SEO for Law Firms and Attorneys

Law Firm’s SEO is the art of optimizing your law firm’s online ranking while driving qualified traffic and leads to your legal website. With Google maintaining over 86% of the search engine market share, satisfying their consistently-changing algorithms is a job one to best ensure your marketing success.

The fact is, 93% of all online searches begin with a search engine, and 75% of searchers never leave page one of the result’s page.

Does your law firm website appear at the top of the search engine results when a prospective client enters “(practice area) in (city, or state)” on their laptop or mobile device?

In order to increase traffic, boost incoming calls and form submissions, and convert clients into real cases, you have to get in front of the audience who needs your legal services most.

That’s where we come in. At the Attorney Marketing Network, we are not interested in wowing you with words. Our Law Firm SEO experts are interested in wowing you with results.

Expert Law firm SEO That Works!

As an attorney, you know how important strategy is to grow your law firm, and so do we. A winning record and positive reviews boost more than your online persona, but your trusted value in the legal and local communities.


Expert Law firm SEO

At AMN, we connect with the lawyers, partners, and support staff who work in the law firms we represent to provide expert legal SEO strategies that deliver qualified client leads in one of the most competitive industries in the country.

You need an edge in online SEO for your law firm, and the Attorney Marketing Network can provide a measurable competitive advantage through:

  • Tailor-made SEO, ensuring no two attorneys receive the same advice or marketing approach
  • Search result algorithms that return the customized, relevant, and competitive results your firm needs to stand out
  • Improved relevance that overshadows the competition

While most attorney local SEO firms may be able to boost your online ranking, we have found it is much more important to maintain your prominence. You do not want to see your ranking increase, simply to watch it crash with the next month’s reports. Neither do we.

Our law firm SEO agency has over a decade of experience increasing our clients’ online rankings, and our accomplished account managers, SEO specialists, design professionals, writers, and marketing mavens combine to create a superior source of curated legal marketing results for each of our clients.

If you are looking for unique, legal-focused marketing solutions, you found the right law firm SEO company. Let’s talk.

A Unified Approach To Attorney SEO:

Coordinate Your Online Campaigns For Maximum Results

No matter the size of your law firm, if your marketing practices are not cohesive, you are going to get mixed results. When it comes to your online ranking, you cannot afford to engage in costly SEO practices that conflict with your overall marketing plan.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our account specialists will interview your attorneys to ensure we understand your current market, approaches, and objectives, so we are coordinating your goals properly and enhancing your complete online ranking. Much of the time because of thousands of campaigns we’ve run over the last 10 years, we already know what works and have over 10 years of proprietary data to pull from.

We know what works, and dragging your online and offline marketing efforts in different directions is not it.

Instead, we focus on delivering your law firm:

  • Faster websites and landing pages to help speed conversion
  • Organic rankings to boost your firm to the top of the search engine results page
  • Meaningful, high-quality content that conveys trust and authority while optimizing both SEO and conversions
  • Mobile-enhanced website designs with voice search optimization
  • Locally-focused rankings to usurp your competitors
  • Accurate citations to increase functionality and ranking
  • Robust site structure to increase and maintain rankings for all your web pages
  • Safeguarded conversion elements to maintain your prominence
  • Third-party ranking authority for social media and review platforms
  • Maps and Google My Business SEO
  • Link Building to allow quality sites to link back to you from legal directories, news websites, education forums, sponsorships and more

Ready? Set. Convert!

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our law firm SEO experts know that each detail of your law firm’s success begins with optimized and targeted landing pages for each practice area that allows Google to categorize your website properly — so you can be found during keyword searches implemented by local traffic.


leads by law firm SEO

Our customized approach to delivering results for our clients allows us to do more than boost search engine result rankings for your law firm, but convert traffic into clients.

Our law firm SEO practices deliver you directly to your audience and produce:

  • Heightened traffic and impressions
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Elevated overall organic rankings
  • Improved time on your site
  • Decreased bounce rates
  • More incoming calls, which can be measured with our call monitoring software
  • Website texting capabilities, so your clients can reach you in their preferred method
  • Increased online form submissions
  • Advanced material downloads and email signups

Our attorney’s SEO packages include the best of on-page optimization, content writing, and authority building techniques — and that is just the start. Learn more about our marketing services for lawyers today, and start feeling the effects of positive, measurable growth.

