Local SEO Checklist For Your Attorney Website

Is local SEO important for an attorney website? Nearly 50% of Google searches are local search queries. This means almost all searches are people looking for a specific service within their area.  Local search engine optimization (SEO) is important for the growth of your legal business. It can increase website traffic and clientele and increase […]

On-Page Elements for Lawyer SEO Success

If you are a lawyer that has stumbled upon this article, it is probably because you have discovered the challenges of earning a spot on the top pages of Google’s search engine.  As technology advances, search engines become more complicated and almost seem like a difficult puzzle to solve. The jobs of SEO agencies and […]

Coordinate Effective Law Firm Marketing Meetings

Facilitating law firm meetings to discuss marketing strategies and goals is essential. Law firm marketing meetings allow the law firm team and their marketing team to discuss their marketing goals and if they are headed in the right direction to meet their marketing goals.  During a law firm marketing meeting, the law firm staff and […]

SEO Writing Tips for Lawyers

Are you constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your lawyer SEO? One way to improve lawyer SEO is by implementing content throughout your law firm website. However, you must have well-written valuable content for it to be an effective lawyer SEO marketing strategy. Not only does the website content provide users with valuable […]

7 Ways to Reduce Stress as a Lawyer

Stress is inevitable as a lawyer. Lawyers handle sensitive, crucial cases, and are on the clock 24/7. Unfortunately, over two-thirds of lawyers are suffering from mental health issues. Furthermore, the pandemic has really pushed lawyers to their limits without any breaks. With the pressure lawyers constantly have on them, and the constant stressful work they […]

How to Create a Website Outline for Law Firm SEO

Do you have a law firm website and it isn’t receiving the traffic it deserves? Are you interested in creating a law firm website to broaden your clientele? Creating and launching a law firm website requires a thorough plan. Your law firm website is a crucial business aspect and requires great attention to detail. Prior to […]

Slack for Lawyers

Are you a lawyer in need of a more organized way to communicate with clients? Slack is a secure messaging program that was designed specifically to make communication efforts simple, fast, and organized. Slack can be accessed through a browser, or through its app. Lawyers still use email as a way to professionally communicate with […]

Legal Management Software Clio Alternatives

If you are a legal professional interested in ways to better your law firm, it is likely you have already heard of Clio. Clio is a cloud-based software made for law practices. This legal software handles various tasks, including contact management, client intake, billing, etc. Many law firms and legal professionals have invested their time […]

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