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The Benefits of Law Firm Content Marketing

The Benefits of Law Firm Content Marketing

There are many benefits of law firm content marketing. Law firm content marketing is a crucial component to the success of your law firm and its website. Law firm content marketing goes beyond just creating and publishing pieces. While the structure and efforts of your law firm’s website greatly matter, so does the legal content displayed on it. The content quality, structure, message, and length contribute to how well your legal website performs online. Whether you are a personal injury lawyer, family law attorney, big or small, new or well-established law firm—content marketing is a method that can enhance your legal website and increase legal business for your law firm.  Online marketing may be a newer concept that you have been introduced to as a legal professional. Or possibly, you are curious about law firm content marketing because PPC is out of the picture due to budgets. Fortunately, content marketing is a marketing method that can be learned and is free to do so. However, it is extremely time-consuming and may require years of practice to produce content that significantly impacts your website's SEO. There are alternate options when it comes to producing effective content, such as hiring a legal content writer that is knowledgeable in your practice areas.  Regardless of the method you choose, the outcome of investing in content marketing for your law firm will not disappoint. Many legal professionals and legal businesses utilize content marketing to enhance their websites. This is because of the long-term benefits of content marketing for law firms. Continue to read further if you are interested in the benefits of law firm content marketing. 

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content on a website. The content is created for a specific audience. Law firm content marketing is content that is created for a law firm’s website in hopes it will reach its targeted audience. The main goal of content marketing is to introduce the business of a law firm to its targeted audience. Essentially, content can be seen throughout the pages of a website and even more so on a website's blog or article. Blogs or articles are important because it provides potential clients with valuable information and increases the chances of search engines noticing your legal website. 

The Benefits of Law Firm Content Marketing for SEO

If you are reading this article, it is most likely because you are interested in content marketing, and are curious about how it can benefit your law firm. Below is a list of the benefits of law firm content marketing regardless of where your legal business stands. Keep in mind content marketing correlates with digital marketing. Creating a website for your legal business would be the first step of your digital marketing journey. 

On-site Content Enhances SEO 

Producing content for your law firm's website enhances its search engine optimization. Essentially, the more content you produce and publish, the more likely it is for Google to recognize your legal website. Of course, the content needs to be good, quality content in order for your website to be recognized by search engines.  Furthermore, web searchers prefer a website that is full of content as opposed to one that lacks content. The more content you have, the more likely it is that your website will:
  • Be introduced to your targeted audience
  • Establish trust 
  • Catch the web users' attention and hold their attention
  • Convert potential clients into actual clients
  • Receive a high rank on Google searches
Content marketing influences you to publish more content throughout your website. This leads to an increase in audience engagement and conversion rates. It is important to create a content marketing strategy that will hold you accountable for content creation and high-quality content to reach your marketing goals. 

Improve Keyword Rankings 

Effective content marketing for your legal website can improve the organic rankings your keywords receive. What this means is— the keywords you use throughout the content on your website will be ranked based on their relevance to Google searches. This is why it is important to carefully choose keywords for the content of your website. If your keywords are relevant, your content will reach the top pages of search engines.  If your content reaches the top pages of search engines, the visibility of your website significantly increases. Ensure you are covering keywords throughout the pages of your website.

Build Credibility and Authority

When you improve the quality and quantity of the content of your website, it contributes to your credibility. Good quality content not only convinces your targeted audience to purchase your services but also convinces search engines to trust you and authorize you as a professional in your field. Legal content helps with:
  • Earning backlinks 
  • Improving your websites domain authority 
  • Gain trust from your potential clients
  • Earn authority regarding your expertise among clients
To earn credibility and authority benefits, you need to make sure the content on your website is high-quality. To do this, mix up your content and consider common questions, and relevant topics that will grab the attention of your targeted audience. 

Builds Brand Awareness

Content marketing helps bring awareness to your brand and legal business. This not only means the name of your law firm, but it also means who you are as a legal professional, what you stand for, what you do, and the identity of your business. Law Firm content marketing allows web users to better understand your brand when they come across your website. They are able to establish trust and you earn a reputation as a legal professional. 

