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SEO for criminal defense law firms present a unique set of challenges because of the nature of their cases.

Criminal charges are broad and are often referred to in different ways in different cities.

Sure, theft is theft. But how it is listed and defined by the local prosecutor’s office — and described on the paperwork your prospective client is reading from when looking for attorneys — makes the complete difference in whether your firm ranks above your competitors in the search engine results.

Another challenge is that criminal defense attorneys have a very small window to convert a prospective client into a lead, and most people who are facing criminal charges are frantically searching for a solution. With so many criminal defense options at their fingertips, your law firm SEO not only has to rank you higher but deliver the decision-making content your prospective clients are looking for once they land on your virtual doorstep.

Here’s how the Attorney Marketing Network can help your Criminal Defense Law Firm SEO produce results.

Assessing Your Criminal Law Firm’s Online (and Offline) Persona

Criminal defense is a highly competitive industry that relies on several factors for success.

First, criminal charges can be both embarrassing and frightening, which changes the way prospects search for attorney services.

Criminal Law SEO drives prospective clients who need your services to your website.

It’s up to your law firm’s online persona to:

  • Answer their questions without introducing too much legal jargon that overwhelms them
  • Navigate them easily through the website, so they can access the information that is relevant to their case
  • Establish a direct call to action by explaining the next steps

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we will evaluate your existing website and offline marketing campaigns for free. After, we will provide real-time solutions for areas where we recommend actionable improvements that allow your criminal defense law firm to establish credibility and authority from the moment they arrive, so you can convert searches into qualified, paying leads efficiently and effectively.

Generate More Qualified Leads With Criminal Defense Law Firm Marketing & SEO

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our integrated team of designers, account managers, developers, and content specialists only focus on law firm marketing.

That is why we know — without a doubt — that SEO for criminal defense attorneys is different than any other legal field.

Criminal defense attorneys are paid immediately and upfront using various rates or flat fees, which means you need to reach clients who can afford your services.

Getting to the top of Google’s search result is the best way to get in front of your prospective clients but is not where our services end.

Maintaining one of the top positions is what gets you in front of ingoing qualified leads that build your business.

Great SEO for criminal defense lawyers means:

  • Generating content that creates trust and focuses on criminal defense solutions
  • Designing SEO strategies led by research that reaches qualified leads
  • Onsite SEO designed for higher rankings while observing changing algorithms
  • Targeting valuable criminal defense keywords relevant to your state laws
  • High authority backlinks from reliable and relevant criminal defense sources across the internet

Generating Content That Creates Trust And Focuses On Criminal Defense Solutions

Before you can connect with your target audience, you must first understand their client journey.

Where do they live? What search terms are they using? How do they get to your website?

Once we define what your ideal client looks like, we can focus on how we get them to your website while reiterating your credibility and authority in criminal defense by answering their questions with easy to read language that creates value and trust.

Including the content on your:

  • Home page
  • About us page, attorney bios, and achievements
  • Practice area pages designed for specific criminal charges
  • City-specific pages designed to reach your clients where they live
  • Local news coverage touting your law firm’s criminal defense successes
  • Recent criminal defense verdicts showcasing your law firm’s capabilities
  • Contact pages to ensure your locations and maps are optimized

A website that meets your clients in the exact place they need you — at the exact time they need you — using the content required to convert their demographic allows prospects to act quickly and find comfort in the fact that help is on the way.

Our criminal defense lawyer SEO redefines your leadership in the industry, so you can convert searches into qualified leads that become paying clients.

Local Criminal Defense Attorney SEO Connects Your Law Firm To People Who Need Your Legal Services

Criminal defense attorney internet marketing requires proactive approaches to anticipating   Google’s algorithms, so our clients can stay ahead of the ever-evolving best practices for SEO.

That means identifying where your website is excelling and where it needs to improve.

We can only fix what we know is broken, which requires in-depth research and analysis — not guesses or techniques we use for other clients — that produce results.

Targeting valuable criminal defense keywords relevant to your laws and legal terminology allows you to reach prospective clients who are reading directly from the paperwork they were given when they were charged in your state, which is different in California than it is in Maryland. We know that. And we capitalize on those differences.

Offering value in a concise, clickable way that incorporates local SEO allows your ideal defense clients to search and find your criminal defense law firm in their own backyard.

That also means monitoring your top competitors and their SEO efforts to remain more than competitive, but ahead of the pack on the first page of Google results.

The goal is not to place your criminal defense lawyer’s marketing efforts and budget in the same places your competitors are fighting for space. It’s to put you in the lead by examining and implementing opportunities they don’t know exist. 

Criminal defense law firm SEO requires targeted, relevant, and reliable outreach and link building capabilities that produce specialized results.

As a criminal defense attorney, your reputation for producing positive outcomes for your clients is the cornerstone of your online value. We do not want to tarnish it by hiding links that may put both your legal and Google credibility at risk.

At AMN, we research valuable backlink opportunities that allow our criminal defense attorneys to stand apart with authority.

Why Do I Need the Attorney Marketing Network’s Criminal Defense Law Firm SEO Services?

Our criminal defense lawyer marketing agency has more than a decade of experience producing results for law firms. We do not represent any other industry, which means we eat, sleep, and breathe attorney marketing. It’s in our name.

