How to Introduce Your New Law Firm

You have spent hours studying, interned, earned your Juris Doctor degree, and worked alongside many lawyers and attorneys — now is your time to shine as a lawyer/attorney. You are finally nearing your goals as an attorney and opened your own law firm. You are ready for business but find it challenging to find clients. […]

DIY Local SEO Tips for Lawyers and Attorneys

Is local search engine optimization (SEO) for lawyers really as important as they say it is? Nearly half of potential clients who are searching for a lawyer and researching different law firms use Google as their search engine. It is evident potential clients are still referring lawyers and attorneys through word-of-mouth from their family, friends, […]

Law Firm Client Intake Software

Do you have an effective client intake method for your law firm to ensure the process of working with clients goes smoothly? Have you integrated specific client intake procedures so business with clients is time-efficient? The resources you incorporate in your client intake process matter as they can either contribute to customer experience or negatively […]

Legal Podcasts for Lawyers and Attorneys

Are you a legal professional who is seeking additional advice when it comes to running your law firm business? As a lawyer or attorney, time easily slips away and before you know it you find yourself asking: How can I improve my law firm without spending money and time that I do not have? Luckily, […]

Name Your Law Firm

Are you indecisive when it comes to choosing a name for your law firm? Coming up with a law firm name can be tricky because of the role it plays in your law firm’s business. When considering your law firm’s website domain availability, representation, and marketing strategies, it is important to have a unique, professional, […]

Law Firm Marketing

Law firm marketing is the practice of attracting potential clients and converting them into actual clients for your law firm. Since the internet is widely used by a majority of the population, online marketing can aid your law firm’s growth. Marketing strategies are an effective way to grow the business of law firms. There are […]

Top 10 Online Best Law Firm Website Designs

The way your law firm website is presented is ultimately what will be the first impression of what users think of you and your law firm. Lawyer websites allow potential clients to easily connect with you and your law firm, are easy to navigate, and are user-friendly. Lawyer websites provide users with a simple experience […]

Google Screened Ads for Lawyers

If your law firm is looking for a new marketing opportunity in 2021, the Attorney Marketing Network is here to increase your lawyer advertising arsenal to include Google Screened. The search engine giant has launched “Screened” — the newest must-have designation to help attorneys compete in local searches — that is only available for professional […]

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