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How Do I Generate More Business For My Law Firm?

How Do I Generate More Business For My Law Firm?

Law Firm marketing strategy Earlier this month, we talked about the importance of your law firm’s online reputation, and how to maintain it so prospective clients can easily choose your firm over your competitors. Currently, your law firm marketing campaign should include a combination of:

Your online identity is incredibly important, and so are your marketing efforts across the web. Both are imperative to your overall ranking, the online leads your law firm generates, and the conversion rate at which you secure clients. But much like your day-to-day operations unfold offline, so should your additional marketing efforts. additional marketing efforts

Expand Your Relationships In The Community

Friends and family members may provide a steady stream of new client leads, simply because they trust you and your law firm and want to see you succeed. The same should be true for other people in your community. Your local community can play an integral role in developing your offline value, which will allow your firm to leverage its commitment to prospective clients before they contact your firm. Examples of community involvement can include:
  • Creating a scholarship contest
  • Sponsoring a local event
  • Providing summer internships
  • Making public donations to causes directly related to your practice areas
Being committed to your community can merge with your online marketing efforts by providing free resources on your website that allows prospective clients to access organizations that directly relate to your target market/attorney niche. why client relationship is important

Build Meaningful Attorney/Client Relationships

What happens when a prospective client contacts your firm? How quickly do you return calls/emails/contacts? Customer Relationship Management can positively transform client services to ensure each of your prospective and current clients feels as though their case is valued. Client services affect everyone you represent and will make a difference in how your clients feel about your commitment to their case. When clients feel as though you care about the outcome of their legal needs, they will tell other people about how committed you are to a positive outcome. Their opinion of your client services will directly affect your ability to obtain new business. opinion of your client services will obtain new business

Do Not Underestimate The Value of Previous & Existing Clients

When a previous client is satisfied with your legal services, they are going to tell another person about their experience. Certainly, as an attorney, you can’t win them all. But the attorney/client relationship and legal process may prove to be just as important as the outcome. When your previous and existing clients feel as though your firm has done everything possible to get the best outcome available for their unique case, they are going to share their experience. Their outlets can include: Depending on your practice areas, previous clients may also become repeat clients, which provides a secondary opportunity for your law firm to build a substantial client base that boosts future revenue. law firm to build a substantial client base that boosts future revenue

Expand Your Attorney Reach By Reinforcing Your Brand

Your personal and professional relationships extend well beyond your legal practice. Each person you interact with can become a brand ambassador for your law firm — ranging from coffee shop employees to courtroom staff. Building your online and offline personas in tandem invokes trust and value that will expand your reach in the community, which is exactly where your caseload originates. If you have questions about the efficacy of your current online identity, contact the Attorney Marketing Network to receive a free website audit today.

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