Visualize Your Law Firm’s Growth: Witness Your Online Progress In Real-Time

At AMN, our approach to progressive law firm SEO marketing begins with not just keeping up with Google’s algorithm changes, but anticipating potential areas of growth to understand and practice the newest SEO technologies that produce results for our lawyers.

Our law firm SEO results are based on online data that matters, which allows us to create affordable and manageable SEO strategies for lawyers throughout the United States.

We design creative and competitive attorney SEO strategies that best your competition and delivers results that are visible in real-time, thanks to our:

  • Intuitive attorney marketing dashboard, available on desktop and mobile devices
  • Monthly reporting and consulting
  • Real-time solutions to improve on-going lawyer marketing strategies

We provide full-service and the best in its class law firm marketing solutions that deliver direct access to your entire marketing team from account managers to agency owners and expert lawyers SEO specialists to writers, so your campaigns are coordinated without compromise.

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What If I Already Have An SEO Firm? Can I Switch To AMN?

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we understand that your law firm wants to see results and that if your ranking has not improved with your current lawyer marketing agency, it may be time to move on.

Chances are, your current firm did their best, but just might not be equipped to deliver the best SEO strategy you need to improve your online ranking. We will review your current strengths and weaknesses during a full audit of their SEO practices. Afterward, you will receive a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, report of what is and is not working — and how we are able to improve your legal marketing outlook.

When you are ready, we will create a smooth transition for your law firm without risking your existing online properties.


How Much Will A New Law Firm SEO Strategy Cost?

Attorney SEO costs vary for each attorney we work with, simply because their needs are different. At the Attorney Marketing Network, we will tailor your service estimate to meet your law firm marketing needs. Rest assured, the estimate you receive will be the amount you are billed. There are no hidden costs and no surprise charges.

Pricing will depend solely on your SEO needs, and how competitive your market is, but are never decided by a one-size-fits-all approach. Your customized SEO plan and its costs are dictated by the actual services we provide that will boost your rankings and allow your law firm to stand out from its competitors.

What’s more is that we never ask our clients to sign long-term contracts. We want your firm to reach its marketing potential and we will work tirelessly for it for as long as you value our partnership.


How Long Will It Take To See SEO Results For My Law Firm?

As Legal SEO experts, we would be remiss in saying your SEO results are going to pour in immediately. And any other lawyer marketing firm that says otherwise is setting you up to fail.

Once we learn about your firm, its attorneys, practice areas, and the competitive landscape surrounding your locations, we will begin to measure your existing online rankings and discover where improvements are required.

This process includes:


  • Discovering how competitive your market is


  • Measuring the size of your geographically targeted area
  • Exploring how long your website has been online
  • Evaluating the amount and quality of content on your website
  • Valuing the overall design and usability of your website
  • Assessing the structure, and actual site architecture of your site
  • Valuing your previously engaged SEO techniques
  • Accessing your current local directory listings, and how your firm is represented in each, including your name, address and phone number (NAP) and ensuring its consistency across all platforms

While the attorney marketing evaluation and SEO implementation timeframe are different for each of our clients, most lawyers’ online ranking is advanced in three to six months.

Our staff is committed to be held accountable for the effects of our attorney marketing campaigns, and provide measurable results for our lawyers to review in real-time in the form of monthly reports and ongoing analytics.

We have what you need to find online success. Meet the team who will deliver results for your law firm.


What If I Am A Small Law Firm? Can AMN Help Me Grow?

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we work with small and large firms alike who are looking for a trusted partner who can produce online SEO results.

