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The Best Legal Blogs for Legal Professionals in 2022

The Best Legal Blogs for Legal Professionals in 2022

As a lawyer or attorney, it is beneficial to frequently engage with informative, fascinating legal blogs. It allows legal professionals to stay informed about current legal news, learn about new legal trends and innovative technology, and much more. Legal blogs can help you excel as a lawyer, providing you with helpful tips and insightful ideas, and it’s free! We understand legal professionals are always on the hunt for the best career tips to help advance their practice. If you are interested in legal blogs but are unaware of where to find the best ones, and don’t have hours and hours to browse the internet, continue to read this article. We have put together a list of the best legal blogs to read in 2022.

What is a Legal Blog?

Legal blogs are informative articles written by professional writers. In this case, the writers are experts in the legal industry where they research and discuss legal matters. Legal blogs are often edited to update any information that has changed throughout time. Legal blogs do not serve as legal advice for clients and attorneys/lawyers. Instead, they provide insight to legal professionals and clients, and give them a better understanding with tips and tricks. Legal blogs also leave readers with their own observations  regarding recent news and legal cases, where they can make their best judgment based on the scenario. Now that you know what a legal blog is, let’s go into further detail about what legal blogs are the best, the different types of legal blogs, and why they are recommended for legal professionals.

The Best Fundamental Legal Blogs

We have formed a list of the best fundamental legal blogs to get you started. With many different topics, these blogs are best for any lawyer and attorney who is searching for a wide array of blogs to read about. Regardless of your location, goals, and practice areas, you will learn from these blogs in one way or another.

ABA Journal 

The American Bar Association (ABA) is an association of lawyers, attorneys, and law students that was founded in 1878 to provide legal professionals with the best legal resources. The website has an ABA Journal with thousands of interesting blog posts. Their content is written by lawyers and has been used as a resource for legal professionals throughout the US. From tips on how to cope with stress as a lawyer to the most recent news, the ABA Journal has an endless amount of interesting blog posts. Additionally, the ABA Journal has an outstanding team of writers and editors who welcome news, tips, and important information to spread throughout the community of legal professionals.

Above the Law 

Above the Law is a website that publishes blog posts only, and is dedicated specifically to legal professionals. They discuss the hottest, recent news, legal insights, and even give their opinion on law firms, and why they have concluded this opinion. Readers will find informative blogs along with intriguing reads. Additionally, Above the Law has topics pertaining to small law, big law, law school, and many more—making it the perfect blog for solo attorneys or lawyers who practice at big law firms.  They even have a career center, for pre-law students, current law students, and current lawyers. The career center has hundreds of blogs, discussing all things related to law school and pursuing a career as a lawyer. Furthermore, they discuss topics that are important for those who have yet to enter law school, and those who have graduated and are currently a lawyer.

FindLaw Legal Blogs 

FindLaw is a website for both legal professionals and clients seeking legal advice. However, their blogs are best for legal professionals. They have the latest legal news, information, opinions, court cases, and events. All of which fall under different practice area topics. FindLaw’s goal is to provide legal professionals and clients with material that is easily understandable and make it a quick and fast read for lawyers and attorneys.

Legal Mosaic 

Legal Mosaic focuses on global legal experience. They train legal professionals on how to best serve clients. This is why their articles should be top of your list of legal blogs to read. Learn about concepts that may be difficult to comprehend to enhance your career as a legal professional. Their articles discuss legal concepts that are often found difficult to grasp, or are not thought about at all.

The Best Legal Blogs for the Latest News and Events

Stay up-to-date with current legal news and events, and form your own opinion about them. Learn how legal professionals act and respond and observe the scenario to determine what you think would have been the best act.


The SCOTUSblog points out petitions that legal professionals may want to be wary of. The blog posts important news and updates, and reports on every merit case three times each: before and after the argument, and after the final decision. Furthermore, this blog posts a list of notable Supreme Court pieces every morning of every weekday. From cases and petitions to statistics, ScotUSblog always has interesting reads.  is a trusted legal news page that covers global media and local matters. They are a large media source and are popular among the legal community. They cover news in the US, UK, Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Canada. has many different topics, insights & analyses, and surveys for you to read about. They have earned US national and regional award-winning legal publications and are best known for their breaking stories.


Jurist is a legal news and commentary website that is run by nearly 80 law students from 30 different law schools across five continents. Guided by professional staff and academic leadership, writers post commentary and news about legal issues throughout the world. Stay up-to-date with legal news and support law students by reading blog posts written by up-and-coming legal professionals


JDSupra posts daily content. Experts write about debatable, popular topics. Though this website was not created specifically for legal businesses, they post blogs that concern legal-related topics. They have hundreds of topics to choose from to read more about how it is contributing to or negatively impacting today's society, politics, or humanity.

JD Journal 

JD Journal is a blog website for all lawyers, attorneys, legal professionals, law firms, and law students. Read about interesting facts and statistics, legal news, law firms, and the legal market. JD Supra also has a Weird News page that will bring a smile to your face, nonetheless. Additionally, you can search for legal jobs, review salaries, and submit your own legal tips.

Reuters Legal

Reuters legal has been recognized for its blogs because of the legal news they post. Within the news they discuss, they cover a wide range of topics including government coverage, litigation, transactions, lawmaking, and much more. Read about topics that have recently reached headlines for its popularity.

