Attorney Marketing Network Offers Lawyers Pay Per Click (PPC) Management for the Following Networks:

  • Google- Landing
  • Facebook Landing
  • Yahoo - Landing
  • Bing

PPC Management For Attorneys


Is your current Lawyer PPC company just turning on the faucets and blowing through your money? Wondering where your Law Firm’s pay per click investment has gone while your current PPC company’s performance is still coming up empty? We can help.

AMN’s Law Firm PPC management team will not only create your Law Firm PPC campaigns but continuously manage and optimize them—delivering instant conversions, not promises.


Certified Google Partner for Lawyers PPC Campaign Optimization

Lawyers Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

is the platform that drives your customers to become your marketing engine.

Lawyers Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

PPC for Lawyers Features

As leaders in PPC Marketing for Attorneys, our staff develops evolving strategies that do more than keep up with search engine changes: We anticipate the adjustments, and revolutionize our features to respond brilliantly.

As a result, our Lawyers PPC management team:

  • Create and categorize keyword research to ensure you’re hitting your target market with each step of your personalized campaign
  • Generate money-saving techniques by understanding your audience’s overall needs and expectations from the beginning
  • Develop PPC, Retargeting/Remarketing campaigns, with display ads on Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Split test your ads to optimize your campaign’s overall functionality and performance while reducing your CPC.

Searching For An Effective Way To Reach New Clients And Increase Revenue?

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our Law Firm PPC Management team is obsessed with producing results for our clients. Our enthusiasm for designing unique marketing campaigns not only allows law firms to grow but to maintain their competitive online edge going forward.

One way to accomplish this advantage is through search engine marketing, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or paid search advertising.

Paid search ads are displayed on a search engine results page, and are customized to reach your target market in the browsers they use most, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The power of Attorneys PPC marketing delivers qualified leads through a budget-focused campaign that places your law firm at the top of the search engine results where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. In addition, each visit your attorney site receives from the paid ad incrementally improves your website’s ranking in organic search results. That’s a win/win.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising And Management Produces Qualified Leads For Law Firms

A quick search of law firms in your area will return seemingly endless results, so how can your law firm remain competitive?

Family law or criminal, bankruptcy law or personal injury, pay-per-click advertising is the most targeted medium available to ensure your law firm is visible to your ideal client, no matter what type of clients your law firm is pursuing.

Our highly targeted Lawyers PPC campaigns specify each viable component of your target audience’s demographics, from keywords to geographic locations, that allow your campaign to gain immediate traction that is quantifiable.

With Lawyers PPC advertising, your law firm will get direct results, as it is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your attorney website.

Tracking your success from a PPC campaign is easy, and includes reports for:

  • Website visitors
  • Phone calls
  • Form submissions
  • Downloads

When you know the value of your Law Firm PPC Campaign, you not only gain confidence in your marketing efforts, your law firm reaps the benefits of increased revenue.

You Need Qualified Leads. Improving Your Quality Score Will Produce Results.

At AMN, our goal is to provide the proper PPC campaign for your law firm’s unique needs, which means you are not only getting new traffic but collecting the intelligence necessary to improve your marketing efforts and land the right kind of cases that will convert to revenue.

Each of our Law Firm PPC campaigns includes:

  • Complete campaign and keyword research for better keyword data and keyword grouping
  • Strategic SEM campaign creation for PPC, remarketing, or call-only campaigns including device and geographic targeting
  • All keyword variations including long-tail keywords, ad extensions, geolocation, and multiple ad groups
  • Ad testing, bid strategy, bid adjustments, keyword match types, and ad scheduling
  • Write and design text and banner ads that are closely tailored to keywords and keyword groups
  • Supply customized landing pages with target market-focused content and shorter loading times to increase conversion

Why Are Customized Landing Pages So Important For Law Firm PPC Campaign Success?

Landing pages are an indispensable part of Lawyers PPC advertising success, as they drive clients to a specific service and encourage them to act, increasing qualified leads that convert to revenue.

In addition, landing pages:

  • Increase Your Law Firm Reputability

Convincing and relevant content fortifies trust by providing the personal attention that allows potential clients to immediately identify that they are working with a professional and accomplished firm that has their best interests at the forefront of their case.

  • Generate Leads

Lawyers PPC advertising captures leads by sending prospective clients to dedicated and customized landing pages, instead of your law firm’s website.

Landing pages provide clarity with purpose-driven content, completely void of unnecessary links and navigation distractions, which allows visitors to focus on the call to action and take the next step to conversion.

  • Collect Prospect Demographics

Lawyers Pay-Per-Click marketing allows law firms to collect the data necessary to better target their prospective clients’ needs and pain points, leading to more valuable conversations, and ultimately converting contacts into clients.

  • Track Data

Data from landing pages can be tracked, allowing attorneys to understand how engaged their prospects are, and how well the Law Firm PPC marketing campaign is working. Comparing data from visitors provides transparent analytics that reveals what is working, so your campaign can be optimized in conjunction with your ongoing marketing efforts.

  • Cut Advertising Costs

Pay-Per-Click is undeniably the most expensive variable in SEM campaigns, which is why it is imperative to focus on your firm’s overall Quality Score, which will increase your ad ranking and lower the cost per action.

How Does AMN’s Lawyers PPC Expert Increase My Quality Score?

A Quality Score is actively assigned to each of your keywords, which affects your ad rank and the cost per click. The higher the Quality Score, the higher the ranking at a lower cost.