Our team of seo experts deliver complete attorney marketing resources to enhance your law firm’s online ranking, including:

  • Attorney SEO
  • Lawyer SEM, including pay-per-click management
  • Pay-per-call and pay-per-text for mobile
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Website design and development
  • On-page optimization
  • Valuable linking
  • Monthly blogging
  • Copy editing for optimization
  • New content for web pages, landing pages, and supporting pages
  • CRM/Client intake value
  • Remarketing and retargeting campaigns
  • Review management using our Review Builder technology to enhance your star-ranking
  • Call tracking and texting capabilities to reach more prospective clients using their preferred contact methods

We will get to know your law firm, evaluate your current online existence and unique SEO needs and take advantage of your attorney profiles and practice areas to promote the overall value that sets your firm apart from the competition.


Is My Law Firm A Good Fit For The Attorney Marketing Network?

At AMN, we work with scores of law firms throughout the country to ensure their marketing efforts are placing their attorneys at the top of the search engine results page.

We work with attorneys with varying focuses, which dictates our approach to their online success including, but not limited to:

  • Family Law Attorneys
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Adoption Attorneys
  • Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Estate Planning Lawyers
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Landlord and Tenant Attorneys
  • Financial Fraud Lawyers
  • Class Action Attorneys
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  • Elder Abuse Attorneys

How Can I Get Started On My New Law Firm SEO Campaign?

Each of our services is accompanied by straightforward pricing that is supported by upfront and honest services that produce results — not empty promises. Call us today at (877) 899-8480 and learn more about partnering with our professionals to achieve online marketing success for your law firm. Or, undergo a Free Website Audit today, and allow us to reach out to you to provide solutions that fit your law firm’s unique needs.

Understanding Law Firm SEO

Search engine optimization is a hot topic for law firms throughout the country, simply because they are competing with each other to grab the top rankings that allow their firm to become the first click searchers make in their geographic areas.

Understanding lawyer SEO will allow lawyers to focus on the online marketing components that will develop their brand while placing them in front of the audiences who need them most.

More qualified leads mean increased conversion rates and new business.

Let’s get started…

What is Law Firm SEO?

Law Firm SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of increasing quality website traffic that naturally, or organically, boosts your law firm’s ranking on the search engine results page.


What is Law firm SEO

When it comes to attorney marketing, SEO is an integral component of a law firm’s success and begins with an understanding of what prospective clients are looking for in an attorney. What words are they using to complete their searches? What type of content would these prospects like to see when they get to your website?

When you know the answers to your audience’s needs, you can effectively connect with the people who need an attorney.

Search Engine Basics

Search engines work on a question and answer system. Searchers want answers, and their online queries are matched with, what the search engine believes, the best answers available.

Search engines seek, discover, and catalog all of the available content that exists online, including web pages, content, images, and videos, through a process called crawling and indexing. When the information is returned to the searcher, it is delivered according to its ranking. The higher the ranking, the more likely your law firm’s website is going to be chosen by the searcher.

Organic Search Results

Organic search results are those that are produced naturally through exceptional non-paid advertising SEO practices.

As search engine marketing evolves, so does the way organic SEO is implemented. Featured snippets, including star-rankings, answer boxes, and image carousels that appear with the search results help boost your law firm’s ranking – without paying for a more prominent position through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.


Organic Search Results for Attorneys SEO

What’s more, is organic search results appear more credible to experienced searchers and receive more clicks than paid advertisements. Since organic results appear more credible, research suggests that of all the U.S. based searches, only 2.8% of people click on paid advertisements.

Why Is Law Firm SEO Important?

Search engines exist for the sole purpose of returning information to those who are seeking answers on everything from restaurants nearby to sports scores and movie times and, yes, attorney services.

Social media, directories, and paid advertising will generate traffic to your attorney website, but the main source of online traffic begins and ends with search engine results.

Companies like Google make their money from paid advertising – and boost the payer’s ranking based on their partnership, but proper Law Firm SEO has the ability to increase website traffic at 20 times the rate than PPC advertising on both mobile and desktop searches.

Attorney SEO also provides ongoing traffic opportunities that increase over time. Genuinely sound content that is combined with the proper keywords deserves to rank highly, allowing traffic to continuously build without the advertising expense.

When your attorney website is optimized, the search engines will recognize its value and index and display your firm properly within the search results.

Should I Hire an Attorney Marketing Network’s SEO Consultant for Lawyer SEO?

