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Name Your Law Firm

Name Your Law Firm

Are you indecisive when it comes to choosing a name for your law firm? Coming up with a law firm name can be tricky because of the role it plays in your law firm’s business. When considering your law firm's website domain availability, representation, and marketing strategies, it is important to have a unique, professional, and valuable law firm name. Overthinking if you chose the right name for your law firm is reasonable. Ultimately, your law firm name will represent you as an attorney or lawyer. It holds significance when clients are referring to you or browsing your attorney website. Your law firm's name provides potential clients with a title of what your brand represents. It allows clients to form a first impression, similar to the title of a book. While browsing the internet, it is the first thing readers see and are able to predict what the pages will consist of. Similarly, potential clients will predict what your law firm will offer, and how the services will be provided. Furthermore, your law firm's name plays a part in your brand, and it will be easily remembered by clients. Once again, similar to the title of a book, you want a law firm name that will represent your business, provide users with a prediction of a successful outcome, and is easily remembered. Keep all of this in mind when considering marketing your law firm and reaching your targeted audience. So, what is the best name for your law firm, and how do you decide? Continue to read further if you are interested in:

  • Step-by-step process of naming your law firm
  • How to pick a name that suits your law firm
  • Tools you can use to generate law firm business name ideas
Regardless of where your law firm stands, this article can help you decide how to get started on creating a name for your new business, or how to create a new name for your existing law firm business.

What is the Law Firm Naming Rules?

To keep it simple, law firm names should not imply false information. Follow these rules before deciding on a name for your law firm business:
  • Do not imply deceptive, false, misleading, or fraudulent information with your law firm name.
  • Do not imply there is another lawyer or attorney working within your law firm if there is not one
  • Do not imply that you are a part of an organization if you are not a part of one
  • Ensure your law firms name does not include lawyers who are in public office or a lawyer who is not allowed to practice in this jurisdiction
For example, don’t name your law firm after a city you do not practice in, or after a fundraising organization you are not a part of. If you work in the same building as another attorney or lawyer but you do not work together, ensure your law firm name is distinct from theirs and does not include a name suggesting you do work directly with them. These law firm name rules may vary depending on the state you reside and practice in. Make sure you are up to date on your state's jurisdiction rules regarding law firm names, before choosing a name for your law firm.

What do I Include in my Law Firm Name? 

There are many different ways to approach naming your law firm. As long as you are following the rules, and ensuring you are not using another lawyer's name, the options for naming your law firm are endless. Of course, there are effective ways to go about it so you can get the best out of your law firm's business. Here are ideas that you can include in your law firm name that may make your law firm stand out from the others.

Include Your Last Name

A common name idea for law firms is to simply use your last name. If you are a law firm consisting of only one lawyer, ensure you are content with your last name being your law firm name. It would be the name of your business and used on the internet, paperwork, business cards, etc. Even if you are partnering with another lawyer or several other lawyers, you can incorporate all of your last names into your law firm's name. If you are a lawyer who is trying to decide on a law firm name with a partner, using your last names might be the best decision as it avoids conflict and disagreements. If you have both decided to name your law firm after your last names and have found yourselves asking which name will go first, consider ordering it the way it sounds best, or the shortest name first. When using last names that are lengthy, you can also shorten a name if necessary, or use your initials such as, “K&A Law Firm.” Either way, including your last name in your law firm's name is a simple, effective idea as it directly represents who you are.

Incorporate your Law Practice Area

Incorporating your law firm’s practice area allows potential clients to immediately recognize your expertise and if you are able to serve them. It is straight-to-the-point and gives readers an understanding of your law firm. Try adding your practice area after your last name. For example, instead of “Smith’s Law Firm” try adding the practice area, such as “Smith Personal Injury Attorney.” Keywords that point out your practice area are a great way to generate leads and increase your possibility of meeting potential clients, however, this may be something you change in the future if you expand your practice areas.

Ensure your Law Firm Expertise is Apparent

While searching the internet, searchers do not want to click on every page of their search to make sure the page results are lawyers and attorneys. Furthermore, searchers will most likely avoid websites that do not clearly state that they are a lawyer. Adding words that confirm your expertise allows your law firm to reach its targeted audience. For example, words like “lawyer,” “attorney,” “legal,” and “law” inform the public about your expertise, making it easier to reach your targeted audience.

