Start Measuring What Is Important To Your Law Firm’s Growth by Using Lawyer CRM

What is on the top of your law firm’s to-do list this year? Growth? Increased revenue? For most, this could mean hiring new attorneys and support staff or expanding their marketing dollars in areas that are better suited to reach their target market. Depending on the firm, both can be great ideas.

Growing your firm and increasing revenue will require focusing on solutions to using your time more efficiently and communicating more effectively. 75% of attorneys in the United States report working outside of their firm’s regular business hours, with two-thirds stating that time is spent catching up on items that did not get completed during the day, including client contact, follow-up tasks, and administrative work. More than half of the after-hour attorney crews also admit that the additional work-related hours is adversely affecting their personal lives. It’s time to find an assured solution.

Learning where the time goes can help you capture it going forward. And managing your firm’s internal communications, marketing data, customer service, and client relationships in a single place will allow you to focus on leading your firm into the next stage of success by placing everyone on the exact same page.

Welcome to the New Time-Saving World of Customer Relationship Management for Attorneys

Is your internal communication process broken? Are prospective clients falling through the cracks as a result?

Losing a valuable potential lead can decrease your law firm’s local marketing effectiveness, and there is a solution to keep it from happening. Customer relationship management systems, or CRMs, like Salesforce, are driving consumer satisfaction and creating connected, valued relationships between law firms and their prospective, current, and past clients.

These software programs are designed to record, manage, and analyze customer interactions through a cloud-based pipeline that allows each person on your staff to view and manage all communication, progress, and needs any single client has, no matter their status, in one place.

Capturing and unifying your law firm’s data allows you to build valuable customer experiences. Consumers, including those who are seeking legal help, are pursuing value. No matter their legal need, they want to know that your firm can provide solutions they are unable to reach on their own, and one way to do that is to prove that you are listening to their overall needs.

Companies like Salesforce are bringing customer relationship management to law firms large and small at unprecedented levels by simply connecting the dots between internal communication, law firm marketing, and client contact and conversions, all through a cloud-based platform that gives everyone the exact same view of the attorney-client relationship.

Salesforce puts everyone in the firm on the same page without digging for notes, references, or hard-copies of files. This allows a client to receive the same service from any of your firm’s employees. And when all the information you need is a single place, it is easier to analyze and capitalize on.

For instance, the American Bar Association Journal reported in 2014 that a CRM system made the connection between a client who was interested in investing in a company and an attorney who worked in their firm who had extensive knowledge of the firm’s involvement in the new business. The result? The firm landed an unanticipated and lucrative consulting fee that brought the two parties together. Connections create opportunities, and opportunities create growth. CRM systems bridge the gap for all involved.

If you are tired of repeating the same information to colleagues, support staff, and co-counsel, Salesforce delivers one-stop communication solutions for your entire office and combines it with superb client support and marketing integration.

Would You Like to be Front and Center With Your Clients?

New and exciting outreach opportunities are no longer reserved for Fortune 500 companies to reach their sales and marketing goals. Salesforce is combining marketing, communications, assessments, and spending to provide lawyers with a significantly higher level of efficiency.

What Is Salesforce And How Can Law Firms Use It?

Salesforce provides cloud-based communication software that allows attorneys to fully understand their clients’ needs and behaviors, so they can provide a positive customer experience that delivers sustained growth with targeted marketing opportunities.

Are you worried that your marketing dollars are not turning into cases?

The cloud-based customer relationship management software provides answers through:

  • 100% customizable dashboards to include preferred views, templates, and task lists to automate your day-to-day activities
  • Modular integration that includes a sales cloud, cloud services, and cloud marketing
  • Time-saving tasks that set reminders, track time and client histories, and send secure messages to clients, administrative employees, and co-counsel
  • Targeted marketing campaigns that are tailored to your prospects based on actual intelligence to generate more converted clients
  • Untapped opportunities that create and assess sales goals and performance reports
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and calculate the return on investment
  • Organize quality customer follow-up to quickly answer needs and secure client partnerships
  • Store all client information in a single, cloud-based space for quick reference and immediate access from anywhere
  • Multilingual to accommodate all employees and client language preferences

This enhanced communication platform ensures that everyone within the law firm is providing the same high level of service because they have access to the same customer data.

What Are The Benefits Of Salesforce Integration For Law Firms?

