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Top 10 Online Best Law Firm Website Designs

Top 10 Online Best Law Firm Website Designs

The way your law firm website is presented is ultimately what will be the first impression of what users think of you and your law firm. Lawyer websites allow potential clients to easily connect with you and your law firm, are easy to navigate, and are user-friendly. Lawyer websites provide users with a simple experience while creating a strong brand and reputation for their firm. Attorney and lawyer websites are utilized by a multitude of online users who are locally searching for the right lawyer or attorney. Law firm website design plays a huge role when trying to convert potential clients into actual clients. Your law firm’s website is accessible to the public at all times and should be simple, quick, informative, and visually pleasing to hold the attention of any users who have decided to click on your law firm’s website. Continue to read this article to review inspiring law firm website designs and what separates them from the rest. Whether you are a personal injury lawyer, family lawyer, or criminal defense attorney, these 10 website designs could provide you and your law firm with examples and useful ideas of successful lawyer website designs.

How Well is Your Lawyer Website Performing?

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Martinez & Schill LLP


  The Martinez & Schill LLP law firm handles several different accident cases located in both San Diego and Riverside, California. This sleek website design subtly presents where their firm is located with a beautiful picture of San Diego. The photo is calming and doesn't take the attention away from the text. Within the text, clients are immediately informed about what MS as a brand stands for. Their elegant font and light color mix coordinate with the art and expertise of MS, making it easy for the eyes of viewers. The MS law firm website informs the user of their practice area, its locations, and phone numbers on the first page of the website. Users can navigate their way through the entirety of the website on this first page, and the menu options blend perfectly into the photograph. Potential clients are familiarized with the cases the law firm has handled and what has resulted from these cases. Furthermore, the structure of the template and website designs juxtapose with one another.    The MS lawyer website remains consistent with its design, colors, layouts, and fonts. The website reminds readers what they stand for with a brief overview and where they are located. They provide their locations and their phone numbers and make it well known that they offer a free consultation.

Leichter Law Firm

Leichter is an employee and criminal defense attorney. Located in the state of California, his homepage demonstrates the state he serves with an eye-capturing photo. The colors in the photo match the colors of his law firm, and they go along with the remaining pages of his law firm website. Users are immediately informed of Leichter’s location, practice areas, and contact information.   While searching for an attorney, users keep an eye out for law firm websites that explain what they practice in; however, long paragraphs can easily scare off users. Leichter Law Firm’s website provides a brief, yet thorough explanation of the cases they handle, how they can help, and the outcome that is to be expected. The short piece of information is displayed with an approachable title that stands out from the rest of the text, displaying what is discussed on this page. They structured their informative text into paragraphs so readers can easily scan the page. The paragraphs are separated by text elements, are lightly colored, and are straight to the point. Nearing the bottom of one of Leichter’s lawyer website pages, a slideshow promotes his acknowledgments, suggesting the above content is honest. Including rewards and acknowledgments gives potential clients a sense of trustworthiness and separates you from your competitors.

Daniela Labinoti Law firm

  While searching for a lawyer or attorney, another factor clients tend to seek is a strong attorney-client relationship. Clients prefer to see who they will be working with. Including a picture of yourself on your lawyer website can reel in potential clients. When potential clients stumble upon your law firm website, they are searching for a lawyer who seems trustworthy and competent. Including personal information allows users to connect with you online, builds trust, and increases the chances of being remembered. Daniela Labinoti is a personal injury and employment attorney based in El Paso. A professional picture of herself, a short biography, and a personal quote takes up a small amount of space on her attorney website, but hold large significance. A personal photo increases Daniela’s ability to connect with potential clients. Users put a face to the name, making it easy to remember not only the attorney but the website as well. A short personal bio leaves positive impression and introduces you to the public. Personal biographies give the public the ability to connect with you, despite your lawyer or attorney expertise. On the other hand, including a quote on your attorneys' website is a bonus, and allows viewers to view your standpoint as an attorney. Providing a clean, simple biography and professional picture gives viewers an idea of the person behind the website and enhances connection building. After all, a photo is worth a thousand words. Not only does Daniela include a photo and personal biography of herself, but she also welcomes users with a professional self-portrait on the first page of her website. Viewers are instantly welcomed and can see who they will be working with. She introduces herself by showing her face, explaining her practice areas, providing a phone number, and informing the public that she is bilingual. Users and potential clients can immediately connect with the DL firm and get a sense of who she is upon the first pages of her attorney website.

