Intelligent Website Design for Lawyers

Website Design for Lawyers

Colors, content, and conversion are tied together with our intelligent website development that allows our coding and SEO practices to boost your online visibility.

Our law firm website developers produce:

  • Tested Search Engine Optimization practices that produce premier online rankings
  • Intelligent coding proficiency for behind the scenes organization and superior functionality
  • Creative emphasis on Conversion Rate Optimization

Technologically Advanced Lawyer Website Designs that Produce Results and Remove Friction

We do not subscribe to any of the thousands of technological shortcuts available to the masses, as most of them only offer the illusion of speed, improvement, and conversion.

We develop technology that reflects the First Principles of physics, which vastly improves the visitor’s comprehension of the available content and guides them to the simplest path of connecting with your law firm through their preferred contact method.

Our websites include some of the following:

Phone calls and text buttons that deliver instant communication connections
Intuitive email and contact forms that engage while collecting information
Interactive chatbots that allow the visitor to engage in Q&A without monopolizing an employee’s time
Optimal speed and response actions on all devices, no matter their screen size
A/B Split Testing to optimize performance and increase conversion
Robust security measures to protect from malware and hacking
In-depth results and tracking in easy to understand analytical reports

Mobile-First Website Design Focus Allows Your Law Firm To Convert Clients Faster

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we use the latest in HTML 5 Bootstrap Technology, which translates to an optimal approach to producing mobile-focused designs – FIRST. We know that some people still use desktop computers. We know many rely on their laptops for day-to-day functions. But when it comes to searching for products and services, mobile functionality is paramount to your law firm’s success.

Our focused approach to delivering the very best in high-converting content is supplying visitors with informative copy that includes your connection to the community through scholarship opportunities, not-for-profit work, and a commitment to essentially doing the right thing for those who need help. Whether it is a fundraiser or pro-bone case, your firm’s social involvement goes a long way in developing a compassionate online content architecture that converts clients.

Our legal content writers deliver:

Advanced content management that develops your law firm’s credible authority and drives conversion
Curated social impact and benefits copy to connect with the community
Scheduled blogging and support page creation to boost SEO
Highly developed landing pages that operate as simplified versions of your website, with a specific focus; no links, or distractions – only an effective call to action