The overall benefit of Salesforce integration is the compilation of improved information and organization tactics that identifies, documents, and records all communication efforts between your firm and your past, current, and future clients. CRM systems store information in one place, which leads to the improved analyzation of data. What’s more is that Salesforce can easily integrate with existing and new tools and plug-ins, so your marketing and communication efforts are working in tandem.

The cloud-based software allows:

  • Easy accessibility, including online access from anywhere and through mobile apps
  • Reductions in administrative burdens
  • Connections to other digitized services, including social networks, calendars, and marketing campaigns
  • Invoicing and document signing capabilities

In addition, there is:

  • No capacity limits
  • No technical experience required
  • No maintenance or IT requirements
  • No wait times, with immediate access to customer service and advice 24/7

CRM solutions allow your firm — everyone in your firm — to manage all of your internal communications and customer data in a single platform, so employees and attorneys alike are more productive, more efficient, and more focused on creating positive customer experiences that lead to unparalleled growth.

Salesforce Integration Makes Law Firm Growth A Reality

No matter where your current communication and marketing efforts begin and grow, whether it is with Google Ads, HubSpot, WordPress, Gravity Forms, or CallRail the goal is to improve the internal processes that will allow you to become a client-centric law firm.

Clients are the source of your firm’s growth, and it is important to provide each of them with a personalized journey that delivers value through email marketing, mobile communication, social media marketing, and digital advertising, and Salesforce delivers an easy way to bring each of those efforts into one platform, so you can analyze the data that will outline how your marketing dollars are being spent, so you can focus on your successes.

How Does Salesforce Help Law Firm’s With Online Case Management?

Salesforce Case Management software allows attorneys to review social media contact quickly and effectively, so the firm’s responses are timely and satisfactory.

67% of consumers use social media networks to seek resolution for issues they had or are having with companies — attorneys included. This means that someone may respond to your Facebook post seeking more information, or mention your firm in a Tweet to invite contact. More and more, consumers are actively seeking customer support resolution on social media, and they expect answers.

Salesforce Case Management software automatically collects, organizes, and prioritizes customer interactions in a single, easy to access place. So, when you have two minutes before your next appointment, you can access your case management software from anywhere, including your mobile device, and supply the responses your prospective clients require, so they know they are being heard and that you are committed to providing solutions to their legal needs.

Manage your cases with ease using Salesforce capabilities designed to:

  • Track and categorize customer interactions from all channels, including social media platforms, email, and online contact forms
  • Provide advanced analytics, including actual evidence on how prospective clients are contacting you
  • Add identifying filters and priority levels for different cases that require immediate and focused interaction
  • Include notes to cases for easy communication within the office, and with other attorneys
  • Create unique labels, for organizational clarity
  • Deliver the technology from its cloud-based platform or through a mobile app

What If Our Law Firm Is Already Using Another CRM System?

The cloud-based Salesforce technology is devoted to forging a path to success by acquiring your existing CRM service and data and automatically adding it to their software, so you do not have to re-enter any information on your own. There is no technical experience required, and their support staff will provide step-by-step instructions on migrating your data for free, so you do not lose any important information along the way.

Exploring the Differences Between Salesforce And Other Cloud Solutions

Salesforce provides an elite one-stop service that provides exceptional integration with the one thing all lawyers need to succeed: T.I.M.E.S.

  • Time: Use less time to contact prospective, current, and past clients via email, phone, or through marketing campaigns that support the best outreach opportunities, including who to contact and when based on the industry-leading analytics Salesforce has created.
  • Information: View, access, share, update, and use all your customer information in a single, cloud-accessible place.
  • Money: Save money by staying organized and expanding your return on investment. Salesforce users are reporting over $8 earned on every $1 spent on the software.
  • Education: Learn more about your customers, their journey in finding an attorney, and what you can gain from them to assess new client opportunities that will open additional target markets to achieve success.
  • Security: Salesforce is the gold-standard in customer relationship management that combines your firm’s online security with the confidence that their company is here to stay.

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What Is The Difference Between Salesforce and Clio? (Salesforce vs. Clio)

Clio is an attorney-focused practice management software. It allows its users to manage cases, store client information and documents, and provides access to accounting features including time tracking, reporting, and invoicing.

Users can:

  • Customize views, templates, and task lists
  • Set reminders
  • Send secure messages internally and to clients
  • Expedite billing and payment processing

Clio does not deliver marketing-integration technology that allows firms to collect and analyze data from their existing online personas from websites, social media accounts, or emails and contact forms.