Norton Schwab Law Firm

Norton Schwab is a law firm consisting of two medical malpractice lawyers who focus on clients located in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The homepage of the NS website communicates many messages to its viewers. A simple picture informs potential clients about their law firm practice, and matches the simplicity of the websites color scheme. A short paragraph allows users to get an idea of how long the law firm has been in practice and confirms their success. Users can easily navigate their way through the website, and quickly schedule a consultation.


As medical malpractice is an expansive term, NS included a menu of the practice areas they handle on their lawyer website. While seeking a lawyer on such a sensitive topic, the last thing clients want to do is search endlessly for the types of cases a lawyer handles. This NS website page was uniquely created as a simple template, providing users with a clear icon, explaining each practice area. By hovering over an icon, the selected square is highlighted, a unique feature that provides a welcoming experience for users. This template style allows users to click on the services they are interested in, instead of scrolling through pages and pages searching for the service in need.   NS has also included a page that explains the process of getting started with their law firm. When getting started with a lawyer, especially with one that handles medical malpractice cases, a common question clients may ask is: How do I get started with a lawyer on this case? NS lawyer website breaks down the process of getting started with their law firm. They do so with small, meaningful paragraphs that have been broken down into bullet points. Providing potential clients with a step-by-step process leaves them feeling relieved and interested in more.

Sam Kane Law Firm

Sam Kane is a personal injury attorney in New Mexico. Similar to Daniela, Kane greets all of his visitors by including a professional picture on the homepage of his law firm’s website. Without stating, Kane informs his website visitors about what he practices in with a photograph that suggests he is a personal injury attorney. He proves his successful results by acknowledging a valuable award he has earned. The website also points out that Sam Kane’s law firm is bilingual. Photographs and options that this attorney included on his website allow users to form a connection, and feel welcomed and safe. There is a lot of information on the homepage of this attorney website; however, it is presented in a sleek, subtle way.     Creating a blog post schedule for your attorney’s website is essential when trying to increase website traffic. Blog posts allow your website to reach your targeted audience and reel in potential clients. This sleek template is perfect for clients who are browsing the SK law firm website. With subtle colors and white negative space, the SK website allows users to read what the blog is about and read a short introduction to the blog. Clients can easily access each post, or view blog posts that had previously been posted on the law firm website. At the bottom of the SK law firm website, users can easily access many resources, such as addresses, phone numbers, and attorney pages regarding this website. They also give potential clients the option to connect with them through social media or, take a closer look at what former clients had to say about them. Providing the public with easily accessible social media platforms is a great way to expand your law firm business. The more information that is available about your law firm and attorney business, the better.

Danny Russell Law Firm LLC

Danny Russell is a Los Angeles DUI, accident, and family law attorney. Russell greets his audience with a friendly picture, immediately forming an attorney-client relationship. The menu on the top of this lawyer’s website is simple and easy to locate, and visitors have easy access to his phone number and consultation form. Additionally, Russell’s logo is professional and simple, similar to each page of the law firm website. You have never been in a car accident before, you never thought you would be in a scenario like so. While panicking, you quickly realize you cannot think straight. You’ve never considered what you would do if you were to be in a car accident. What now? You resort to the internet for answers. Providing your reason and practice area on your law firm website as an attorney is a given. What about providing potential clients with a step-by-step process explaining what to do if they are currently in the situation, and do not know how to go about it. Scott did just this with a calm, color-matching layout, and simple step-by-step valuable process which leads clients directly to the front door of your attorney website, and soon to your law firm.

Scott Vezina Law Firm

Scott Vezina is a medical malpractice attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Scott’s website is distinct from others because of the sympathy that comes along with it. His homepage touches the hearts of viewers with a sweet photograph while pointing out his expertise in the neonatal injury practice area. The picture matches the color scheme of the homepage and the rest of his website, making it attentive and easy to look at. A template represents his success in several different categories of his practice area. As you may know, potential clients rely on the outcome of previous cases to help them decide on whom they would like to hire as an attorney or lawyer. Scott Vezina incorporated client testimonials on his website to communicate with viewers. The purpose of client testimonials is to provide potential clients with a way to communicate with former clients about their experience with your law firm and its services. By including testimonials on your website, potential clients can recognize all your determination and positive outcomes that are a direct result of your work. Testimonials establish brand credibility and attract potential clients.

