Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Search Engine Optimization Pricing

The Attorney Marketing Network knows that when it comes to Search Engine Optimization tactics you may have more questions than answers. Our capable, friendly staff is more than happy to help familiarize your firm with our SEO campaign options, to increase your internet marketing visibility quickly and efficiently. To avoid any confusion about our services, and how they help increase your Google ranking, we offer free consultations to attorneys around the country. Once we are all on the same page and ready to increase your online presence, we charge a one-time initial set-up fee, and a subsequent monthly fee to insure you are getting the most from your marketing budget.

One-time Initial Set-up Fee

It is important to us that the attorneys we represent know that they are getting a customized approach for their particular internet marketing campaign. No two law firms are alike, and we will never market their services as such.

Our initial fee covers the reconstruction of your site from its current platform to the easy to use and Google-friendly Word Press open source. In addition, we will optimize the site’s pages to increase your ranking locally, combining ten additional local cities into the search engine optimization so you are getting the largest response your community has to offer.

This segment includes content compilation, allowing time for approvals by your staff, and providing your firm with complete ownership rights to the content, including royalty-free images, upon completion. There is no limit to the number of pages we can produce for your site, so use our expertise at will!

Monthly Service Fee

To insure that your site stays at the top of the search engine results page, we will create a monthly plan that is specific to your firm’s needs. This includes optimizing your pages to stay in accordance with the search engine algorithms, while continuously evaluating and tweaking the local cities’ rankings to maintain maximum visibility at all times.

Monthly Service Structure

Our monthly service fees include phone and email consultation services, and insure a dedicated resource for your firm’s enjoyment. Partnerships are built to insure that your marketing dollars are spent accurately and effectively. This means that we will provide you with client education and tutoring sessions, so you are never at a loss for what is happening with your hard earned revenue. Our goal is provide partnering transparency, so you know exactly how your dollars are being spent, and are able to see the actual benefits of those expenditures in the form of increased traffic to your site.

We will provide research materials for your review, as well as prepare and transmit reports regarding the effectiveness of our services. We want you to be aware of the results, while we continue to optimize your online identity.

This pricing structure is for Search Engine Optimization services only, and does not include web design, programming or hosting services. If you would like to obtain a price from Attorney Marketing Network to redevelop your online identity with a complete overhaul of an existing web page, or to build a new one, click here  to review our top notch services.