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Is your current lawyer PPC company just turning on the faucets and blowing through your money? Are you left wondering where your law firm’s pay-per-click investment has gone while your current PPC company’s performance is still coming up empty? We can help.

AMN’s law firm PPC management team will not only create your law firm’s PPC campaigns, they will also continuously manage and optimize them—delivering instant conversions, instead of empty promises.


Certified Google Partner for Lawyers PPC Campaign Optimization

Google is the most used search engine worldwide, making it the best marketing tool for your law firm. Because of Google’s easy navigation and reliable information, hundreds of thousands of potential law firm clients browse Google’s search engine each day in hopes of finding the right lawyer for cases regarding employment, personal injuries, family law, and criminal law. Pay-Per-Click can put your law firm’s website at the top of Google search pages, right in the eyes of law firm searchers, dominating competitors in your law firm’s business area.

Prior to the pandemic, potential law firm clients used Google as a tool to help them find a law firm that was best for them, and even more so after the pandemic. After the pandemic hit, the entire world was forced to learn how to use the internet and its search engines. Regardless of if the public was tech-savvy or not, it became a tool the public relied on for answers and resources. Every business temporarily transitioned to working from home, which ultimately means every law firm’s potential client did the same when looking for a law firm for their case. As the world shut down, law firm clients were still in search of attorneys and lawyers to help them with their employment, personal injury, family law, and criminal cases. This is why it is important for your attorney or law firm website to reach the top pages of Google’s search engine. There will always be cases that need attorney services, and there will always be internet users who are searching for the best lawyer or attorney.

What are Google Ads for Law Firms? 

The lawyer or attorney website that is at the top of Google’s search engine pages is seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Law firm websites that make it to the top of Google’s search engine pages are gaining potential clients, and increasing the chances of converting clients and creating an attorney-client relationship. Created by Google, Google Ads markets businesses on online platforms. With the correct marketing team, Google Ads gives Attorneys, lawyers, and law firm’s the ability for their website to not only reach the first page of search engines but also place 1st or 2nd on the first page of search engines. With Google Ads, your law firm website can become the first website to generate your targeted audience’s search.

How does Google Ads for Law Firms Work?

1. Your Law Firm and its Google Ads Goals 

While running Google Ads, you should keep your law firm’s goals in mind. Depending on your location and practice area, your lawyer and attorney Google Ad goals will differ. The following questions are relevant when creating Google Ads for your law firm:

  • Who is my targeted audience?
  • What are my practice areas?
  • Where is my law firm located?
  • How will I display my law firm business?

These are all relevant questions when considering your goals for your law firm business and its Google Ads. Ensuring your law firms Google Ads are providing internet browsers with as much information as possible without having to click on your website is important. This will direct them to your website to learn more about you and the services you offer as a lawyer or attorney. You want to make sure your law firm website is reaching the right clients based on their needs and location as well as your law firm practice areas and its location.

Google Ads were essentially created to increase the number of clients that dial the number of your law firm and increase the number of clients that walk into your law firm. If done correctly, your attorney/lawyer website can display as the first website that generates on Google’s search engine for your targeted audience. For instance, a searcher who is seeking legal advice regarding an auto accident searches “Personal injury attorney,” a list of attorneys in the area generates for them; however, the viewer will most likely only show interest in the first page of the search engine, and chances are, they will most likely choose a law firm that is displayed within the first handful of options that is presented to them. Google Ads allows your law firm business to reach its targeted audience and meet your goals as a lawyer/attorney by:

  • Increasing law firm calls and potential clients
  • Increasing law firm visits
  • Driving users to your website

2. Display an Important Message with Google Ads Regarding Your Law Firm to Gain Website Traffic 

Your law firm’s Google Ads display important information, informing users about the practice areas, and contact and location information immediately. With a brief description of your legal practice area, followed by your law firm’s business information, clients are given the information they are looking for prior to clicking on your attorney website. Attorneys and lawyers gain potential clients within minutes of a Google search, and it is done with the help of a marketing agency that manages your legal business’s Google Ads.

