security to protect your brand’s integrity
  • Analytical tracking and controls to keep you informed while measuring return on investment

Our technology specialists provide superior solutions for each of our client’s unique needs. No two attorneys are the same, and each law firm’s individual makeup allows our professionals to share creative influences through personalized services that speak directly to your prospective clients.

Intelligent Lawyer Marketing Lead Generation Focused On Converting Clients

Our law firm marketing experts at Attorney Marketing Network provide a strategic approach to delivering solutions for your law firm. Whether you want to fortify your brand with an intelligently designed website that is optimized for mobile devices, or if you want to serve your clients completely by implementing a new intake/CRM service, our lawyer marketing firm will design a conversion-focused plan to reach your target audience.

At AMN, our skilled team of professionals provides lawyers with marketing campaigns that can be measured and optimized. As true partners with your law firm, we cultivate and leverage long-term relationships to markedly impact and grow attorney brands. Are you ready to improve your attorney marketing approach to success? Let’s get started.

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