Social Media for Lawyers

Are you active on social media? Lawyers can use social media as a marketing tool to grow their business. It allows lawyers to extend their reach, promotes their law firm, and brings awareness to their brand. Unfortunately, social media marketing for lawyers is overlooked and many lawyers aren’t aware of how powerful it can be. […]

Design a Business Card for Your Legal Business

The need for paper is slowly starting to diminish, however business cards are still in, and they are important for law firm marketing. Business cards can enhance your networking strategies and allow you to connect with new clients. Creating a business card for the legal services you offer is more than picking a color, design, […]

What to Avoid When Marketing Your Law Firm

Many marketing experts discuss what marketing strategies to implement, however, it is also essential to discuss which marketing strategies to avoid so your law firm is not negatively impacted. There are many law firm marketing strategies that either increase business, maintain business, or negatively impact your law firm business. Regardless of the case, failed marketing […]

Enhance Your Lawyer Bio

When stumbling upon your legal website, does your bio separate you from your competitors? Many lawyers and attorneys have mundane bios. To stand out, you must consider how website visitors view your bio, and how your bio will stand out from the rest of the legal websites they have browsed. If your bio is similar […]

The Benefits of Law Firm Content Marketing

There are many benefits of law firm content marketing. Law firm content marketing is a crucial component to the success of your law firm and its website. Law firm content marketing goes beyond just creating and publishing pieces. While the structure and efforts of your law firm’s website greatly matter, so does the legal content […]

Facebook for Lawyers and Attorneys 

If you feel you have incorporated every marketing method for your law firm— think again! There are always going to be additional actions you can take to better market your law firm business. Some may be costly, while others are free but timely. Facebook is one way you can enhance your law firm and its […]

The Best Legal Blogs for Legal Professionals in 2022

As a lawyer or attorney, it is beneficial to frequently engage with informative, fascinating legal blogs. It allows legal professionals to stay informed about current legal news, learn about new legal trends and innovative technology, and much more. Legal blogs can help you excel as a lawyer, providing you with helpful tips and insightful ideas, […]

​Becoming a Virtual Lawyer

Working as a virtual lawyer or attorney is beneficial for you and your legal business. In recent years, converting to a virtual office is no longer foreign, and is being seen more and more. When considering all of the traveling lawyers do within their career as legal professionals —traveling to and from offices, client locations, […]

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