The Best Legal Blogs for Technology & Marketing 

Technology within the legal industry is a must. LegalTech helps attorneys, lawyers, and law firms optimize their efficiency. From marketing optimization to managing clients and bill pay, technology can advance your legal business. Because technology is always evolving, it is important to stay up-to-date with tech-related legal news and advance your practice. The following are the best legal blogs that focus on marketing and technology.

AMN Blogs 

Attorney Marketing Network (AMN) optimizes attorney websites with the best marketing strategies to increase clientele. This website has a free blog with tons of useful information for attorneys, lawyers, and law firms who are new to the marketing side of the legal industry. Additionally, they have blogs with useful tips and information for all legal professionals.

The Clio Blog 

Clio is a cloud-based legal management software that helps legal professionals organize their law firms. With its useful features, lawyers are able to document cases and collaborate with clients. Clio has a blog that shares the latest ideas on how to be a more efficient law firm and points out the newest tech solutions for legal businesses.


Lawsites is a website for legal professionals. They focus on the newest and best technology and innovative resources for legal professionals. They discuss the business side of the legal industry and report on acquisitions that have had the most impact. The writer of their blogs is a journalist and a lawyer that is well-known in the legal industry for his expertise.

Legal IT Insider

If you are particularly interested in legal IT, this blog would best catch your interest. Legal IT Insider is a leading news source for significant news, updates, and legal IT. The blog writer is a professional that has been recognized as editor-in-chief. She provides accurate attorney information in her blogs, and points out Legal IT changes, updates, and recommendations, all of which could enhance your legal business.

Law Technology Today

Law Technology Today has tech-related blogs, covering important topics such as automation, working remotely as a legal professional, and much more. They also cover business, marketing, and software topics. With a focus on the legal industry, you can get all the tech-related information as a lawyer or attorney.

Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer is dedicated to improving legal businesses by optimizing legal processes through technology. They believe technology has a solution for most legal business problems, and they offer legal tech conference coverage, product announcements and explanations, and more.

Asbestos & Mesothelioma Lawyers

Asbestos Lawyers is your source for the Most Comprehensive & Unbiased Mesothelioma Information on the Internet. Asbestos Lawyers is Not a lawyer site. We are not selling legal services – just purely giving information. We’ll never ask for your email address, or never ask you for any personal information. We are a resource to you. Asbestos Lawyer

The Best Legal Blogs for Practice Management 

Managing your legal practice in an efficient way is crucial for the success of your business. There are many management tools, trends, and resources that can enhance your law firm business. Here are a few practice management blogs that are helpful for legal businesses.

The Clio Blog

As previously mentioned, the Clio Blog is also best for managing legal businesses. They have blogs that cover legal practice management software and an in-depth explanation of how this software can contribute to the success of your legal business.

New Law Business Model 

The New Law Business Model has blogs that cover a wide variety of topics, including how to live a balanced life as a legal professional, management tools for your legal practice, and how to efficiently apply law models to your practice. This website was made to teach lawyers how to take over their career as legal professionals and end with successful results. Their blogs are informational and useful for legal professionals who are seeking information about how to properly manage their law practice.

The Best Ethical Legal Blogs 

Legal ethics is something legal professionals should observe within their practice, for this reason, we have created a list of the best ethical legal blogs for you to review.


Law360 is a news website that publishes newsletters daily. With all of the updated legal news, lawyers and attorneys receive the latest ethical information. There are many ethical articles to read about such as securities, intellectual property, business leaders, and government officials. Be the first to read about ethical news when visiting the Law360 website.

Ethicking Blog

Ethicking is a blog created by an attorney whose goal was to write about the reality of working in the legal industry, as well as legal ethics. The blogs are an interesting read because they confront topics most legal professionals do not discuss, such as trust fund fraud, and if legal professionals are expected to respond to clients on weekends. The writer does a great job capturing the reader by wiring in a fun, comedian, and casual manner.

The Best Legal Blog for Your Attorney Website

Websites are very important for the success of legal businesses. They represent your law firm and can largely contribute to the growth of your business. Here is the best legal blog to educate yourself about the components of attorney websites.

AMN Blog 

The Attorney Marketing Network blogs have answered the questions of many legal professionals when it comes to websites. Websites are very important; however, they are very complex. AMN breaks down the components of a website and provides informative tips and material regarding attorney and lawyer websites. From website designs to SEO tips, AMN has many useful blogs about legal websites.

How to Run a Law Firm and Stay Consistent with Blog Content

If this article has inspired you to write blogs for your own attorney website, understand it does take a lot of work to keep up with forming and posting blog content. While it is a lot of work, it will be very beneficial for your attorney's website and legal business. If blog posting is something you want to take on, but do not have nearly enough time to do so, there are professional writers whose expertise is legal content creation. Consider hiring a legal writer who can create and post content for you.

Legal Blogs can Enhance your Legal Career 

There are multiple ways legal blogs can enhance your career as a legal professional. As a lawyer or attorney, it is impossible to keep up with all legal news, updates, technology, and tools. There are so many blog topics you can read about, consuming days’ worth of information. In order to pick the best blogs to read about, identify what you may lack as a legal professional or legal business.  Understanding what you lack as a legal professional will help you identify what you can improve on to grow your legal business. This way you can read about blogs that provide you with knowledge regarding the topic of interest. Blogs allow attorneys, lawyers, and law firms to keep up with legal news, better serve their clients, build and grow their practice, and advance their legal careers. Identify what legal blogs would best serve you and your legal business and get started on reading!

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