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Reach Your Law Firm’s Full Potential With Customer Relationship Management Software

Reach Your Law Firm’s Full Potential With Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM Solution Logo At the Attorney Marketing Network, our staff works tirelessly to increase the online rankings of our law firm clients for the purpose of expanding leads and delivering qualified clients to their virtual and physical doors. Once they get there, it is up to the attorneys in your firm to nurture the lead into a converted client. And that begins with successful customer service techniques. When a prospective client contacts your firm, how do you retain that information? In an email? On a handwritten note? Chances are, the communication efforts around your firm vary, based on who takes the call. Some leads are comfortable explaining their legal needs in a voicemail or to the receptionist. Some insist on speaking with an attorney before disclosing the details of their claim. The important part of the client-attorney interaction is how effectively you and your staff are communicating with not just the potential clients but with each other. Prospective clients want to believe that your firm is listening to everything they say. They want to feel important. They want you to care. When that connection is lost because the piece of paper their entire legal need was transcribed onto disappears, you are forced to ask the same questions again. Simply put, you were not listening and now the lead is dead. Our Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, and client intake software provides a solution using a simple user interface that helps attorneys across the United States collect pertinent data about their prospective, existing, and past clients to help lawyers recognize and communicate with customers in a scalable way. CRM is a management strategy that results in increased profits for lawyers by consolidating different methods, practices, and tools needed to track client activity. And when there is a reliable system in place, attorneys can eliminate costly manual errors, and still make each client feel as if s/he was the most valuable lead you have. CRM management strategy - AMN

How Will Customer Resource Management Software Help My Law Firm Grow?

To be successful, your firm’s attorney marketing techniques must go beyond your online ranking. To create the best marketing plan available for your law firm, you must learn everything there is to know about your target market, so you can reach them efficiently and effectively. Our CRM system allows law firms to gather important information about their target audiences and retain the information electronically — for your entire staff to learn from — including their demographics and why they need legal representation. This allows law firms to better anticipate their clients' needs and fulfill them. CRM systems also allow your law firm to organize the information you collect from your clients to identify, document, and record each aspect of communication that takes place. And the more channels you have, the greater the need to manage your interaction with your client base. Our CRM system allows your law firm to quantify and categorize data for easy future reference. It also makes the data available to everyone in your firm, from the receptionist to the attorneys and accounting to marketing. Each conversation that takes place can be annotated from anywhere, including your mobile phone, thanks to the cloud-enabled technology. These touchpoints that can be saved for all-office use without losing detail in translation can include:
  • Emails
  • Calendars
  • Reminders
  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Voicemail messages
  • In-person meetings
  • Social media
  • Online submission forms
  • Surveys
Each person in the firm can provide the same high level of service by having access to the same client data. This allows your firm’s attorneys to pick up with any client where they, or another person in the firm, left off. No lost notes. No repeat conversations. Just a trusted connection to help you extend excellent customer service while solidifying solutions for their legal needs to boost revenue. CRM systems Images AMN

CRM Systems Improve Analytical Data Reports For Better Marketing

CRM systems are easily integrated with different tools or plugins, so you have the ability to generate automatic reports and maximize your time and efforts for future marketing campaigns. Including focuses on:
  • Summarizing the demographics of individuals and groups to market more effectively and increase conversion
  • Effectively targeted marketing communications aimed specifically at your clients’ needs
  • Highly personal approaches for the development of new or improved services in order to win more business in the future
  • Solidifying your firm’s reputation in the community and attorney marketplace
Better reporting data allows attorneys to make resourceful and effective decisions to increase client satisfaction and long-run profitability.

Retain Client Information Inside Your Firm

Any client data that leaves with an outgoing employee, either in their deleted emails or simply inside their heads, can be detrimental to your law firm’s success. With a CRM system in place, all information is entered into the software program, so it is always available — even when someone calls in sick or moves on.

Is My Law Firm Too Small To Benefit From CRM Service?

The diversity of CRM is designed to benefit both small and large businesses. Using a CRM tool lays the foundation for a scalable sales and marketing system. Any company will benefit from maintaining a record of which conversations and marketing efforts can be associated with leads and clients, which will translate into growth.

Partnering With Customer Relationship Management Success

Searching for a better way to communicate with your clients? Attorney Marketing Network CRM and client intake software partner, Salesforce, provides a fully scalable CRM system that fits the needs of each of our clients in a unique way. Our attorney marketing professionals will walk you through the CRM system that is best suited for your law firm to target the right leads at the right time and with the right resources by calling 877-899-8311 today.

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