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The Benefits of Launching a Website for Your Law Firm

The Benefits of Launching a Website for Your Law Firm

At some point, lawyers and attorneys begin to ask themselves if they should create a website for their law firm. Many avoid creating a website because of all of the unknowns that come along  with it, such as the cost, time, and technological resources that are needed to create a website. On the other hand, many lawyers just simply do not know where to start. After pondering the idea of creating a law firm website, it is easy to question if creating a website is really even necessary, especially if you already have an online presence. Many law firms are present on social media or have claimed their Google My Business profile Many lawyers utilize social media platforms, and legal directories to market their business. While these are effective marketing strategies, creating and launching a law firm website can take lawyer marketing to the next level. There are many benefits to creating a law firm website Continue to read this article to learn about the benefits of creating a law firm website.

What Are the Benefits of Launching a Website for My Law Firm?

Lawyers procrastinate creating and launching a website because of the efforts it takes to build, launch, and maintain. Launching a law firm website involves content creation, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and many other marketing skills that often require years to learn.  Legal professionals often hire a marketing agency to create, build, launch, and maintain their websites. Typically, the law firm will meet with the agency to discuss its marketing goals, and the marketing agency will build a website based on what the law firm requests. From there, the marketing agency will handle the website and the law firm can focus on its clients and cases. They will then meet monthly, or when necessary, to discuss any requests, comments, questions, and concerns. However, if you choose to hire a marketing agency, it is important to do your research and ensure they are able to meet the needs of your law firm.  On the other hand, there are legal professionals that will try to tackle launching a website  themselves. Regardless of the case, lawyers and attorneys will ask themselves for months if a website is necessary for the business of their law firm.  Review the advantages of launching a website. Hopefully, it will provide clarity on whether or not you should launch a website for your law firm business. 

Boost Your Credibility

Regardless of how potential clients find you, it is very likely they will research your law firm business to learn more about you before they make the final decision to further their attorney-client relationship with you. Launching a website for your law firm allows you to showcase your law firm's business, and display what you stand for. It is the most powerful marketing tool you can utilize to build a strong reputation. Launching a law firm website is a great way for clients to confirm you are who you say you are. It assures clients that you are a credible and reliable person. With the right, useful information on your law firm's website, potential clients will receive the information they are looking for, boosting your credibility and increasing clientele.

Control the Content You Publish 

Even if you do not have a website for your law firm, clients can still browse the internet to find as much information about your law firm business as they possibly can. However, the information they find may not be what you want your clients to get their hands on.  Launching a law firm website allows you to tell the story. You are able to provide the public with a story regarding your law firm and share the legal field you work in and the services you offer. This is a great way for clients to get to know you better.  Now, you may be thinking — I can just showcase my law firm, and its services through social media. However, with social media, you do not own the site. Social media is a way for you to share your own content, but you do not own it. With a website, you can own the site, and run it the way you would like. So, instead of posting content on a platform with thousands of other legal professionals, a website allows you to post content that is unique to your law firm business and your law firm business only. Additionally, you have control over what is published and you can change it at any time.  There are also online legal directories, which is where lawyers and attorneys pay a fee to have a single webpage that introduces who they are as a lawyer, their educational background as well as their career history. This, however, is much different than a website because it lists many other legal professionals and normally focuses on how lawyers got to where they currently are in their legal careers. 

Build Your Legal Brand

It is important to build your legal brand. Building your legal brand will define what is unique about your law firm. It will allow potential clients to perceive your business a certain way and allow potential clients to easily remember you and your law firm business.  Think of your favorite brand. Why are they your favorite brand? How are they unique? Is it the overall message they display?  Their unique logo? The colors they use? Their website design? The personality they showcase? All of these components you should consider when building your legal brand. Make your legal brand unique. This is also how others will remember your law firm business. It is more likely for someone to remember a unique brand than a dull, boring one.  Creating and launching a website is the best way to build and showcase your legal brand. A law firm website is a great way for potential clients to get to know you prior to personally meeting you. Ensure your brand is unique and memorable. 

Capture Your Targeted Audience

You are getting leads but may have realized the leads aren't converting into actual clients. Many legal professionals face this issue without realizing how effective a website can be for client conversion.  A well-built website can attract your targeted audience. Instead of attracting clients who aren’t interested in your services, attract ones that are. For example, if you are an auto accident attorney that typically attracts personal injury clients, but you also want to attract bicycle accident clients, you can do just that with your law firm's website.    With valuable, informative content, you can attract your targeted audience. This can be done by creating consistent content that addresses the needs, concerns, and common questions of your targeted audience. Search engines will begin to recognize your content and display it as a search result for potential clients. Content will also establish trust with potential clients because it proves you are expertise in the legal industry. Furthermore, you can invest in pay-per-click (PPC) ads to take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

Boost Marketing Strategies and Automate Your Practice by Adding Features

One advantage of having a website for your law firm is you can constantly add content, or change up the website when you want to. On the other hand, there are many helpful tools you can integrate into your website to make both you and your client's lives much easier. Your law firm website should at least have your contact information, individual web pages for lawyer biographies, and practice area pages. Of course, over time you can build your law firm website to have much more, such as:
  • Content: Your law firm website will be full of content on your practice area pages, biography pages, and contact information pages and there is much more content you can include on your website to increase website traffic. You can provide articles, blog posts, videos, relevant news, and videos for potential clients. This will attract leads, optimize organic search possibilities, and create trust.
  • Management: Depending on the needs of your business, you may be able to add features to help manage specific tasks and leads, such as contact forms, chatbots, call tracking, and appointment reminders. 
  • Automation: There are also features some lawyers add to their law firm website to make the intake process easy. Allow potential clients to fill out questionnaires, make an appointment, and submit a question on your website. 
  • Client portals: With a law firm website, you can add features that will allow you to easily share important documents with your clients. Integrate client portals, an online payment method, and text messages.
  • Online services: Your website may become a portal for online services to your virtual practices. Make your law firm website accessible to those who are only interested in online legal services. 

Law Firm Website Access

Law firm websites are so effective because the public has access to them 24/7. It represents its lawyers, and law firm business without a break. Lawyers that launch and maintain a website can increase their clientele and benefit from the following:
  • Boost your credibility
  • Control the content you publish 
  • Build your legal brand 
  • Capture your targeted audience 
  • Boost marketing strategies and automate your practice by adding features
Reflect back on the goals of your law firm business and consider if launching a website for your law firm would benefit you and help you reach your business goals.

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