Improve the Efficiency of Your Review Requests

Through your team’s ranking strategy, your site is bringing in clients. Congratulations! They are satisfied and thankful for your services. Yet, your appeal for a review usually goes unanswered. Why?

In our modern world, it is easy to lean on which tech item needs to be tweaked in order to get a better review. While adding a brighter header to an email or glowing button to an online ad might help optimize a segment of your audience’s response, the biggest impact is still found in personal interactions.

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How to Get Happy Clients to Actually Leave a Review

The real world is where your review requests have a greater chance of being heard and getting that physical response you need: a great online review.

As you interact with your clients, build into the structure of your meetings a vernacular about reviews and what they mean to your company and yourself personally.

  • Reviews allow new clients to find you so you can help them, like the client you’re talking to
  • Reviews give a forum and a voice to clients to share their stories and be heard
  • Reviews are the bonus structure for your firm to know which team is successfully transforming the lives of people
  • Reviews build a stronger foundation for you and your firm to fight for clients who need them

Effective business leaders have this as part of their team’s structure and plan. All of their interactions breed a safe place to talk about requesting a review.

You are not begging for something the client doesn’t want to give — you are asking for something the client has already expressed: their thoughts and opinions.

Where to Start: At the Beginning

In the opening moments with a client, offer them your references in the reviews of your law firm — so they can see your success stories and the lives of other clients you have been able to help and transform. They are not alone. You can help them.

This also shows them where they can easily find the review system.

Some may have located your firm because of the reviews, while others may not know they are something available to the public.

This opportunity plants the first conversation in their minds that the review structure is there AND you and your firm are not only held accountable by it but grateful for all the opinions and stories your clients have shared on it.

Continue the Conversation: Check-In

As you are walking the journey alongside your clients — whether it is mid-case or mid-research — check in with them. If you know of another client’s success story or a review that is similar to this client’s situation and can bring them hope, then share it with them.

This reminds them there is hope in their situation, and whenever they remember that they will ALSO remember whatever you shared at the same time, which is the ongoing conversation about reviews and their importance for you, your firm, and that next person or family sitting in their chair.

Remind your client:

  • They are not alone by sharing other people’s stories in reviews
  • The reviews hold you and your team accountable and help you to help others

In the Follow-Up: Be Real

After your client’s case is closed when they come to pick up their settlement check, find out how they are doing.

You know your clients, and your clients know you. Remind them during your conversation about key points in their case — turning points that helped their case, changed the course of actions, enabling your win.

This requires the real world to come to the table, person to person.

Be real at this moment:

  • Let your client know you would love to have their story to share with others who are in need of help
  • Tell them you value their opinion and hope you were able to help them in everything they needed
  • Remind your client of three important items in their case that made it a success because of your team
    • Bring fresh information to their minds about how much work your team did for them
    • Encourage them to believe that their thoughts, words, and opinions are valuable

Follow Through: Get the Review

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After you have reminded your client how important your team was to the case, and brought key points back to their mind, leaving them happy and thankful — let them know how you will send them the review request and also when they can expect it.

At Attorney Marketing Network, our system is set up to champion your closing of getting reviews and will send your clients an easy email follow-up that will allow them to rate your service and lead them to leave your firm a review.

With the footwork you put in place in your clients’ real worlds, you are more likely to see your reviews thrive in response.