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How to Introduce Your New Law Firm

How to Introduce Your New Law Firm

You have spent hours studying, interned, earned your Juris Doctor degree, and worked alongside many lawyers and attorneys — now is your time to shine as a lawyer/attorney. You are finally nearing your goals as an attorney and opened your own law firm. You are ready for business but find it challenging to find clients. Introduce your law firm to new and former clients the right way. You are an up-and-coming lawyer and are excited to start the business of your law firm. Though you are excited to take on this new venture, you are challenged with a puzzle many businesses are trying to solve:  How do I introduce my new law firm to build credibility and increase clients? Continue to read this article if you are interested in effective ways to introduce your new law firm, market your new business with new marketing strategies, and incorporate your existing marketing strategies.

How to Introduce Your New Law Firm 

Upon starting your new business as a lawyer or attorney, your number one goal is to introduce your law firm to your existing clients and introduce it to new clients to increase business. There isn’t one easy way to do so. Alternatively, there are many strategies you can invest in to exponentially grow the business of your new law firm. Begin with the following strategies to introduce your new law firm to the public.

Inform Existing Clients 

The first step in growing your new law firm is to contact existing clients and inform them about your new law firm. If you are leaving the business of another law firm, ensure you receive permission to do this as you do not want to take clients away from a law firm you worked at. Once you reach out to former and existing clients, clearly communicate with the ones who have decided to continue their attorney-client relationship with you at your new law firm. Transitioning to a new lawyer or attorney is considered a risk to clients. You want to prove to them that they can trust you, and you have what it takes to serve their cases. In order to do so, you must contact them and give them a brief overview of your new law firm and what it offers. Furthermore, you should reassure them and effectively communicate the value of your legal services. They may refer friends and family to your new law firm business if you create an attorney-client relationship with them from the start.

Publish a Press Release

[caption id="attachment_22485" align="alignnone" width="730"] Though a press release may seem like an outdated resource for marketing your new law firm, it can result in business expansion. A press release can be published online or the old-fashioned way in the daily paper. Believe it or not, we still have daily newspaper readers, which means it can increase the visibility of your law firm's new business. If done correctly, a press release can:[/caption]
  • Reach a larger audience
  • Reach your targeted audience
  • Direct potential clients to your website
  • Contribute to establishing your brand
  • Direct traffic to your law firm’s website
Once you have written a thorough and informative press release, you can publish it in the following ways:
  • Pay newswires to publish it to their sites
  • Publish it on your law firm’s website
  • Send it to local media resources
If you choose to publish the release on your law firm’s website, you can link it on any social media accounts where users will be directed to the press release page upon clicking on it. This allows interested users to find important information regarding your law firm.

What do I Include in a Law Firm Press Release?

Press releases announce the opening of your new law firm. Include interesting, pertinent, structured information for individuals who have never heard of you or your law firm before. Your law firm’s press release should be written from a third-person point of view to professionally promote your business. For an effective press release include:
  • Contact information: In the header of the page, include contact information that directly introduces you, your name, the name of your law firm, address, phone number, website, and social media handles.
  • Headline: Reel in potential clients with a concise bio regarding your law firm.
  • Lead: Within the first paragraph, discuss your law firm, its location, practice areas, purpose, and the founder/owners.
  • Body: This is where you sell yourself to readers. Include key points that your competitors may not have, such as educational facts, your focus as an attorney, professional partners, inspirational quotes, success stories, and how clients can contact you directly.
  • Overview: Include a short paragraph about your law firm and its staff to market the inclusive environment of your law firm.

Social Media 

Social media is an effective, valuable, and free marketing tool for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms. Social media platforms can promote your law firm business and broaden your reach with clients. Additionally, clients better understand your purpose as a lawyer or attorney, as they develop a better understanding of visual posts, as opposed to written ones.

Google Ads

Another way to introduce your law firm's business is by directing potential clients to your website as much as possible. This can be done with Google Ads. Essentially, Google Ads are a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing strategy. Google Ads can be an expensive investment for starter law firms, however, they are normally effective when it comes to increasing website traffic. When a searcher is searching the internet for a law firm like yours, they will type keywords in the search engine. If you incorporate google ads and the keywords pertain to your law firm, your law firm can be on the first page of the search engine, or possibly even one of the first law firms to generate on the search engine. This is where it can get pricey. If searchers click on a PPC ad that directs them to your website, you will get charged a fee. You will get charged a hefty fee each time this occurs. Though it can be pricey, it can also significantly drive traffic to your website which leads to foot traffic in your law firm. Imagine how many people your new law firm can reach if it was one of the first results on the top pages of search engines for clients who are searching for a lawyer, attorney, or law firm.

Templates to Introduce Your New Law Firm 

If you have made it this far, you have come to realize that you can introduce your new law firm to many different people, in many different ways. Here are templates and samples of how exactly to introduce your law firm through letters, emails, or press releases.

