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Land Legal Group Family Law Lawyers in Los Angeles

Family Law Attorneys Los Angeles

Case Study for Land Legal Group

Family law is the cornerstone of the Land Legal Group’s representative focus, were working with clients in a tumultuous field requires more than legal experience and dedication. A compassionate approach and an exceedingly successful track record in helping their clients obtain the best outcome available for their family’s well-being puts Land Legal Group in a leading position in the courtroom.

Our Challenge

Land Legal Group was a firm starting from scratch in the Los Angeles, Ca area. A relatively young attorney was separating from his previous partnership, and striking out on his own with a need to begin a valued marketing approach. With a basic, static website, Mr. Land looked to AMN to help jumpstart his new firm, and begin building a brand from the ground up in the highly competitive legal landscape of Los Angeles, CA. Other challenges included:

  • Poor positioning on search engine results pages
  • Lacking citations and reviews lessened online credibility
  • Absence of city pages or maps in a big market
  • No call to action to drive contact to the firm

The Outcome

We took Mr. Land’s experience and location into account while creating a competitive analysis to provide details of the firms he was up against. This included rebranding his practice to separate him from the masses by implementing a unique marketing strategy that would better describe his strengths, and drive more traffic through the door. Our approach included:

  • Clear and convincing web presence through a WordPress website
  • Consistently rebranded citations across the web
  • Driven marketing approach to increase positive online reviews
  • Development of long-form content that increased credibility
  • Created advanced city pages to extend the firm’s reach in and around Los Angeles

Actions, Sales And Results

  • 55% Land Legal Group’s keywords in California are in position one on Google
  • 50% of their keywords are on page one on Google
  • 138 of their keywords rank in positions five through ten on Google
  • Increased incoming calls from 55 to nearly 150 each month
  • Advanced website visits from 69 views when the solo practice launched to over 500 views per month

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