Our integrated team of marketing specialists, content experts, SEO authorities, and web design and development professionals are devoted to setting your criminal defense law firm apart by providing signature services that produce solutions to your most demanding challenges.

  • Is your current internet marketing for criminal defense lawyers driving traffic to your website, but not producing any contact?
  • Are you getting flooded with phone calls that are not translating into cases?

Criminal defense lawyers must strike an incredible balance between being the authority — the voice their client needs — and the empathetic listener, who can calm their clients’ fears with solutions.

We provide criminal law SEO that allows your firm to rank in the search engine results, and the content and tone to convert your ideal clients once they get to your website and are poised to make the decision that they have found the criminal defense lawyer they were looking for: You.

More Than An Experienced Criminal Defense Law Firm SEO Company

The Attorney Marketing Network is more than an SEO company for criminal defense attorneys.

Our strategies provide guidance and best practices for your brand’s complete marketing needs when they are needed. That means we do not court our prospective clients and then tell them they need everything we offer. We provide solutions only when and where you need them.

We provide actionable solutions that include:

Google, Bing, and Yahoo use complex algorithms to examine the quality of your website’s form and function to determine where to rank your law firm on their search engine results pages.

That can include its:

  • Intuitive design
  • Navigation and organization
  • Speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Google and other web engine compliance

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we use WordPress to design and develop websites that can be easily accessed by our clients, so you are always in control of your digital assets.

Whether it is time to simply add practice area or city pages to expand your reach, or update your blog to provide a real resource for prospective clients to learn more about their case type, update your design, or overhaul your website’s architecture, we will provide a free assessment that allows you to plan for standard maintenance and any potential upgrades as your budget allows.

SEO for criminal defense attorney websites is incredibly important to your organic search engine ranking.

Our SEO strategies, large and small, build social proof and your quality score, so prospective clients see your virtual reach is creating change in criminal defense law.

If necessary, we can supplement your SEO with a pay-per-click campaign that places you at the top of the search engine results page for popular practice areas at a time when they are most relevant.

For instance, there is a higher demand for DUI defense attorneys around the holidays.

These targeted campaigns can help boost your caseload as needed while committing your budget elsewhere when the data dictates a necessary pivot in your spending.

We build, maintain, and manage PPC campaigns, including customized reports that monitor your progress, so you can track links, visitors, user behavior, search engine rankings, and local listings that convert searchers into real clients.

Reviews are everywhere, and while you may not put too much stock into them, your prospective clients will.

Recent research proves:

  • 91% of people occasionally or regularly read online reviews
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

When prospective clients search for criminal defense reviews to sway their decision making, they must find that your law firm is producing results for others.

Our review management services for criminal defense attorneys provide timely tactics for reaching your satisfied clients during the time they are most likely to write a five-star review.

The process is simple, intuitive, and only requires a few seconds of their time.

Contact The Attorney Marketing Network To Schedule A Free Criminal Defense Lawyer Strategy Session Today

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our integrated team of professionals knows that it is not always easy to understand where your digital footprint is lacking. And that it is even harder to justify a new criminal defense lawyer marketing agency tell you it is time to make some changes that will improve your SEO.

Contact us today to discuss your complete criminal defense law firm’s goals and allow us to analyze your website and provide real-time solutions that allow our criminal defense clients to discover what their online marketing strategies mean to their conversion rates, and how we can improve both.

Criminal Law SEO FAQS

What is Criminal Defense Law Firm SEO?

Criminal defense law firm SEO is a process that forms part of a digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimizing your attorney website to make it more visible in search engine results pages from organic traffic, which is driven to your website directly from a keyword search and click process.

Why Are Criminal Defense Lawyer Keywords Important To My SEO Efforts?

Keywords allow us to drive valuable traffic to your website. When someone is searching for a criminal defense lawyer in your city, you want to be the attorney that appears at the top of the results. That is why choosing the proper keywords for your criminal defense law firm SEO is so important to your success.

What Are The Most Important Google Ranking Factors For Criminal Defense Lawyers?

There are literally hundreds of ranking factors that determine how well a website page ranks and they change often. That is why it is so important for us to learn and grow with the algorithms, so our clients never fall behind. Search results are influenced by things like device type, location, and a user’s search history, which is why your law firm may appear in a different position to a different searcher.

What Is Onsite Criminal Defense SEO?

Onsite, or on-page, criminal defense SEO relates to any action taken on the website or a single page to improve performance, including optimized content, including headers, alt text, and images, and ensuring the site is accessible to all types of users. Other onsite SEO practices include speed, internal and backlinks, and mobile friendliness.

Why Is My Criminal Defense Website Speed Important?

Consumers have very little patience for websites that do not load quickly. In fact, 47% of searchers expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds; 40% will abandon your website entirely if it takes longer than 3 seconds. That is why speed is important.

Why Does Criminal Defense Attorney SEO Take Time Before You See The Benefits?

Search engine algorithms have become more and more advanced with an emphasis on delivering users the most relevant, and highest quality results based on their search query. That is why partnering with a criminal defense attorney SEO agency provides valuable insight into your digital footprint. It allows us to build a strategic and unique SEO plan for your law firm, so you can establish and maintain a competitive advantage.


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