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Develop a Realistic (and Achievable!) Individual Attorney Marketing Plan

Develop a Realistic (and Achievable!) Individual Attorney Marketing Plan

Individual Attorney Marketing Plan Creating an individual attorney marketing plan will allow you to focus on your strengths while building a reliable brand identity that sets you apart from your competitors or coworkers. The characteristics of a great attorney marketing plan begin with a simple and fluid approach to achieving your goals. Let’s get started.

What Is An Individual Lawyer Marketing Plan?

Whether you own your law firm or are one part of a larger attorney group, your individual lawyer marketing plan should be a strategic roadmap that will allow you to organize, execute and track your success. That includes:
  • Building Your Attorney Brand, Outlining Your Mission & Defining Your Expertise
  • Understanding Client Personas: Who Are Your Ideal Clients & How Do They Find You?
  • Who Is Your Competition & What Sets You Apart?
  • What Are Your Marketing Goals?
  • Defining Marketing Strategies, Tactics & Plans to Advance
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Each Marketing Plan for Law Firms Should Build Your Attorney Brand,

Outline Your Mission & Define Your Expertise

Who are you as a person? Who are you as an attorney? What does your law firm stand for? Now is the time to become a recognized expert in your primary practice areas while informing your prospective clients about your passion to create solutions for their unique legal needs. This can include:
  • Developing a consistent brand identity
  • Joining legal trade associations/memberships that highlight your skills
  • Attending and participating in seminars and conferences
  • Obtaining Board Certifications in your legal focus areas
  • Developing your community involvement
Clients look for an attorney because they must find a solution to combat their legal trouble. When they need legal help, coming out on top is their only concern. How can you help them? Make sure your answer is clear, concise, and convincing as you outline your legal marketing plan.

Understanding Client Personas: Who Are Your Ideal Clients & How Do They Find You?

Understanding your target audience’s persona is a fancy phrase for outlining exactly who your client is and how they find you. While each person you represent will be different, and their cases unique, your ideal clients will share similar personas, which can be easily defined in a marketing plan for attorneys. To determine these qualities, you must research and outline their:
  • Behaviors
  • Demographic information
  • Education levels
  • Pain points
  • Goals
This process can be simplified by asking yourself a few questions to pinpoint their journeys:
  • What does my ideal client look like?
  • Where do my clients live and work?
  • Why do my clients need me (specifically focusing on the most common practice areas you represent)?
  • How, when, and where do my clients find me?
    • When they have a legal problem and start researching attorneys online?
    • When they see an advertisement during a mobile search?
    • When they are referred by friends or family members?
    • When they see you volunteering in the community?
The more you understand your client base and their decision-making habits, the better prepared you will be to get in front of them to convert views and contacts to actual cases.

Who Is Your Competition & What Sets You Apart?

Chances are, you have a pretty good idea of the lawyers and law firms you are up against. It is important to take time to research and outline your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, so you can build and maximize your competitive advantage by outlining your law firm marketing plan, so you can stand apart and become the obvious choice.

What Are Your Marketing Goals?

Your marketing goals can be summed up simply and succinctly by making a straightforward list of what you would like to accomplish. The obvious answer is “get more cases.” That isn’t going to happen by chance. That begins with effective marketing that drives:
  • More website traffic
  • More followers on social media
  • More phone calls
  • More consultations
  • More referrals
Keeping a clearer picture of how to get your law firm in front of your target audience will allow you to develop goals, strategies, tactics, and plans to effectively pursue and convert new clients that increase revenue. marketing plan for lawyers

Defining Marketing Strategies, Tactics & Plans to Advance

Your marketing strategy is going to provide focus and direction but must be established through a clear plan to determine the best course of action for your individual attorney goals. Online is where the action is…
  • 97% of people – yes, all people – search for services online to first learn about a local company
  • 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information – including lawyers in their area
and that is where every marketing plan for lawyers should unfold. That can include:
  • Creating or improving your attorney website
  • Understanding Google’s role in your law firm’s online success
  • Applying attorney search engine optimization strategies
  • Researching lawyer pay per click advertising options
  • Developing attorney social media profiles

