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Social Media for Lawyers

Social Media for Lawyers

Are you active on social media? Lawyers can use social media as a marketing tool to grow their business. It allows lawyers to extend their reach, promotes their law firm, and brings awareness to their brand. Unfortunately, social media marketing for lawyers is overlooked and many lawyers aren’t aware of how powerful it can be. Furthermore, lawyers often become overwhelmed when creating a schedule for their businesses’ social media accounts.  When creating social media accounts for your legal business, staying active and consistent is important for them to be an effective marketing tool. However, if you stay consistent on social media, your lawyer expertise can reach an audience you didn’t know existed. In this article, we will discuss how effective social media is for lawyers, how to use social media for marketing, and which social media platforms we recommend for lawyers.

Why Should Lawyers Use Social Media?

Social media was originally created to digitally connect with family and friends. Social media platforms were used to share photos, videos, and status updates, in a fun and creative way. However, it has turned into something much more than that.  Not only do social media platforms allow users to connect with family and friends, but they also enable them to connect with businesses they are interested in or services they are in need of. Potential clients use social media platforms to connect with lawyers, attorneys, and law firms. It is a marketing tool lawyers should incorporate into their marketing plan if they haven’t already done so. Besides, it is very likely your competitors are already active on social media, so now is the time to grow your lawyer social media platforms.  The following reasons are why you should create social media platforms for your legal business:
  • Increase clientele
  • Increase visibility
  • Engage and network with the community 
Now let’s take a closer look at the above-mentioned list.

Social media can Increase clientele at your law firm 

Social media platforms expose your lawyer profession and law firm business to a broad audience. As social media platforms grow, clients also consider lawyers social media accounts when searching for a lawyer that can best serve them. Similar to Google, clients are able to search for lawyers on various platforms where they can get a better understanding of the law firm and develop an opinion based on the lawyers social media account. If you post valuable, engaging content, it will catch the attention of your targeted audience and build credibility for your law firm. 

Increase visibility

Social media accounts provide prospective clients with valuable content to catch their attention and leave them curious about your legal business and its services. When potential clients want to learn more about your legal business, the first place they will go to is your website upon discovering you. Social media platforms are a great way to introduce your lawyer website.  Many social media platforms have an option that allows businesses to input their business website into their bio. This allows users to quickly and conveniently navigate to a business's website while browsing their social media accounts. Certainly, this is a great way to attract website visitors, provide a good user experience, and introduce new clients to your legal business. 

Engage and network with the community

Not only does social media allow lawyers to connect with prospective clients, but it also allows lawyers to network with the legal community. This can bring new opportunities to you and your law firm, and meet with individuals who can help you further your legal business. As a lawyer, it is important to stay up to date with the latest legal news and information. News and pieces of information tend to spread fast on social media platforms. Be among the first legal professionals to read about relevant, important news. 

How to Create a Social Media Strategy 

It is evident social media can enhance your legal business, but in order for it to be effective and get an ROI, you need to create a social media plan and have a strategy. The plan that you create will vary depending on your practice areas, audience, and your preferences. Here is a step-by-step plan on how to create a social media strategy for your law firm: Understand the rules As with everything else in the legal industry, you need to familiarize yourself with the social media rules of your jurisdiction. Confirm that you are able to create social media accounts before jumping into it. Furthermore, review the content rules and regulations to ensure you are aware of what you are able to post, and what you cannot post.  Identify your goals Identifying your lawyer social media goals will provide you with a clear idea of what content to post. Begin by creating both short-term and long-term goals and ones that are realistic and achievable. Answer the following questions when creating your social media goals:
  • What do I want to gain from social media?
  • Do I want more clients?
  • Do I want to build brand awareness?
  • Do I want to be discovered by the legal community?
  • Do I want more website visitors?
Conduct your own research  Do your own research on what your competitors are doing on social media. Take note of engagement components such as likes, shares, and views. Research effective social media methods specific to your practice area. Use these methods for your social media platforms. Be patient With social media, being patient is key. It takes many posts, and gradual time for your social media accounts to grow a following. In this case, it would be wise to choose only one social media platform until you have a solid understanding of effective social media marketing strategies.  Managing several social media accounts for your legal business will quickly become overwhelming. It is best to focus on one social media platform and create rich, valuable content than to manage several different accounts with low-quality content.  Plan your content Planning what you will be posting allows you to swiftly manage your social media account while keeping your followers engaged. When planning your content, you can include shared posts, new content, and engaging with your followers.  Create a schedule Creating a schedule for your lawyer social media platforms is crucial. Consistency will be key in growing a following on your social media account. Creating a plan will hold you accountable, allow you to create effective content as opposed to on-the-spot creativity, increase engagement and maintain an online presence.  Measure your results Social media marketing is similar to any other marketing strategy. You must measure the results to analyze what is working, what isn’t working, and what you can improve. Ensure you are not wasting your own time and track the results. From there, make any necessary changes and progress with time. 