What Is the Difference Between Salesforce and Time Matters (Salesforce vs. Time Matters)?

Time Matters provides an organizational boost to law firms by managing calendars, documents, and expenses in a single platform. The software allows attorneys to streamline tasks and operate more efficiently, but it does not offer the robust marketing capabilities that Salesforce’s powerful integration delivers.

Time Matters focuses on tracking billable hours, so they can be secured instead of wasted.


What Is the Difference Between Salesforce and Zoho? (Salesforce vs. Zoho)

Zoho is web-based software that combines an office suite of note-taking, word processing, presentation solutions, spreadsheets, databases, wikis, web conferencing, and CRM to help prioritize a sales-pipeline for its users.

Zoho also offers single-click dialing for sales calls and includes reminders and analytics that measure the lead’s performance.

Much like Salesforce, Zoho offers:

  • Social media lead captures and management
  • Automated lead scoring

The software also provides invoicing and project management technology.


What Is the Difference Between Amicus and Salesforce? (Salesforce vs. Amicus)

Amicus is software that is primarily devoted to providing attorneys with an integrated legal calendar that organizes appointments, court dates, deadlines, and events, so they can be easily tracked, updated, and shared with others.

Why Is Salesforce Better Than Some of the Other Lawyers CRM Products On the Market?

Salesforce is the industry leader in CRM technology, not only because of their size and abilities but because it is a company that is dedicated to providing the most technologically advanced cloud-based services for their clients that operate with iron-clad security.

The company’s ultimate strength lies in its approach to providing unique solutions for all types and sizes of clients, including attorneys while never approaching their customers with a one-size-fits-all mentality.

When customers make a Salesforce purchase, they are getting software that creates a dynamic approach to growing their business and expanding their return on investment. And as your needs change, so will their tailored approach to scaling your Salesforce solutions.

What If I Am A Small Law Firm? Can I Take Advantage of Salesforce?

Salesforce technology is specifically constructed to satisfy the needs of small and large businesses alike — uniquely.

Salesforce CRM services are designed to approach your firm’s needs using dynamic and unique solutions whether you are a solo attorney, small firm, medium firm, or a large multi-national firm. Each firm’s software is designed for comprehensive client management and legal case management so you — the attorney, whether you are one person or one of 100 — can seamlessly conduct better business development while simultaneously providing advanced client service and support.

No law firm is too big or too small to reap the benefits of Salesforce technology.

The Benefits of Accelerating Your Salesforce Integration With A Trusted Partner

The Attorney Marketing Network provides our clients with tailored online marketing opportunities that allow sustained growth by constantly evolving with technology, so we are actively anticipating what’s next, and how it will enhance our clients’ successes.

Salesforce provides a tremendous opportunity for our clients to use their robust services, but only in ways that complement their existing and future marketing goals. With an intelligent approach to heightening our clients’ current efforts, AMN partners with Salesforce to take the guesswork out of which of their services are right for your firm.

Creating a unique approach to delivering the best results for our clients means never providing the same service twice. Your firm is unlike any other, and when your marketing efforts are precisely targeted, the results are reflected in your bottom line.

No matter how your current marketing plan and advertising efforts are optimized, Salesforce is easily and seamlessly integrated with the tools we already use, including:

  • Online marketing accounts, including Google AdWords
  • Call center activity and office phone collection data services, including CallRail
  • Online forms submissions, including Gravity Forms
  • Open content management sites, including WordPress
  • Social media marketing, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email opens
  • Web activity and analytics

Adding Salesforce to your existing marketing allows us to close the loop on your marketing efforts by recording, accessing and analyzing the records that sync from each of your accounts simultaneously to Salesforce, delivering a 360º view of your clients’ journeys from contact to conversion.

Proven Results: Salesforce Is Enhancing Law Firm Growth

Law firms throughout the United States are experiencing increased functionality through Salesforce’s universal approach to delivering results through flexible intake sources that lead to persuasive campaigns that focus on better leads and more lucrative cases.

Learn more about how Salesforce and their lawyer-focused case studies that can also work for you by downloading our eBook that will identify and capture your goal for implementing a CRM service.

Or, contact the professionals at the Attorney Marketing Network to devise the proper plan for your growth and learn how integrating Salesforce into your firm’s operations can lead to a substantial return on investment opportunities.

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