Lawyer SEO is a complex online marketing area that, when not performed properly, can actually harm your website’s ranking in the search results. Hiring an attorney marketing network’s law firm SEO professional will help ensure the techniques and quality practices used are specific to the legal industry and deliver more quality traffic.

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Nearly 90% of all online searches are conducted through Google, which means it is important to follow their guidelines and principles for search engine optimization.

Google’s basic standards for SEO include:

  • Design, write and produce web pages to benefit the end-user, not just the search engines
  • Use honest marketing tactics, avoiding deceiving content or spam
  • Avoid using tricks that will boost your ranking, but appear unhelpful to users
  • Place an emphasis on what makes your attorney website engaging, valuable, and unique

Do not:

    • Use automatically generated content on your website
    • Participate in link schemes
    • Create pages with duplicate content
    • Cloak content so search engines see content that is different than what viewers will experience
    • Hide text or links
    • Add doorway pages that create higher rankings for specific searches

Guidelines for Representing Your Law Firm on Google

Reaching your local clients is an integral part of your law firm’s success. If your attorney group does not already have a Google My Business listing, get one.

Google’s guidelines govern how these listings are created and managed, including these basic principles:

  • Your law firm must have a physical address that serves clients face to face
  • Your law firm’s name, address, phone number, website, practice areas, and business hours must all be represented accurately and honestly in your listing

Do not:

  • Create Google My Business listings for law firms that are not eligible or for non-existent addresses
  • Misrepresent core practice area information with geographic or legal service keywords
  • Use PO boxes or virtual offices instead of authentic street addresses
  • Post fake positive reviews for your law firm, or negative reviews of competing for law firms

Reviewing and following Google’s guidelines will keep your law firm from making costly mistakes that negatively impact your law firm’s search ranking.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Crawling, Indexing and Ranking Explained

Search engines exist to discover and organize the internet’s content. And in order to offer the most relevant attorney results for prospective clients’ legal needs, your firm’s content must be visible to the search engines.

If your attorney website cannot be found, it will be impossible to land on the search engine results page. Search engines operate in three separate categories that determine how your law firm is found.

  1. Crawl: Crawling is the function that scours the Internet for content. While crawling, search engines review the code and content of the URLs they find.
  2. Index: Indexing is the process of storing and organizing the content that is found during the crawling process. Once a page indexed, it becomes a viable option to be displayed as a search result relevant to the query.
  3. Rank: Rankings are displayed in the order that is most relevant to the search criteria entered.

What Is Search Engine Crawling?

Search engines have a team of robots that are referred to as spiders or crawlers. They are designed to “crawl” from page to page to find updated content including websites, images, and videos, which is discovered by links.

What Is A Search Engine Index?

As the crawlers follow the links, the new attorney content is added to the Googlebot index, called Caffeine. Caffeine is a massive index database of the discovered URLs, which will be retrieved when a searcher is looking for a lawyer that practices in their area of need, whether it is personal injury or criminal law and bankruptcy or family law.

What Is A Search Engine Rank?

When prospective clients search for attorneys, the search engines will deliver results based on the query and rank the sites by their relevance to the search that was performed.

This means when someone searches “criminal defense attorney” the search engines will rank the firms that fit the criteria and rank them according to their relevance.

When your attorney content can be found and indexed by searchers, the ranking follows.

Crawling: Can Search Engines Find Your Attorney Pages?

It is important to know whether Google is crawling your website and finding all the pages you want it to.

A quick check of your website’s indexed pages will allow you to learn which return results the search giant displays.

Here’s how:

  • Login to Google
  • Enter “” into the search bar

This will return the results Google has in its index for your attorney website. The results will not be exact, but it will provide a collective look at how and which indexed pages are returned in the search engine results.

You should also monitor your law firm’s Index Coverage report in the Google Search Console, which is free when you establish an account – if you haven’t already.

What If My Law Firm Is Not Showing Up Anywhere In The Search Results?