3. Keywords that will Optimize your Attorney Website

One question that you may be asking yourself is: How will my attorney website generate as one of the first options for searchers before local attorney websites that also utilize Google Ads? Your website will generate as the first option on a search if the correct, relevant keywords are used. By using a keyword theme, and adjusting the keywords when necessary, your website will be in the eyes of your targeted audience. A keyword theme consists of words that relate to, and describe your profession as an attorney or lawyer and your law firm business. This allows your attorney website to reach internet searchers who are using similar words to find a law firm just like yours.

With keyword themes for your attorney website, you do not need to complicate things, however, it is important to choose the right keywords, and manage and update your keywords when need be. At AMN, we will be doing all of the work for you and you get to watch as your law firm website earns a spot as one of the first options on search engines.

4. Choose the Location of your Google Ads

As a lawyer or attorney, you most likely practice in specific areas only. Or maybe, you practice in several areas in several states, or even countries. Google Ads allows you to choose the location where your ads will appear on the internet. This allows your law firm website to reach its targeted audience, and potential clients who are closest to you. The Google Ad can display a radius view and an area view, based on your preferences. When potential clients are searching the area for an attorney, your Google PPC law firm ad will appear in the areas you chose, putting your law firm’s website as one of the first websites to generate in that area.

5. Create a Budget for Your Law Firm’s Needs

With Google Ads, you can set a budget for your law firm’s PPC and this budget will remain the same until you have decided otherwise. Depending on your budget, the estimated amount of clicks your website receives per day will vary. Contact AMN to help get you started on Google Ads and PPC.

Lawyers Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

is the platform that drives your customers to become your marketing engine.

Lawyers Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

What if I have a time-sensitive legal focus and need an immediate PPC campaign?

When your target market is affected by an intense or immediate legal need, you want to be the first attorney they see when they complete an online search.

PPC marketing ensures you will be there today.

Time-sensitive lawsuits are a great fit for Google Ads because the campaigns are specifically targeted to your audience, and the ads will begin immediately.


What is Remarketing and Retargeting and Can they Work for my Law Firm?

Remarketing is an advertising strategy that allows your law firm to maintain contact with prospective clients after they visit your website. It is a clever way to connect with visitors who may not have made immediate contact with your firm. Remarketing enables you to keep track of prospective clients and it will display your retargeting ads as they visit other sites online.

Following prospective clients through their online journey subtly reminds them that your law firm is there to help, so you are at the top of their mind in a low-cost and effective format s/he can click immediately.


What is Pay-per-call and Pay-per-text Mobile Marketing?

Pay-per-call mobile marketing allows prospective clients to simply click on the phone number or call button that appears next to your online listing to reach your law firm directly, without dialing a single number. It is easy to use, and highly effective in converting leads.

Pay-per-text mobile is the texting counterpart to the pay-per-call option, where prospective clients are able to text your law office for more information, instead of calling. AMN provides easy-to-use SMS technology that allows your leads to reach you using their preferred method of texting over voice calls.


How much does it Cost to Create and Maintain a Unique SEM Campaign?

Paid search marketing campaigns are designed to fit the unique needs of each attorney we represent. The good news is, your firm pays the actual advertising costs directly – so there is never a marked-up price that interferes with your overall budget.

Google Ad campaigns can start large or small, and are scaled to fit your budget as the new business results and the return on investment become clearer.

At AMN, our costs are completely transparent, and include:

  • A one-time charge for the campaign creation
  • Set monthly fees to manage, monitor, and improve the ongoing campaign

No long-term contracts. No surprises. Just straightforward pricing that allows your law firm to succeed. Learn more about our pricing by contacting one of our PPC professionals now.


How can AMN Confirm my Campaigns are Working?