Creates Assets 

Content on your website creates new assets that are very beneficial. You can reuse and repurpose content, both of which are cost-effective and contributes to your law firm's growth. The more you use this content marketing method, the better the results, such as rankings, conversions, and backlinks.  Content marketing essentially is cheaper than PPC marketing methods. Content marketing requires investing in the necessary tools and finding the time to create new content. Once you have the appropriate tools, you have all the necessary assets to continue to publish more website content. 

Referral Traffic

Posting more content on your website also means your website can be introduced to other content creators. If other content creators find your legal website to be valuable, they will refer to your website, which increases the visibility of your law firm. The referral method does the following:
  • Increases your SEO
  • Increases website traffic
  • Introduces your law firm website to a larger audience

Increase Conversions

The main goal of content marketing for your law firm is to increase client conversions, services, and leads. With law firm content marketing, it is always possible you will see an increase in conversions. However, conversions will only occur if:
  • You establish trust
  • You improve keyword rankings
  • You improve domain authority 
  • Appear higher in search results
  • Have high-quality content  

Improve Client Relationships 

As content marketing creates trust, you will be able to better attorney-client relationships. By providing website visitors with quality content, they will feel more confident in choosing your law firm for the legal services that they need. Improve attorney-client relationships by:
  • Answering common client questions  
  • Use messaging software to communicate with clients
  • Include your services, expertise, and practice areas on your website 
Though these strategies can create better attorney-client relationships, it ultimately comes down to the clients' experience with you and your law firm. 

Supports Existing Marketing Strategies and Customer Service

Another benefit of law firm content marketing is that it can help your law firm employees and the marketing strategies that are already implemented throughout your business. It allows current and potential clients to receive answers to the questions they have prior to contacting your employees. Additionally, it provides clients with important information at any hour of the day. Content marketing also contributes to other marketing strategies that your law firm uses. Once your content reaches its targeted audience, your existing marketing strategies begin to blow up and become just as effective. 

Less Demanding

Law firm content marketing is less demanding when comparing it to other marketing strategies. Clients like to do their own research as opposed to constantly receiving pop-up ads, and newspaper and email ads. These types of strategies might influence your potential clients to look elsewhere. Content marketing is beneficial because it allows clients to find you on their own time and when they want to. 

Are There Cons to Content Marketing?

As with any marketing strategy, there are a few cons to law firm content marketing. The following is a list of the cons of content marketing for your law firm:

Content creation can be difficult

Content creation requires a constant creative mind and consistent drive. If creating content is new to you, it may be difficult to create content until you fully understand marketing concepts and how to accurately write and create content to fulfill the needs of your business marketing goals. 

Creating content is time-consuming

Creating content is very time-consuming and requires a lot of time, research, and accuracy. 

Content creation can be costly 

If you have decided you are interested in hiring a content creator for your legal website, keep in mind that it can quickly turn into a costly investment. Additionally, content creation tools are costly as well. 

It requires many skills

Writing effective content requires many skills such as copywriting, SEO knowledge, graphic design, and many more. 

It can be hard to manage and track

Managing content can be hard because you need a lot of expertise to properly execute a campaign. Furthermore, it's important to track how well your content is performing. This can be confusing, time-consuming, and costly. Implementing law firm content marketing can be frightful, however, many legal businesses that have implemented content marketing into their legal website have expressed that the cons are worth it, due to the results they receive. Content marketing can lead to long-term benefits for you and your law firm. 


Once considering alternate marketing strategies, law firm content marketing is one of the cheaper options that have lasting results. With content marketing, you don't have to pay for it to be displayed on your website, and you have the freedom to edit it whenever you wish to. Regardless of your marketing goals, and your expertise, law firm content marketing has many benefits for your law firm. It can increase website traffic, convert clients, enhance SEO, build brand awareness and credibility, and many more. With quality content, it is likely your website will reach your targeted audience and lead potential clients to your law firm business. 

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