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Google’s Small Thanks: Pairing Digital & Physical in the Review Age

Google’s Small Thanks: Pairing Digital & Physical in the Review Age

When clients leave great Google reviews, those reviews can be turned into advocate voices for your firm.

  • Potential client runs across the reviews when searching for a firm on Google
  • SEO & marketing teams spread the valued reviews via online platforms
Since the Consumer Review Fairness Act passed, protecting all types of reviews and providing a forum where clients can speak their minds, the importance of cherishing strong client reviews has become forefront and powerfully necessary. Google’s small thanks campaign is a great way to wield this commodity of great reviews.

A New Road for Sharing Google Reviews

In a campaign of SmallThanks, Google now provides a way for businesses to download their top reviews:
  • Easy to print as posters, cards, or center pieces
  • Easy to share on social media
This allows business teams to use the four- and five-star reviews from their clients as visual sales points during meetings with walk-in clientele and in-office consultations. It also provides an easy-to-use and pre-formatted pathway for social media campaigns.

SmallThanks Examples for Attorney Marketing Network:

SmallThanks Examples Ex. AMN

How to Find Your Firm’s SmallThanks - AMN
  • Download the provided materials to PRINT or USE LATER
  • Share them instantly on SOCIAL MEDIA
Attorney Marketing Network - Small Thanks

Let Us Help You with Your SmallThanks

Let your team at Attorney Marketing Network know if you would like to use your materials on your site under client reviews or stories! To schedule a time to speak to someone about what the teams at AMN can do for your firm, contact us today. 

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