Specify the Size of your Law Firm

If your law firm has more than one lawyer or attorney, you could add descriptive words that inform clients of the size of your law firm. Words like “group,” and “firm” suggest there is more than one attorney. Alternatively, if you have an office with one lawyer or attorney you could include this into your law firm name as well by adding: “and representatives” or “and associates.” Whichever you decide, ensure the name is accurate and does not falsify any information.

Use Expressive Words

If you have decided you do not want to use your last name for your law firm, consider a name that expresses your values as a lawyer or attorney. Make sure the word you use is positive and promotes your law firm's business. For example, “Enduring Values” and “Justice Legal” are names of attorneys that used positive, and assuring words, suggesting they are successful and trustworthy.

Use Descriptive Words

Similar to expressive words, you can add descriptive words to the name of your law firm. Whether you use your last name or not, descriptive words can animate your law firm name. This idea doesn’t have to be complex. It can be as simple as “Denver Davis Family Law.” On the other hand, you can use a word describing you and your practice in your law firm name, with or without including your name. For example, “Affinity Legal.”  As always, make sure this is not against the rules of the state you practice in.

How do I choose the Best Law Firm Name?

Choosing a Law Firm name is not easy. Choosing your law firm name is what will represent your law firm and plays a huge role in its marketing strategies. It will most likely represent your law firm for the rest of your career, and possibly even after. Furthermore, you have to follow your state's rules and guidelines, while coming up with a name that positively represents the brand of your law firm business. Your law firm name will be displayed all over your office, website, across social media platforms, on review websites, and possibly on billboards, articles, and magazines. When creating a law firm name ensure you are 100% content with the name and make sure it will allow you to reach its targeted audience. Two questions should be considered when deciding on a law firm name: Though these seem like simple questions, the answers are ultimately what can provide you with an increase in clientele.

What are the Steps of Creating a Law Firm Name?

Here are the steps you may follow when creating a name for your law firm.

1. Brainstorm Names for Your Law Firm

If you feel overwhelmed about what you should name your law firm, begin by brainstorming ideas. Write down all the names that come to mind until you have run out of ideas. After reviewing what you can include in your law firm name, you should be able to come up with a list of names for your law firm. This is a great start and you can branch off of these ideas, or pick one that resonates with you.

2. Decrease your List of Law firm Names

After you have created a list of law firm names, you will need to narrow it down. We suggest narrowing the list down to three different options. Here is how you can minimize the list of options for your law firm name. Consider the acronym for your law firm Your law firm's acronym will most likely be used when marketing your law firm and creating a logo. Eliminate any law firm names from your list that have an unprofessional acronym, such as “MOO.” Small considerations like so are important for your law firm's representation. Review the rules of your state Finding out the name you chose for your law firm is not accepted can be uninspiring and devastating. Before choosing a name make sure the top 3 are accepted. You may find yourself narrowing it down to one option, or choosing 3 different law firm names to decide between. Consider your targeted audience Ensure your law firm name is not offensive or inappropriate. Research the words within your law firm name to ensure they are professional and fitting. Lastly, make sure it suits you and represents your brand and law firm business.

3. Get a Second Opinion

You can easily lose track of the general idea of choosing a law firm name. What you think is a great name may be seen as a poor choice to others. Ask close friends, family members, and coworkers what they think of the names you have created for your law firm. The more people you ask, the better. It is great to get an opinion from the outside looking in.

4. Confirm Domain Name and Business Availability

It is evident we are in the middle of a huge transition concerning technology. For this reason, it is essential you create a website for your law firm. It provides your attorney business with many different opportunities. Why does creating a website matter when creating a name for my law firm? The answer is— when creating a website for your law firm, you want to make sure the domain name is available and matches your law firm. The domain name is the website address of your attorney website. If the domain name is unavailable, this means there is another business that has the same name as yours. If this is the case, you would need to rethink your law firm name choice. You don’t want clients to search for your business and end up on someone else’s website. This can result in difficulties when it comes to optimizing your search engine. How do I check if a domain name is available? Luckily, there are many websites that allow you to search if your domain name is available. Utilize websites such as Google and GoDaddy to check the availability of your attorney website domain name. If it is not available, it is advisable to choose another law firm name, so you aren’t missing out on clients who search your name and end up on a competitor's website instead. If your law firm name has an available domain name, the next step is to check if it is an available business name. You can utilize search tools such as LegalZoom to check if your law firm's business name is available. If the law firm name you chose is available for a domain name and a business name, you are all set to register your business. Otherwise, you would need to circulate back to your brainstorming ideas and repeat this process until you find a law firm name that is available, and one that you are confident in.