There are several reasons why your law firm may not be showing up on the search engine results page, including that your attorney website is:

  • Brand new, and has not been exposed to the crawling process
  • Is not linked through any external websites
  • Hard for the robots to crawl effectively because of poor navigation
  • Contains search engine blocking code crawler directives
  • Has been penalized by Google for spam

Tell Search Engines How To Crawl Your Attorney Website

If you ran the “” search operator, or viewed your indexed attorney pages in the Google Search Console and found that some of your firm’s important pages are improperly indexed, there are a few ways to tell Googlebot how to better crawl your website’s content by avoiding some common navigation mistakes.

Those oversights can include:

  • Mobile navigation that shows different results than desktop navigation
  • Non-HTML menu items appearing in the website’s navigation, including JavaScript-enabled navigation
  • Personalizing or developing unique navigation for a specific audience over others, which could appear to be cloaking
  • Forgetting to link to a primary page on your website using your navigation

Proper Attorney Website Indexing:

How Do Search Engines Interpret And Store Your Law Firm’s Web Pages?

Your attorney website has been crawled, and when the information is indexed it is stored for future use. Just because your site has been discovered does not mean the information is worthy of keeping – or indexing.


Search Engines Interpret And Store Your Law Firm’s Web Pages

So, why do website pages get removed from the index?

Several reasons, including the URL, has:

  • Returned the page or site as a “not found” or “server” error
  • A “noindex” meta tag added, which intentionally instructs the search engine to avoid indexing
  • Been manually penalized for violating the search engine’s Webmaster Guidelines, and removed from the index
  • Been blocked from crawling with the addition of a password required before visitors enter the page

What If My Attorney Website Was Previously Indexed, But Isn’t Any Longer?

There are a couple of tools that will allow you to search for pages that may have been indexed before, determine their current status, and add them to the index.

  • The URL Inspection tool will show you the current status of the website’s pages
  • Fetch as Google will allow you to use a “Request Indexing” feature to submit individual pages to the index

The latter will also allow you to use a tool to understand if there are any issues with how Google interprets your pages.

Ranking: How Do Search Engines Rank My Attorney Website?

Search engines provide the most relevant attorney website results for the searcher’s query.

So, how are these rankings determined? Algorithms. Constantly evolving algorithms.

Algorithms are formulas for which information is ordered and retrieved in a meaningful way, which is why search engine optimization is so important.

Google makes algorithm adjustments every day to ensure that their search results provide the best match for the searcher’s request. Some of their adjustments are minor, but others are designed to tackle specific issues – just as the Penguin algorithm was designed to tackle spam.

As algorithms change, the Attorney Marketing Network is charged with ensuring that the improved search quality update grabs your attorney website as a result. If your law firm is monitoring these algorithm updates on your own, be sure to visit the Google Guidelines regularly to ensure your attorney marketing practices are in line with Google’s expectations.

Keyword Research Is Crucial To Attorney Marketing Success

Crafting your lawyer website with the proper content begins with keyword research. You are going to target keywords your target audience uses to search for attorneys and law firms in the practice area s/he needs for their legal trouble. More importantly, the content must be designed to satisfy your prospective clients’ search criteria AND the search engine algorithms.

Keyword research is established by understanding:

  • What are prospective legal clients searching for?
  • How many people are searching for attorney services?
  • In what format do they want that information to appear?

With the understanding of how your target audience is searching for your attorney content comes the strategic side of search engine optimization.

First, understand who your prospective clients and what they hope to accomplish by hiring your law firm.

You know you want to rank higher than your competitors, but you should also want to supply your prospective clients with the resources they need to convert them to real cases.

Ask yourself, and your attorneys, questions like:

  • What practice areas are our clients searching for?
  • Who is searching for these terms?
  • When is our target audience searching these terms?
  • Are there seasonal trends that occur certain times of the year?
  • How are prospective clients searching for lawyers?
  • What words do they use?
  • What questions do they ask?
  • Why are they searching for an attorney?
  • Where are our potential clients located? Locally? Nationally? Internationally?
  • Last, but never least: How can your law firm help provide the best content to fulfill the needs prospective clients are searching for?

Second: Discover what keywords your target audience is searching for when they need an attorney.