Romero Law

Romero is a California employment lawyer in the city of Pasadena, whose law firm’s homepage provides users with a short, yet effective quote. The quote allows website visitors to relate with Romero and feel understood and heard. Romero doesn’t over complicate things and lets users decide what they want to do next— roam the law firm website, or schedule a consultation. The homepage is simple and straight to the point.   FAQs can increase traffic for your law firms website. When clients are searching for a lawyer or attorney, chances are they are searching the internet seeking answers to the many questions that they have in mind. Searchers will come across your law firm website if your website answers common questions that the public might have. This is how leads get generated. Searchers will find the answers to their questions on your attorney website and become interested in your law firm. Furthermore, it allows potential clients to acknowledge how educated you are in your expertise and practice area. When including an FAQ on your attorney website, it is important to summarize each question and answer while still providing thorough, helpful, and effective information. As previously mentioned, users are more likely to read the pages of your website if the content is concise and straight to the point. To achieve this style of content, utilize bullet points and small paragraphs. Romero’s website FAQ brings a clean and simple design with its colors and fonts and useful information that is easy-to-read, and easy on the eyes.

Pearlman, Brown, & Wax LLP

Pearlman, Brown, & Wax LLP are employer and defense attorneys in California and Nevada. They provide counseling and litigation services to their clients. The homepage of their law firm website presents a slideshow with pictures of the areas their offices are located. With simple, and straightforward facts and information, the slideshow informs users about their law firms and their locations. The pretty photographs aren’t distracting, and still allow users to easily locate the law firm’s logo, phone number, and website menu. The P, B, & W law firm website has a resource page, which is not commonly seen on lawyer websites. P, B, &W has a unique page that provides users and potential clients with a long list of additional external resources. The list is compiled of many useful links and quickly takes the user to the intended page with the click of a button. The list is structured with a bullet point style and a simple design.  Including a resource page instantly suggests that you are informed, caring, and are here to help. It introduces your expertise to clients and increases traffic as resources are commonly searched by the public. P, B, &W has expanded their clientele largely, something that can be done when nailing your law firm website design. As potential clients land on their attorney website, they will most likely ask themselves how they can contact the law firm office closest to them. This website template provides clients with a straightforward answer. Each of the law firm’s contact information is easily accessible including the city, address, phone and fax number, and even the directions. Users can receive a map and directions of where each law firm is located at the click of a button. Clients experience a user-friendly website, leading to great customer service.

Land Legal Group

Land Legal Group is a family law attorney located in Los Angeles. A slideshow welcomes visitors and triggers an emotional response with its kind and gentle pictures. Each picture has a short explanation suggesting the LLG law firm is here to help. The colors and transparency of the slideshow aren’t overbearing and match the entire site. The creation of the homepage is simple, easy-to-navigate, and easy on the eyes.   The LLG attorney website has a neutral color scheme, matching its law firm's brand colors. Their phone number is highlighted and featured to grab the attention of any viewers. Alternatively, if potential clients prefer to begin their consultation via email, that is also an option. The consultation template allows clients to quickly and easily book a consultation. It is important to provide clients with options that are convenient for them. In this regard, clients have several ways to contact you. Looking more closely at every page of the LLG law firm website is an easy-to-navigate intuitive menu. Users can get a perception of what the entire website will consist of and can easily browse their way through. Additionally, a blue icon, the shape of a person hovers over the page and gives the user a long list of settings they can adjust based on their preferences, sensitivities, or disabilities. This tool allows users to feel comfortable and further persuades their interests in you, your law firm, and its services.


Attorney and lawyer website design can quickly grow your law firm’s business. The way your law firm website is presented can determine the route in which users will go. It reflects who you are as an attorney or lawyer, and how your law firm works. It can leave potential clients interested in the services you offer and convert them into actual clients. Your law firm website design should focus on the following:
  • Simple designs, and colors
  • Shapes, templates, & layouts
  • Spacing
  • Valuable & informative content
  • Easy-to-read paragraphs & bullet points
  • Easily accessible pages
  • Menu bar
To enhance your attorney website, consider:
  • Contact information: location, city, phone numbers, addresses
  • Services offered - Is the consultation free?
  • Consultation options
  • Self-portrait & bio
  • Acknowledgments and rewards
  • Step-by-step processes
  • Additional resources
  • Blogs
  • Testimonials/Reviews
  • FAQ
Designing and creating a website for your law firm can become overwhelming. Marketing agencies who specialize in attorney and lawyer web design can get your law firm website to reach the goals you have in mind. They can create your attorney website so it reaches its targeted audience, and connects with potential clients with user-friendly, welcoming, and easy-to-navigate templates and designs. Attorney marketing agencies can build an informative, eye-capturing, and useful website for you and your law firm.

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