Introduce your Law Firm via Email

When sending an email, remember that readers tend to feel demotivated by lengthy messages that are sitting in their inbox. Create concise, informative emails that entail key details regarding your new law firm, such as:
  • Law firm name, practice areas, and location
  • Opening date of law firm
  • Phone number
  • Founders, partners, and key staff members
  • Noteworthy facts and details about the law firm
Here is an example of how you can write an effective email that introduces your new law firm with the above information. Hello [Name], I am excited to introduce my new practice -[Law firm name]- to the city of [City name]. We will be welcoming [Practice area] and [Practice area] clients in person or via zoom beginning [Date]. Our new [Law firm name] office will be conveniently located at [address]. Over the last [#] years, I have practiced [Practice area], providing legal services to clients in need. I am passionate about [     ] and I hope to [     ]. If you are interested in the legal services we offer, please contact us at [###-####] or email me at [Email]. If you would like to learn more about [Law firm name], visit our website at [Law firm’s website address]. Sincerely, [Lawyer name] Founder [Law firm name] Sending an email that introduces your law firm is easy, quick, free, and increases the visibility of your new law firm. Additionally, you may also introduce yourself and your new law firm by publishing a press release like so: Header [Name of law firm] [Name of lawyer] [Law firm’s phone number] [Law firm’s address] [Law firm’s website address] [Law firm’s social media handles] Headline  Concise bio regarding your law firm. Ex:  Law firm [Law firm name] brings [Practice area] services to the city of [City name] Lead Discuss your law firm, its location, practice areas, purpose, and who the founder/owners are. Ex: [Law firm name] will be opening its office on [date] located at [Address]. Legal services will be provided to clients in-person or virtually, depending on clients' preferences, where their needs will be met. Body Discuss what makes you and your law firm unique. Ex: Attorneys [Name] and [Name] are proud to announce the success their team has brought to their [Practice area] clients. [Attorney name] has brought justice to his/her clients who were seeking legal services and advice for the last [#] years, and has been recognized for [achievement]. S/he understands the inconvenience of [practice area] cases and works hard to ensure client cases are as seamless as possible. According to [Attorney name], [“Quote”]. Overview Mention staff and how they contribute to client cases. Ex: Our staff works tirelessly to ensure your case is heard and successfully served. Contact the [Law firm name] at [###-####] or visit our website online for more information [Website address]. [Attorney/lawyer name] Founder of [Law firm name] These templates are basic designs created for lawyer, attorney, and law firm emails, letters, and press releases. Adjust and fix them accordingly to make the most out of your marketing strategies.

The Basics of Marketing Your New Law Firm

Prior to introducing your new law firm to existing and new clients, it is important to make sure your marketing strategies are complete and ready. Once you begin introducing and announcing your new law firm, clients will feel they can trust you if your introduction aligns with the way your business is represented online. If your online representation is professional, chances are clients will further their attorney-client relationship with you. Though some lawyers and attorneys will contact a marketing agency to get business started, others will begin with the basics by themselves. Here are the basic marketing strategies you should have arranged prior to introducing your new law firm:

Law Firm Branding

The brand of your law firm acts as the identity of your business. The way your clients perceive your law firm's brand will affect their expectations of you as a lawyer and attorney, which can largely affect the process of deciding if they would like you to serve their case. Your brand should remain consistent throughout your career as a lawyer/attorney, and provide a unique message to clients. Once your law firm’s brand has been established, you can create a logo that will represent your law firm and convey its purpose to clients.

Law Firm Website 

Your law firm’s website will be the first place clients utilize when they hear about you and want to learn more about your services. An effective, well-created website is vital for law firm businesses. Your law firm’s website should have a unique design, have effective SEO strategies, and be user-friendly. Additionally, it should characterize your business and provide visitors with relevant, and important information regarding you and the services your law firm offers.

Legal Directories 

Legal directories are websites that potential clients use when looking for an attorney or lawyer in their area that will best serve their case. Clients can search the area and browse through pages of lawyers and attorneys until they find one they are confident in. Legal directories list legal professionals and provide a brief explanation of each one. These websites increase visibility and are another way to get your name as a lawyer out there.

Social Media 

In today's day and era, the majority of people use social media platforms one way or another. Creating social media accounts is another way you can market and present your law firm business to outside users. You can use social media platforms to introduce your law firm, build your brand, and reach a larger audience.

What’s the Easiest Way to Spread the News About the Opening of my New Law Firm?

Get started! There is no easy way to spread awareness about your law firm and what it stands for. The best way to do so put simply is to get started. While opening up a new law firm business can be overwhelming because of the budgeting and business plan processes, it is also an exciting achievement. Create a marketing plan you enjoy and are happy with. Introduce your new law firm business proudly by using the tools we have gone over and discussed.

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