As attorneys, your law firm wants to rank for its core services, so people who type in “This type of lawyer in Los Angeles” see your website ranked first. So, why not choose those? The competition for all types of attorneys in Los Angeles (and everywhere else) is substantial. In fact, all attorney marketing keywords are! That’s why your firm must stand apart, and without the proper keyword research, your firm may be missing a niche area that can produce real cases.


keyword research in law firm SEO

Enter the keywords you know you want to rank for into a keyword research tool to learn the average monthly search volume associated with those terms. The tool will also deliver similar keywords and their volume for your review.

This is important because discovering alternate keywords, common questions, and topics for your content may emerge, including less competitive keywords that may be highly effective to your ranking.

Both high- and low-competition keywords can help your law firm prioritize keywords and pick the ones that will give your website the biggest strategic advantage.

Your Law Firm & Local Queries:

How to Get In Front Of Your Nearby Target Audience

The search engine results page can give attorneys clues into what their target audience is searching for, including the keywords that are used to get there. To provide the most desired content for each specific keyword search, Google will offer suggestions on how to refine a search to get the best results.

If the search is “attorneys,” Google will suggest searching for “attorney near me” or “attorneys in X city.” When researching keywords, see what your competitors content looks like, and target keywords or keyword phrases that connect to your audience. This will allow your firm to understand what type of content you need to create and how the tone/attorney persona should be represented to connect with the audience properly.

On-site Optimization:

Attorney Website Content, Structure, And Organization

All of the research you have completed to date is about to pay off through on-site optimization. This segment plays a major role in your search engine optimization and ranking results while delivering key information your prospective clients want and need to take the next step in the conversion process.

SEO for Lawyers is About More Than Keywords and Algorithms.

Law firm SEO requires research, customization, and attorney marketing expertise that dictates your competitive advantage. And it’s all in our name.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our law firm SEO experts eat, sleep, and dream of ways to push your practice past the competition, online and in-person, placing your website at the top of the search engine results page — exactly where prospective clients expect to find the best attorneys in their area.

We will help you rank at the top of the search engine results page.

Your online marketing and website content will guide traffic to your physical door.

Your legal expertise will take it from there.

Law Firm SEO Drives Success

Effective law firm SEO requires a central engagement of both technological awareness and marketing savvy.

While other companies provide SEO services for lawyers, we are reinventing the way prospective clients find our clients by developing their complete online marketing persona by establishing a client journey, so you know where your clients are and how to reach them effectively. That’s where you belong.


Improved Traffic by Attorneys SEO

We are marketers with inventive minds whose staff consistently collaborates to proactively meet our clients’ needs.

Our SEO technology experts, designers and developers, account managers, and writers, are always seeking an advantage by putting our heads together to make your practice stand out from your competitors.

Influence Prospective Clients with Calculated Law Firm SEO Efforts

No one is turning to the Yellow Pages to find an attorney anymore.

That means you must place yourself directly in front of your target audience’s preferred platform to create success.

In a word, that landing spot is Google. Google is responsible for 94% of all organic search traffic and is responsible for a 35% click-through rate for first position results on mobile devices.

Thirty-five percent.

If your law firm drops to the second or third page in the search engine results, traffic also drops 2-3% and continues to dwindle with each additional page.

The solution lies in intelligent law firm SEO practices that will boost your ranking, so the contact and conversion process can not only begin but sustain and consistently increase revenue. That is where AMN shines.

Is Your Website Optimized? Your Competitors Are.

Your marketing strategy must be both distinct and diverse to be successful, which begins with competitive research. Chances are, you know who you are up against locally. How do you stand out from the other law firms in your area?

There are more than 200 factors that affect your law firm’s search engine results page ranking.

Some of those factors include the design and development of your website’s:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Optimized images, videos, and downloadable content
  • Proper schema mark-up and code
  • Quality, length-appropriate content
  • Security, using HTTPS vs. HTTP
  • Speed and loading times
  • Valuable backlinks that point to your website

We design SEO for attorneys that deliver the data you need to visualize your competition’s position — and yours — to create a marketing plan that places their law firm in your rearview.

SEO is About Rank. Your Law Firm’s Rank.

When it comes to SEO for lawyers, the best approach begins with your target audience.