Social Media Platforms for Lawyers

The social media platform you choose will depend on your preferences, practice area, targeted audience, and the type of content you are most interested in posting. However, the following social media platforms generally have the same sharing methods and are all great platforms for lawyers. Let’s review each platform and what they have to offer.  Facebook Facebook has been recognized as the most popular social media platform in the world. You can find many legal professionals on Facebook, however, it may be a social media platform this is  losing its significance for lawyers. Facebook allows lawyers to share personal and professional pictures to connect with clients. Clients are able to submit reviews on their Facebook page and learn more about who the lawyer is by browsing their page. Facebook can be beneficial for lawyers that have already established a large following on alternate social media platforms. Since Facebook is such a large platform, competition will be high. Larger law firms can use Facebook to boost the large following they already have. Otherwise, Instagram might be the best social media platform for your legal business.  Instagram Instagram is an app that is owned by Facebook and allows lawyers to showcase their business in many different ways. On Instagram, lawyers can post pictures, reels, videos, and ‘stories’ that are public to their followers for 24 hours. On Instagram, you can also use hashtags and location tags so both local clients and professionals who are interested in working for your law firm can find you.  Instagram is a social media platform that is best for sharing both personal photos and professional photos. Share a video of behind the scenes at your law firm, while also sharing pictures of employees' dogs, and what you enjoy doing most during your downtime. With Instagram, you can engage with followers, market your services, and connect with clients on a personal level. LinkedIn LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media platforms among legal professionals. It is a social media app that takes on a different approach than the rest of them. While Facebook and Instagram provide clients with a personal perspective, LinkedIn allows legal professionals to network with others that work in the legal industry. Networking with legal professionals can lead to bigger opportunities, career growth, and client referrals.  Since LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, post professional content and include relevant, important details when creating a profile as a legal professional.  Twitter  Twitter is less common among lawyers, however, it can still be beneficial depending on your goals as a lawyer. On Twitter, you can post videos and pictures, but it is mostly used for tweeting, which is similar to microblogging. Lawyers can tweet news, discuss relevant legal topics, and share the services they offer.  Twitter is best for those who are interested in sharing legal news and topics or legal professionals who are interested in helping up-and-coming lawyers. While some clients will be on Twitter, the majority of engagement will most likely be driven by professionals that also work in the legal industry.   Youtube Lawyers tend to shy away from YouTube, but with consistency and patience, you can gain subscribers on YouTube. Share videos with subscribers about legal matters, processes, and informative tips. This allows subscribers to better understand who you are as a lawyer and connect with you prior to contacting you.  If you want to share insightful tips with legal professionals and legal information with clients who are seeking additional information regarding their cases, YouTube can increase your online presence and attract new clients while helping those in need. 


The content throughout your lawyer social media accounts can be shared, referenced, saved for later, and rewatched (if it is a video). Social media provides users with content that they can reflect back on which increases engagement and visibility. The more content you post, the more followers you will receive, which can lead users straight to your lawyer website and convert clients. However, it is important to stay professional and consistent while providing engaging, useful, relevant, and valuable content to your followers and subscribers. 

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