Our Attorneys PPC campaigns are designed to positively impact the three essential areas that affect your Quality Score:

  1. Ad Relevance: We will structure your campaigns into smaller, targeted ad groups to elevate the relevancy between the search query and the ad your audience sees on the search engine results page. This maximizes the prospect’s likelihood of clicking on your ad because it is exactly what s/he is looking for.
  2. Landing Pages: Once the ad is clicked, the potential client will be taken to a customized landing page that includes impactful content that reflects the targeted keywords for each ad group. In short, the landing page caters directly to the target market who is clicking on the ad, providing a reputable customer journey.
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR): Providing relevant and focused ads that are linked to customized landing pages advances your law firm’s CTR to boost your overall Quality Score, providing more exposure at a lower cost.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, our lawyers PPC experts create ads that focus on your target audience’s preferences and their geographic location for proper placement. We then set a monthly budget to control costs that ensure you are effectively getting the return on investment you deserve.

With the proper Lawyers PPC management, your paid search account will convert more leads, and boost revenue quickly and effectively.

How Are Lawyers PPC Advertising Campaigns Measured For Success?

The Attorney Marketing Network tracks each of our SEM campaigns by impressions, clicks, and conversions. The math is simple because we provide solutions that work, as our campaigns reach the most precise target market available.

Your prospective clients already need an attorney, so the ads that appear in front of them provide instant access to the solutions your law firm can provide.

The measurements include:

  • Impressions: How many times your ad was visible on a screen.
  • Click-Through Rate: The percentage of people who see and click your ad. Search engines do not get paid unless your ad is clicked, which means our compelling campaigns drive your law firm’s success.
  • Conversion Rate: Your return on investment is directly correlated to the conversion rates you receive from the ads we have developed. We hold ourselves accountable for that success.
  • Cost Per Acquisition: How much are you spending to generate a single client? This figure matters and your budget will dictate the answer, and any necessary changes we make throughout your campaign.

PPC advertising allows your law firm to get in front of qualified traffic and exceptional leads quickly and effectively. We’ll show you how.

How Will I Know My Law Firm PPC Marketing Campaign Is Working?

The Attorney Marketing Network provides full transparency when providing measurable solutions for law firms. When it comes to PPC advertising campaigns, we work tirelessly to produce scalable analytics that allows our lawyers to understand the depth and success of their campaigns.


  • Tracking: Call tracking, text tracking, and form tracking directly from Google Ads
  • Quality Score: Focusing on the best search engine ranking at the lowest cost
  • Analytics: Fully installed tracking and syncing with Google Analytics to observe conversions and the time, day, geolocation, and the type of device used to reach the ad
  • Reports: Monthly reviews of the campaign and its overall performance
  • Optimization: Ongoing campaign optimization of ads and keywords
  • Ad Testing: Test ad variations to monitor performance and return on investment

Under performing ads will be removed, and updates will be successfully implemented to remain in line with both your campaign objectives and Google Ad requirements.

Contact Attorney Marketing Network now to schedule a free evaluation, and understand which Attorney pay per click tactics are right for your law firm. There’s no risk, no obligation, and no unnecessary hard sell. Just a conversation.

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What If I Have A Time-Sensitive Legal Focus And Need An Immediate PPC Campaign?

When your target market is affected by an intense or immediate legal need, you want to be the first attorney they see when they complete an online search.

PPC marketing ensures you will be there.

Time-sensitive lawsuits are a great fit for PPC advertising because the campaigns are specifically targeted to your audience, and the ads will begin immediately.


What Is Remarketing and Retargeting And Can They Work For My Law Firm?

Remarketing is an advertising strategy that allows your law firm to maintain contact with prospective clients after they visit your website. It is a clever way to connect with visitors who may not have made immediate contact with your firm by keeping track of them and displaying your retargeting ads as they visit other sites online.

Following prospective clients through their online journey subtly reminds them that your law firm is there to help, so you are at the top of their mind in a low-cost and effective format s/he can click immediately.


What Is Pay-Per-Call And Pay-Per-Text Mobile Marketing?

Pay-per-call mobile marketing allows prospective clients to simply click on the phone number or call button that appears next to your online listing to reach your law firm directly, without dialing a single number. It is easy to use, and highly effective in converting leads.

Pay-per-text mobile is the texting counterpart to the pay-per-call option, where prospective clients are able to text your law office for more information, instead of calling. AMN provides easy to use SMS technology that allows your leads to reach you using their preferred method of texting over voice calls.


How Much Does It Cost To Create And Maintain A Unique SEM Campaign?

Paid search marketing campaigns are designed to fit the unique needs of each attorney we represent. The good news is, your firm pays the actual advertising costs directly – so there is never a marked-up price that interferes with your overall budget.

Google Ad campaigns can start large or small and are scaled to fit your budget as the new business results and the return on investment become clearer.

At AMN, our costs are completely transparent, and include:

  • One-time charge for the campaign creation
  • Set monthly fee to manage, monitor, and improve the ongoing campaign

No long-term contracts. No surprises. Just straightforward pricing that allows your law firm to succeed. Learn more about our pricing by contacting one of our PPC professionals now.


How Can AMN Confirm My Campaigns Are Working?

Precisely targeted campaigns. Increased leads. Customized reports. Responsive account managers.

AMN is committed to providing successful law firm marketing campaigns that allow our clients to enjoy sustainable growth. As with all of our services, we will confirm that your PPC campaign is working by being the attorney marketing partner you deserve.

Not only will we track conversions down to the specific keywords that are driving your practice’s ranking, but we will always provide easy to use tools that allow you to view your successes in real time.

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