How do they communicate? What types of words and phrases do they use to identify their needs?

Do they need an attorney or a lawyer?

If you are a personal injury attorney, have they been hurt in a car accident or a car crash?

If you are a family lawyer, would they rather see your experience and reviews than search for divorce attorneys?

Small, seemingly insignificant details can change the course of your marketing success. Fortunately, we know how to analyze your prospective clients’ specific needs.

When someone is searching for an attorney, it is because they need legal representation – or will in the immediate future. It’s time to show them why your law firm is the better choice.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we strategically outline your law firm’s core strengths and competitive advantage to established true local engagement with the clients who need your services now and going forward.

Quality Content Strengthens Your Law Firm SEO Efforts

Successful law firm SEO marketing tactics place your complete law firm on display, using the content your target audience wants and needs to make an informed decision when choosing an attorney.

Quality content on lawyers SEO page


That includes expanding your marketing content to ensure quality over quantity in your attorney:

  • Practice Area Pages
  • Profiles and About Us Pages
  • Frequently Asked Questions Supporting Pages
  • News and Media Coverage
  • Settlements & Verdicts Section
  • Monthly Updated Blogs
  • City Pages in Your Law Firm’s Coverage Areas
  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Complete Contact Information

Quality content supports your law firm’s dedication to the community and drives confidence in prospective clients who believe that your experience and skill can produce results for their unique case.

Can Pay-Per-Click Advertising Boost My Law Firm SEO Campaign?

Attorney Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC, drives traffic to law firm websites when an online ad displaying their services is clicked. PPC involves several factors, including bidding on keywords relevant to your law firm’s target market.


SEO and PPC Role On Lawyers SEO

At AMN, we provide more than precise keyword research that allows your law firm to stand out from its competitors, we develop display ads, retargeting and remarketing campaigns, and generate budget-friendly approaches to hit your mark with each prospective client’s search.

Law Firm SEO Provides Genuine Value. We Can Prove It.

While 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine for their initial research, 74% of those searchers visit a law firm’s website to act.

Successful law firm SEO will guide prospective clients to your virtual doorstep at the exact time they need an attorney.

Once they arrive, your website we will track, measure, and analyze their next steps, including:

  • Website Visitors
  • Phone Calls
  • Form Submissions and Email Contact
  • Quality Leads
  • New Cases
  • Leads to Conversion Rates
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Total New Clients
  • Increased Revenue

Each data point will allow our experienced law firm SEO specialists to determine exactly which lawyer marketing strategies are effective and which channels should be altered or eliminated.

Get Found. Get Contacted. Convert Clients. Boost Revenue.

Ten years ago, having a website may have been enough to attract prospective clients.

Then, that was true for lawyers, retail stores, restaurants, and even marketers.

Today, the online world operates differently and requires a focused approach to delivering results.


Growth by Lawyers SEO

That’s where we come in.

Lawyer SEO is one of the most reliable law firm marketing practices available, but it is not a one-size-fits-all approach to producing results.

Your law firm, attorney practice areas, and location will dictate your SEO practices. And while there are hundreds — possibly even thousands — of other attorneys who practice the same type of law contending for the same business in your area, a well-optimized online presence can boost your law firm past your competitors.

As Google algorithms change and advance, and digital technology expands, we focus on giving our attorneys the competitive advantage they need to be more than relevant, but a leader in their legal community.

Why Choose the Attorney Marketing Network for My Law Firm SEO?

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we deliver results — not promises.

We understand our prospective clients have many choices when it comes to attorney marketing and lawyer SEO options, as the competitive law firm landscape has increased the number of marketing agencies who specialize in producing SEO results for attorneys.

The difference is, we have been doing this for over a decade, and allow our client satisfaction to speak for itself.

Are you ready to partner with a marketing network that creates solutions for your unique law firm SEO needs?

We are.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique law firm marketing approach and start realizing tangible law firm SEO results that can be measured by their value.

Land Legal Group Case Study

More than 55% of Land Legal Group’s keywords in California are in position one on Google, which tripled his incoming phone call rate per month, and allowed the upstart legal group to successfully compete with big market veterans in Los Angeles, CA.

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