5. Consider Trademarking your Law Firm Business Name

If you have gone through the process of checking if your law firm name is available and follows the state’s rules, then it might be best to trademark your law firm’s business name. This ensures your law firm name is off limits and there is no chance a business can also use this name in the future. How do I register a trademark for my law firm business? To register a trademark for your business, you would need to submit an application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Prepare to pay a fee when registering to trademark your law firm business name.

6. Contact an Agency for Additional Help

Though the process of choosing a name for your law firm may sound simple, it is actually complicated. It is extremely important you choose the right name for your law firm business. It will play a huge part in your law firm's marketing strategies and law firm’s website. If you feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start, consider contacting a marketing agency that will help you get started and ensure your website represents your law firm and the name you chose.

7. Free Software to Build a Law Firm Name

Business name builder websites are a great tool to utilize when running into complications while trying to decide the best name for your law firm. If they don’t help you choose a name, they can help you create more ideas. Additionally, they give you an idea of what business names may sound like. Below are a few examples of online business name builders that can help you choose a name for your law firm.

Business Name Generator  

Business name generator is a website that allows you to generate names specifically for law firm businesses. Additionally, they partner with GoDaddy to ensure the names that are generated are business names that are still available. After deciding on a keyword you would like to be included in your law firm name, BNG generates a list of available law firm names that include your keyword.


Shopify is another website that can be utilized to generate law firm business names based on an idea you have. However, with Shopify, you need to make sure the name is available by checking with GoDaddy or Google. After you enter a query, a list of business names is presented and includes your keyword. The list that is provided does not follow a specific category, however, you can incorporate words that suggest you are a lawyer.

Why is my Law Firm Name Important for Marketing? 

As previously mentioned, the name you choose for your law firm plays a huge role in marketing. One of the largest tools used by clients and potential clients will be your attorney website. This is how searchers will find you, and how they will be greeted once they click on your law firm website. It will represent you and your brand and will be displayed throughout the pages of your law firm website. Your law firm website will be displayed for the public to browse at any moment and any time. When potential clients are searching for an attorney within your practice area, consider the keywords they will use. Are these keywords a part of your law firm name? Is your law firm name welcoming, and professional? Consider what searchers, potential clients, and current clients may be searching, and ensure your law firm name can easily be found and is a name that can be easily remembered. If your law firm name has keywords, it can earn you a spot on the top pages or search engines and optimize your SEO, which can significantly increase clientele, and generate leads. Your law firm name is what you will become known for and represent you as an attorney. Regardless of your strategies, it is something that must be included in every tool you use for marketing. It is what clients will refer to you as, and holds value when it comes to clients’ first impressions and client experience.


After reviewing how to name a law firm, we hope you feel more confident in choosing a law firm name. Choosing a name for your law firm may seem like an easy task compared to the larger tasks that need to be completed when starting a law firm business. However, it is just as important and can turn into a time-consuming event. Your law firm business will be built based on the name you choose for it, so ensure you are choosing wisely and carefully. Let’s review ideas that can lead to creating a law firm name.
  • Educate yourself on law firm name rules within the state you practice in
  • Include your last name
  • Incorporate your lawyer/attorney practice area
  • Ensure your law firm expertise is apparent
  • Specify the size of your law firm
  • Use expressive words
  • Use descriptive words
Now let's review what can be done to simplify the process of choosing a law firm name.
  • Brainstorm law firm names
  • Minimize your list of law firm names with the process of elimination
  • Receive feedback and ask for a second opinion
  • Confirm the availability of the domain name and business name
  • Consider trademarking your law firm business name
  • Contact an agent for additional help
  • Utilize online law firm business builders
  • Review how effective your law firm name will be when marketing your law firm
  Creating a name for your law firm is an important step for your lawyer business. It can become overwhelming when deciding on a lifelong decision for your law firm's business and how it can impact its marketing strategies. Fortunately, there are agencies that help you build your law firm's name, brand, and business by focusing on marketing strategies. This will give you more time to focus on your law firm's business and its clients. Regardless of what you do, we hope you are able to choose a law firm name that best suits you and your business, and holds value when generating leads and increasing clientele.

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