Precisely targeted campaigns. Increased leads. Customized reports. Responsive account managers.

AMN is committed to providing successful law firm marketing campaigns that allow our clients to enjoy sustainable growth. As with all of our services, we will confirm that your PPC campaign is working by being the attorney marketing partner you deserve.

Not only will we track conversions down to the specific keywords that are driving your practice’s ranking, but we will always provide easy-to-use tools that allow you to view your successes in real-time.

Strategic Law Firm PPC Strategies Start Here

Law firm pay-per-click advertising, or law firm PPC strategies, provides the opportunity for attorneys to advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site while only paying for the service each time their ad is clicked.

Paid search ads are displayed at the top of the search engine results page and are customized to reach the law firm’s target market in the browsers they use most.

The goal is to reach qualified leads by appearing at the top of the search engine results page, which leads the prospect to the attorney website, where contact is made on its way to conversion.

Law firm PPC advertising is an effective way to gain an advantage over the competition when it is strategically designed around the size, location, and practice areas of the firm.

In this law firm PPC guide, we expound on paid advertising and qualified lead retention through:

  • Specific Regional Targeting
  • Research and Data-Driven Keyword Campaigns
  • Combining Compelling Content with Search Intent
  • Informative Tracking and Analytics
  • Law Firm PPC Optimization

Let’s get started.

Successful Law Firm PPC Advertising Requires Specific Regional Targeting

One of the most determining factors of any transactional success has always been location, location, location.

This expression also fully applies to your online existence.

Law firm PPC strategies begin with targeting the proper regions, where prospective clients live and work. This allows the attorneys to target the right geographical locations and appear in all relevant city and state searches.

Geographical targeting, or geo-targeting, ensures your ads are displayed in the right location, location, location, so qualified leads are viewing and clicking on them with intent.

Simply put, if your law firm is in Houston, you are probably not targeting prospective clients in San Antonio. San Antonio residents are probably not going to make the three-hour drive to your law firm for a consultation. But they can easily click on your ad, which cuts into your advertising budget without purpose or results.

Geo-targeting sharpens your law firm’s PPC strategy to focus on obtaining more traffic in the form of qualified leads.

Research and Data-Driven Keyword Campaigns

Aligning your law firm’s PPC campaign goals requires research and data-driven keywords that match your exact needs.

This is going to require bidding on keywords using a broad, modified, phrase, or exact matches — or a uniquely designed combination — depending on the direction and strategy of your law firm’s unique campaign objectives.

Determining which one is right for your law firm depends on your law firm’s size, location, practice areas, campaign goals, and budget.

There is no one size fits all law firm PPC strategy.

Each must be customized to meet unique attorney objectives and designed with your law firm’s goals at the forefront of keyword research, bidding, procurement, and ad placement.

Combining Compelling Content with Search Intent

Your law firm’s practice areas will dictate how prospective clients search for your legal services, whether they need a family lawyer, criminal attorney, or legal business representation.

The second part of their search is determined by exactly what they are looking for.

Is the searcher seeking information about attorneys in your area?

Do they need an immediate solution or answer to a legal question?

This is called search intent, and it manifests in three ways.

  1. Navigational: Navigational intent occurs when the searcher is looking for a specific attorney or law firm, and types in the name of the attorney or firm to reveal their website and contact information. The searcher may have seen a TV commercial, billboard, or other advertisement and typed your name into their preferred search engine to do more research on your law firm’s capabilities and experience.
  2. Informational: Informational intent occurs when the searcher is looking for an answer to a specific question or need. From an attorney standpoint, this can include searching for answers to questions like, “How long does it take to get divorced in California?” or “What are the penalties for a first-time DUI conviction in Colorado?”
  3. Transactional: Transactional intent occurs when the searcher is looking for results using keywords. Those searches can include, “divorce attorney in Los Angeles” or “DUI lawyer in Denver.”