Creating or Improving Your Attorney Website

Your individual lawyer marketing plan begins with enhancing your online exposure. If you are a new law firm, you are going to need a website. If you are part of an existing law firm, with many attorneys, you will need to update, improve, and maintain your existing website, so all information is up to date, including your attorney bios. Ask yourself:
  • Is my attorney website easy to navigate and filled with the resources a prospective client needs to decide to contact my law firm?
  • Is my attorney website mobile-friendly, appearing optimally on any device?
  • How quickly can prospective clients contact me? Is there a click to call or text button? Do I have the appropriate contact forms?
  • Can prospective clients read testimonials or case studies directly on my website?
  • Are your photos original, depicting your firm and its staff?
  • Are there separate web pages for each of your attorney practice areas?
  • Is your website search engine optimized, so you are ranking at the top of the search engine results page and getting found?
  • Does your website contain videos that provide visitors with immediate access to your firm’s value?
Law Firm Marketing Plan Step by Step

Understanding Google’s Role in Your Law Firm’s Online Success

While there are many search engines, including Bing and Yahoo, Google is the preeminent source for online searches, accounting for just over 86% of ALL online inquiries. Start with a Google My Business account that allows your law firm to connect with prospective clients across Google searches that include important local factors, including Google maps. Google My Business allows lawyers to create an in-depth profile by adding photos and all your firm’s contact information in one convenient place for searchers to click, explore, and engage. This account will also provide insight into how many engagements you receive from your listing, including clicks, phone calls, and reviews that will help you manage your online persona to build on what is working and removing what is not. Sample Marketing Plan for Law Firms & Attorneys

Applying Attorney Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search engine optimization strategies are designed to allow your law firm to rank higher than your competitors. There are many components involved in increasing your online exposure through SEO, including:
  • Well-written, informative content
  • Onsite optimization
  • Link building from quality websites including attorney directories, professional affiliations, and community partnerships
Search engine optimization is an ongoing effort that changes with your target audiences’ search preferences and patterns and should be evaluated as each segment of your unique SEO campaign unfolds, so – again – you know what is working and what is not.

Researching Attorney Pay Per Click Advertising Options

Pay Per Click advertising campaigns are wildly successful because they are designed to reach your audience instantly to create an opportunity for immediate conversions. With paid search advertising, attorneys can drive traffic to uniquely designed landing pages that contain focused information with a specific call to action, so prospective clients are immediately given the attorney details they need to make an informed decision – now. PPC ads also allow your law firm to enhance its quality score to increase your ad ranking and lower the cost per action while collecting demographics to strongly target your specific audience going forward. PPC campaigns are straightforward, informative, and authoritative, so you can convert searchers into clients faster. Attorney Social Media

Developing Your Attorney Social Media Profiles

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are more than social media profiles. They are search engines. When your target audience is searching for attorneys, your social media profiles are going to appear in the search engine results, which immediately delivers a trusted connection. These profiles also give your prospective clients a way to contact you in their preferred format, which enhances your law firm’s appeal. Killer Law Firm Marketing Plan

Track Your Attorney Marketing Plan Progress & Measure The Results

Every great lawyer marketing plan includes a strategy to track its progress and measure the results. Individual metrics that measure the various elements of a marketing campaign are called Key Performance Indicators, or KPI. These units help establish short-term goals, and how your firm is making progress within those objectives. Your KPIs will be unique and can include any measurable component, including website visitors, social media followers, phone calls or contact, consultations, and conversions. The problem is, you are also working tirelessly to build and maintain a client base that requires you to be an exceptional attorney, which makes it difficult to build a competitive marketing strategy. We can help. At the Attorney Marketing Network, we create customized solutions for each of our lawyers, so they can focus on their cases while we develop unique strategies that allow their firm to stand apart from their competitors and convert their target audience into clients. Whether you are a single attorney, a small law firm, or a large corporate office, our experienced staff will design marketing solutions that fit your complete needs, starting with a free marketing strategy session or a quick phone call to learn more about our services and expertise. We are ready when you are.

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