Law firm PPC strategies must be designed and adjusted to reach each variation of prospective client’s search intent to ensure you are hitting the mark for your complete target market and getting the most from your attorney PPC budget.

The solution is creating compelling PPC ad campaign content that ensures your keyword and ad copy are as relevant as possible to your law firm’s practice areas and experience, so you can be found by all searchers in your area who need legal representation.

The best way to achieve that is to create ad groups for each of the highest-performing keywords that will drive traffic to your website by compelling prospects to click on your paid advertisement.

Your lawyer PPC ads should:

  • Target your specific audiences
  • Grab the searcher’s attention
  • Focus on their unique needs
  • Promote the proper call to action

This focused content approach will lead the prospect to their next stop: Your landing pages.

Landing pages are one of your law firm’s largest conversion opportunities.

These important pages drive the prospect to what’s next by leading them directly through the process via content that is:

  • Straightforward, informative, and authoritative
  • Void of navigation or distracting features
  • A single call to action that tells the reader what to do next
  • Trustworthy, which may include testimonials or reviews
  • Responsively designed to adapt to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation

Your ad copy and landing page content should be cohesive, so the reader is never disappointed — or worse, misled — by their choice to click on the ad.

Searchers lose trust in organizations that lead with informative ad copy that transforms into fluff.

Focus on transforming ad-clicking prospects into quality leads by “landing” them with informative content that compels them to contact your law firm.

Informative Law Firm PPC Campaign Tracking and Analytics

Tracking your law firm PPC campaign requires measuring your efforts to monitor your return on investment.

Google Analytics will provide an exceptional source for tracking the success of your law firm’s PPC strategy and will give specific insight into which keywords are working and those that are not. It will also allow you to understand where searchers are spending more time on your website and when they decided to take the next step and make contact.

Instead of focusing on a single specific metric, law firms should review all the data available to assess the campaign’s efficiency through key performance indicators, or KPIs.

Your law firm’s overall PPC objectives will determine how your law firm measures the campaign’s achievements with KPIs that can include obtaining:

  • Higher search engine results page ranking
  • Enhanced law firm brand
  • Improved website traffic
  • Quality leads
  • Increased phone calls or specific contact measurements
  • Case conversions
  • Valuable client experiences
  • Referrals

These quantifiable measurements can be used to gauge the law firm’s overall long-term performance and should be calculated to help determine the strategic, financial, and operational achievements when directly compared to previous figures.

Since all law firm PPC strategies are unique, it is important to give your campaign time to grow before evaluating its overall success.

Optimizing Law Firm PPC Campaigns Across All Online Platforms

Combining legal PPC campaigns with search engine optimization allows your law firm’s marketing efforts to apply across all online platforms, including your ranking, website, social media accounts, and reputation management via reviews and testimonials.

Law firm PPC campaigns reinforce SEO strategies by:

  • Dominating both organic and paid search results to increase traffic by establishing a complete presence in the legal market
  • Sharing keyword data across all online marketing materials to optimize a cohesive strategy
  • Gathering insight into frequently used terms by analyzing a target audience’s search habits
  • Establishing a strong Quality Score when rankings improve to increase your return on investment by lowering your click-through cost

Your law firm PPC advertising campaign should be monitored closely and pivoted when necessary, so valuable time and money is not spent on tactics that are not producing results.

Unfortunately, that is not something law firms can measure over a week or even a month.

Partnering with an experienced attorney marketing firm to establish PPC and SEO practices is paramount to any law firm’s online success.

Your law firm PPC strategy should be unique, but it should also be designed by an industry-focused organization that has the experience and ingenuity that produces results for lawyers across the country in varying practices. That’s who we are.

We are Attorney Marketing Network, and our approach to producing tangible results for our clients is unmatched in an industry that requires more than increased visibility but a competitive advantage.

Contact our committed law firm PPC and SEO team today to learn how we can bring your attorney marketing to life or get started now with a free website audit.


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